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Guns The best caliber, barrel, stock, and optics for a gun that will hunt and do anything and everything There’s no such thing as a perfect rifle, but there is such a thing as an all-purpose rifle that’s capable of doing anything and everything you a
  Every nonresident hunter has Utah on the list for places to hunt. If you got into the points game late, most coveted tags are unreachable and this actually goes for residents too. Every year at the sport shows Utah guys complain how they never can
Hunting The only thing crazier than the size of this giant 12-point buck is the story of how Brita Turbyfill finally put her tag on him On November 16, 2018, Brita Turbyfill killed an outsized 12-point buck that green-scored 184 ⅞ inches (net), which
Gear Leupold's new binocular reads range, temperature, pressure, angle, and humidity Leupold has just announced their brand-new RBX-3000, a range-finding binocular that is capable of ranging from 5 to 3,000 yards or meters. It also reads temperature,
There has been some serious conversation as of late regarding the long-term viability of preference points systems. Many hunters have begun to see the writing on the wall, after years of point creep that there are some serious flaws in these systems
Hunting More decoys? Louder calls? Nah. A snow goose expert shares his checklist for decoying big flocks gun-barrel close There's no magic solution to trick snow geese into gun range. Your best chance for a barrel-burning, birds-in-your-face shoot is
Gear Check out the fixed-blade, mechanical, and hybrid broadheads introduced at the Archery Trade Association Show Check out the fixed-blade, mechanical, and hybrid broadheads introduced at the Archery Trade Association Show. Original link Original a
Open Country The longer the shutdown continues, the more damage will be done to public lands In some places, our public lands are literally being trashed as the folks paid to oversee them are left in limbo. In other places, the damage is more gradual
The Cast-Iron Chef Simple recipes for turning every part of your wild goose into something delicious Some hunters claim wild goose is inedible, and disrespected the birds for years with names like "sky rats" or worse. However, if you cook anything po
Hunting For a certain type of hunter, the worst of winter brings the best action of the year If you enjoy coaxing critters in with calls and decoys for close encounters, there's no better time to be out there. Original link Original author: Will Bran
Gear A first look at the hottest new hunting bows of the year As popular as crossbow have gotten, the 2019 Archery Trade Association show was still a vertical bow feast of cams, risers, and d-loops. Original link Original author: Tony Hansen
  I would like to give a big shout out to  Monty Stephens  with  the Lake City Reporter  in his 9 September 2018 article on  Wildlife Transitions Taxidermy . Monty did a detailed review of my work and passion, taxidermy.  I am thrilled he chose my bu
Gear This is by no means a comprehensive test of the new crossbows. You’ll find that in the fall issue of our magazine. This is simply a first look at the new bows, so you… Original link Original author: Tony Hansen
Gear Our editors hit the Archery Trade Association showroom floor to find the hottest new archery gear Each year, the top gear makers in bowhunting get together for the Archery Trade Association show to put their best new products on display. There’s
WY Resident Preference Points – A Very Bad Idea for a Number of Reasons: And here we go again. Another legislative session in Cheyenne and for some reason the same bad ideas seem to keep coming up, over and over again. Most of us here in Wyoming thin
Fishing Easy and inexpensive solutions that safeguard your gear and make life easier out on the ice The best way to outlast Mother Nature on frozen water is to take care of your gear, whether that’s while transporting it on the ice, or placing it in
In September, 2018, Eastman’s Official Blog reported on what amounts to the largest mountain goat relocation project in American history in Washington’s Olympic National Park (“ONP”).   That project, scheduled to continue through 2020, quite possibly
Hunting A hot diver shoot is something you'll never forget, but decoying these birds in close calls for specialized gear and tactics Dedicated diver hunting means swarms of bluebills, redheads, canvasbacks, and goldeneyes decoying just off the gun ba
Hunting Chronic wasting disease is the largest threat facing wild deer. But after two decades of fighting the disease, we still can’t agree on how to stop its spread. Are captive-deer farmers the source of the problem or part of the solution? Chronic
Hunting New information and trends on how CWD is affecting North American whitetail numbers and how hunters can help stop its spread The results of ongoing chronic wasting disease research and analysis is offering additional glimpses into not only th
The Survivalist Learn to locate and recognize these forageable species in the coldest season of the year Learn to locate and recognize these forageable species in the coldest season of the year. Original link Original author: Tim MacWelch
The Survivalist Skip the cotton clothing and try these tricks instead When applied to the right task, this fiber can start a fire, light our way, and help us acquire meat in a survival setting. Skip the cotton clothing in cold weather and… Original l
By Kent Danjanovich Senior Editor Alaska has been described in many ways over the years, with ‘The... Original link Original author: danjanovich
  Alaska Wilderness Hunt and Health Study     In the fall of 2017 I headed to the wilderness of Alaska to fulfill a 20-year dream of hunting caribou and moose in the largest and most remote state in the Union. A DIY float hunt was the plan and the ad
Travel north to the vast public lands of Alaska with Brian Barney and Brandon Mason to chase caribou! This episode of Beyond The Grid TV shows the hard work and determination needed to get it done in the North Country! The post The Northern Herds: Be


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