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Go bow hunting for elk on the public land of Montana in the heart of grizzly bear country. Eastmans’ subscriber Bob Legasa was the survivor of a grizzly attack the year before. This is a redemption hunt for Bob as he returns to harvest the public lan
Henry Garden Gun (Bill Buckley/)This new rimfire lever action is the perfect gun for pests. I’m thinking not only of the type that raids your vegetable garden or slithers out from under the porch, but also that more persistent, pernicious, and annoyi
Looking for something to do while you’re stuck at home during the COVID-19 quarantine? Planning ahead for the day that the food pantry is bare? Gardening is a great activity in the springtime and anyone can grow food, even if you’re stuck in an apart
Some turkeys are just tougher to kill, and for those stubborn (read: Eastern) toms, the right gear does make a difference. It can be frustrating and downright draining to pursue an old longbeard that knows the game too well. So, here’s the good stuff
The top-to-brisket spread of a mule deer buck appears to be about 18-inches, a useful dimension for estimating range and a big target for employing a MPBR for just an 8-inch target. There is plenty of room for a big of error such as a poor shot or a
The Idaho Game and Fish Commission decided at their March 20th meeting to impose new rules when it comes to buying over-the-counter (OTC) elk tags. Game and Fish has found the vast majority of applicants that apply for controlled hunts and are unsucc
A male—or “buck”—American shad from the Delaware River. (Tim Romano/)I had to be tall enough to wear hip boots. That was the rule, and from the time I was 4 until my 8-year-old legs met the criteria, that rule really pissed me off. I’d sit on the bas
It seemed a simple task. Look back over the past decade of Outdoor Life’s annual bow tests and compile a list of the 10 fastest bows we’ve ever put through our testing regiment. Turns out, it wasn’t so simple after all. It was, however, an interestin
A velvet-racked buck makes the most of the growing season. (Mark Raycroft/)Deer antlers confound us nearly as much as they fascinate and obsess us. As a population of hunters, we’re pretty good at quantifying them—the best of us guessing with surpris
The COVID-19 coronavirus is putting parts of our country on lockdown and leaving many grocery store shelves and meat cases empty. People most a risk from the virus may be stuck at home with no help. This is a unique chance for hunters to help and spr
EDITOR’s NOTE: The following information is based on federal law. Be sure to check with state agencies to make sure you are in compliance with state law. Stay legal by always tagging waterfowl. (Toe Tags LLC/)Ryan Warden became an expert on migratory
Teach you kids some new outdoor skills to fill up free time. (Christine Peterson/)Unless you’re an engineer or calculus teacher, you probably aren’t going to be able to help your high school senior with math homework. Nor will you likely teach a 5-ye
By the time you read this post, this bucks will have cast his last antler, making it ripe for the picking. (Mike Hanback/)Many people have been hunting for shed antlers for two or three months, but not me. I wait until conditions are right—and that’s
Statistically, the most coveted deer permit in Montana is just outside Darby in the southernmost portion of the Bitterroot Valley. This has been considered the holy grail of mule deer permits in the Big Sky State for the past couple decades. The perm
It's been a long day. Have a seat. (Adam Griffith via Unsplash/)Spend a day hiking deep into the Yellowstone or Alaskan backcountry and the last thing you’ll want to do is pop a squat in the dirt like some sort of animal. Even if you’re just truck ca
Power up. (Glen Jackson via Unsplash/)For modern sportsmen, the smartphone has become a must-pack piece of gear, whether it’s loaded with topo maps, weather tools, or scouting guides, or just an easy way to snap photos of a trophy. Portable solar cha