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Hit More Quail with These Close-Range Chokes, Loads, and Tactics

The authors small munsterlander pointer after a good day of shooting. (Jarrod Spilger/) For many years, I wasn’t a quail hunter. Quail were merely an afterthought, a chance encounter while pheasant hunting. Then I got Phantom, my small munsterlander pointer. For eight seasons, she led me on a crusade for quail that gave me a fresh perspective on th
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Weatherby's Mark V Backcountry Ti in the New 6.5 RPM

Paired with the right bipod and scope, the Backcountry Ti is a sub-7-pound rig. (Bill Buckley/) For the last 75 years, it’s been easy to recognize a Weatherby cartridge. The distinctive double-radiused shoulder is a dead giveaway, as is the proportion of brass (a lot) to bullet. If you had to triple-check, you could look for the belt on the case. E
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3 Features to Consider in Your Next Bow Case

A good bow case will protect your bow, arrows, and all the other critical gear it takes to pull off a successful hunt. (Plano/) The more sophisticated compound bows become, the more sensitive they are to mistreatment. One careless drop or ding during transit can ruin a hunt, when time spent afield must be wasted re-tuning sights, limbs, or cables.
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3 Features You Need in a Pair of Fishing Pliers

Most anglers are never without their fishing pliers when they’re on the water. (KastKing/) A pair of good fishing pliers is useful in every angling situation, whether you’re chasing catfish, tuna, bass, salmon, sharks—whatever you choose to pursue. True fishing pliers are not simply for removing hooks or mashing barbs. It’s the tool serious anglers
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How to Hunt Ducks Without a Dog or a Boat

You don't always need a boat or a dog to hunt on small ponds, potholes, and swamps. (Tom Carpenter/) I am a potholing duck hunter at heart. My duck hunting muses reach their happiest when I'm walking by starlight down some prairie two-track, across a hayfield or cow pasture, or through the timber with a bag of decoys slung over my back and a shotgu
Go elk hunting with Guy Eastman and the 2015 EASTMANS’ BOWHUNTING JOURNAL hunt winner . The elk rut action is hot in this web edition of Eastmans’ Hunting TV. The crew is almost run over by a pair of fighting bull elk. This hunt ends up close and per
Hunter Todd Helms reviews Weatherby’s ALL NEW Backcountry T1 rifle in 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum . Packed with new features this rifle is meant for fast and light travel in the backcountry. A fluted barrel, titanium action and carbon fiber stock minimi
I couldn’t believe it. I had done it again. Complete and utter failure. Another blown stalk on the same big buck , maybe this deer-hunting thing just wasn’t my game . This was the second time I had a chance at a stalk on the same 30-inch deer. A 30-i
The author draws from a tree saddle, showing off all of the deer-hunting gear he’ll ever need. (Seth Lowe/) More is more, or so we seem to believe. Just spend a few moments browsing social media and the feeds of Insta influencers. You’ll find plenty
Take small steps to protect your vessel to avoid large repair bills in the future. (Wes Grant via Unsplash/) Boats require a lot of work. From hulls to woodwork, electronics, and upholstery, owning a boat is more than just an investment of money; it’
With a good compass, some map-reading skills, and a level head, you can navigate your way out of almost anywhere. (Eyeskey/) With the advent of GPS technology, navigating by compass is a skill that seems to be rapidly falling by the wayside. Because
Internal frame backpacks are lightweight, easy to shoulder, and ideal for multi-day trips outside. (Teton Sports/) The majority of backpacks on the market today are internal-frame packs. While external frame packs are still available, they are mostly
Based on accuracy, versatility, and popularity, the 6.5 Creedmoor round is the wonder-cartridge of the 21st century. It doesn't possess the magic some folks think it does (two days ago a clerk behind a gun counter informed me that the 6.5 Creedmoor d
You work hard to gather firewood, so don’t make the mistake or ruining it. (Amagabeli Garden & Home/) When it comes to best practices at the home hearth, it’s a good idea to keep firewood on some sort of elevated rack. Storing wood on the ground betw
Live-baiting for bass may be a lost art in most of the U.S., but not in Florida. (Jason Arnold/) In coastal South Florida, the native music is salsa, or maybe Buffett if you cross a few more bridges. In the northern part of the state, you’re listenin
Though some are expensive, an insulated mug can keep warm drinks warm for long periods of time. (GSI Outdoors/) A personal camp mug is one of those bits of gear that gets ingrained in our outdoor psyche. It’s there to greet us with the morning joe, w
Pick a cover than protects your entire boat, especially the console. (Classic Accessories/) Like the old saying goes: a boat is just a hole in the water that you throw money into. Even a used entry level boat typically costs in the thousands of dolla
One of the author’s battle-scarred Musky Mania Docs. (Cliff Gardiner & John Keller/) I guess you could say we were “reverse surf-fishing.” My friend Craig Cantelmo, a veteran of the Long Island striper scene, was glued to the helm. We were so close t
A good screen will allow you to still enjoy your fire while keeping it contained. (Pleasant Hearth/) To keep the home fires burning safely, every fireplace needs a well-fitted screen. A fireplace shield not only prevents sparks and ashes from popping
Prairie potholes and wetlands filter nutrients and replenish groundwater for wildlife and humans. (USFWS/) On Thursday, September 12, in Washington D.C., Acting Administrator of the EPA, Andrew Wheeler, announced a repeal of the 2015 Obama-era Waters
A personal weather station is a great way to get technical, specific information on what Mother Nature might be throwing your way. (Ambient Weather/) Sportsmen are weather watchers. We live indoors but we dream outdoors—waiting for the temperature to
If you’re not sure what type of call you prefer, experiment with a few until you discover the sound you’re looking for. (Carlton Calls/) Calling a bull elk into bow range is an experience that will send chills up the spine of any big-game hunter. A g
Billy Gray has more than 50 years of deer-hunting experience under his belt. (Travis Faulkner/) Modern high-tech scouting gear like cellular game cameras, hand-held GPS units, and mobile phone mapping apps have been deer-hunting game changers. Howeve
The selection of sauces in a kit opens up all sorts of flavor possibilities. (Zombie Cajun/) For the grill master who seemingly has everything, there is always something else he or she wants: another type of smoking wood, beefier tongs, a 4-channel W
Fireplace tools can help you avoid possibly burning your hands and arms. (Epica/) When we can’t be gathered around a glowing campfire in the wilderness, the next best thing is a warming blaze with family and friends at home. Having the proper tools o
Wood pellets can infuse your meats with a rich, smoky flavor. (Camp Chef/) Very few of us have a full-size barbecue pit in the backyard, and gas, barrel, and kettle-style grills just can’t compare to a real smoker. That’s where pellet grills come in.
Even a small application of body powder can prevent chaffing. (Unsplash/) We get it: guys sweat. Real men chafe. And that brings with it a whole host of conditions that can, for the sake of honest discussion, all be classified under the clinical term
Vacuum insulated bottles aren’t cheap, but they’re worth the expense. (YETI/) There has been an explosion in hydration technology over the last decade, resulting in ever more advanced vessels from which to consume our favorite beverages. Vacuum insul
It’s hard to think about outdoor grilling without thinking about charcoal. (Weber/) Outdoor gilling is a lifetime skill. Because we are always learning, there’s no time like the present to take a look deep inside and ask yourself: Could I possibly be
Whatever raincoat design you favor, make sure it performs its key function—it keeps you dry. (Anyoo/) Good rain gear is as essential to the outdoor lifestyle as a comfortable pair of boots. If you plan to get outside and stay out, you’ve simply got t