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Hunting Bears in and around the Yellowstone ecosystem are once again federally “protected” and off limits to hunters A judge rejects the U.S. Fish and Wildlife's decision to remove the grizzly bears from Endangered Species status and orders the conti
Hunting A collection of essays that capture the essence of hunting public land We've captured four of those stories to help inspire other hunters to hike in just a little deeper, stay a little bit longer, and hopefullly, bring home a story of their…
Hunting When it comes to arrow penetration on big game, weight—not speed—counts most The key to pass-throughs with a stickbow is in the arrow setup. Here's how to tweak your rig for maximum efficacy. Original link Original author: Tyler Freel
Hunting When winter hits, migrating geese flock up on tributaries When the first blast of winter hits and freezes marshes and ponds, geese flock to rivers to roost and loaf, opening miles and miles of opportunity to public-water… Original link Origin
Hunting Some of the best duck hunting in the South is wide open to the public Calling down migrating mallards into Arkansas' legendary flooded green timber is a bucket-list hunt for any serious waterfowler. And you don't need an expensive duck… Origi
Charles Meck was the author of 15 books on fly fishing, and a regular contributor to Fly Fisherman magazine for more than two decades. John Randolph photo Author Charlie Meck passed away Sept. 19, 2018, surrounded by his family. He was the prolific a
Hunting One of the best ways to tag an antelope on public land is to hunt the border of private land Alfalfa, wheat, and other crop fields on private land might hold herds of pronghorns for days at a time. But eventually pronghorn bucks cross back on
Hunting Find pheasant islands in a sea of cattails Forget easy fencerow pushes and big drives across grass fields. If you want to kill roosters, focus on large stretches of heavy cover, and that means cattail sloughs,. Original link Original author:
Hunting Spend a night on the mountain for a chance at a trophy muley at first light Bivy hunting is my ace-in-the-hole technique for pursuing old mule deer bucks before the rut gets cranking and bucks become unpredictable. Simply put, I sleep on the…
Hunting Pressured elk slip into cover. You should too Today's hard-hunted elk herds aren't the same plains game as their ancestors. They've learned to take cover in the dark timber, and if there's adequate browse and water,… Original link Original au
Hunting From opening morning to the frigid finale, there are plenty of ways to screw up a perfectly good deer season. Don't let one of these 27 miscues get the best of you and your tag From opening morning to the frigid finale, there are plenty of wa
Hunting Both have feathers, but the shooting is very different Some wingshooters are wild-bird snobs. I get the appeal, since I'm lucky enough to live in a place with an abundance of sword-tailed roosters. But preserves are great… Original link Origi
Hunting Don't get all high-and-mighty just yet. Here's how to pimp your climber for deer season In the right area, nothing beats a climber for mobile bowhunting. Here's how to make your climber setup perfectly efficient this hunting season. Original
Open Country Bighorn sheep, moose and presumably other big game animals, teach each other long and intricate migration routes, and that cultural knowledge can be lost when local… Original link Original author: Ben Long
Gear Fishing the St. Croix River and testing the OL Guide Life Bunkhouse tent Fishing the St. Croix River and testing the Bunkhouse tent. Original link Original author: David Karczynski
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Gear We tested the top five hybrid broadheads for bowhunting. Here's how they ranked More bowhunters than ever are shooting hybrid broadheads, and for good reason. They combine the "it will always cut" reliability of a fixed-blade with the massive… O
Guy Eastman heads north to the arctic to bowhunt Labrador caribou in Quebec. Bowhunting the tundra with little cover is challenging enough, but the unusually warm weather makes this hunt even more difficult. With a stroke of luck Eastman beats the od
The final and perhaps most rewarding step in the pursuit of your western big game trophy of a lifetime is sharing your story with us so we can share it with our readers. There is no other western big game publication that reaches as many people as Ea
Guns Great loads for hunting ducks and geese Non-toxic shot has come a long way since then. Steel shot performance has greatly improved, while tungsten-based loads have raised the bar in terms of long-range… Original link Original author: Jarrod Spil
Open Country The House Committee on Natural Resources passed a bill that would permanently authorize the fund. The bill still needs to pass the full house, Senate, and President Progress of the Land and Water Conservation Fund reauthorization was sta
Hunting Think mule deer hunting is easy? Think again. The biggest, oldest bucks are a different breed You cannot underestimate the challenge of hunting a top-tier mule deer. But these four things can help even the odds. Original link Original author:
Hunter Todd Helms puts the new hunting camp by Sixsite to the test on a recent elk hunt. Helms tests the Sixsite Blackfoot rain system and Gunnision soft shell system in a mountain rain storm and isn’t disappointed. Designed by a former Navy Seal, th