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Think about how much time you have to dedicate to training before buying a pup. (Tony J. Peterson/) Too often we choose hunting dogs based on preconceived notions of what we have seen a particular breed accomplish in the marsh or uplands. Rarely do w
Learn how to save on quality hunting gear with Eastmans’ TagHub! How great would it be to have a promo code to shop your favorite outdoor? You are in luck! By becoming a member of Eastmans’ TagHub you have the access to top-notch outdoor companies pr
This hunting gear review details the Bora Vest by Kryptek. High country hunter Scott Reekers tests this lightweight core layer on a high country deer scouting trip. Just like all the layers in Kryptek’s Altitude line-up this vest features a DWR finis
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Finding the best grouse gun is a never-ending pursuit. (A.J. DeRosa/) A low electronic hum created an ambient sound that complemented a smell that was a mix of what I could only guess was steel, gun oil, and concrete well aged in this fluorescent-lit
Wayne and Candice after a successful turkey hunt. (Courtesy Wayne Hubbard/) Editor’s Note: If there’s one thing that’s certain after this summer, it’s that Americans need to come together. To do that, we first must listen to those of us who have been
You will learn more, and become a better rifle shot, from handloading your own ammo. (Ron Spomer/) At some point every shooter toys with the notion of handloading his or her own ammunition. Saves money! More accuracy! Faster than factory rounds! Bett
The author takes aim at a Shiras moose moments before the shot. (Bill Buckley/) I was standing in a long line that snaked through a maze formed by Tensa­barrier stanchions, those portable stands with retractable webbing used by the TSA, concert stadi
The 12-gauge pump shotgun is touted as the ultimate home defender. It’s far from a one-trick-pony and about as general-purpose of a firearm as you can buy. A shotgun can take the place of a rack of assorted rifles as long as you’re shooting at shorte
The dual powder tubes throw fast, accurate charges. (Bill Buckley/) Everyone wants to be a precision rifle shooter until it’s time to do precision rifle stuff, like throwing ridiculously accurate powder charges. Dispensing powder for precision shooti
After the first week of the dove opener, you can use some uncommon tactics to continue to bag a few birds. (Josh Garza/Academy Outdoors/) I never want dove season to end…ever. It’s the best and most consistent bird season the average hunter has here
Aldo Leopold inventories specimens for his natural-history collection. (Corbis/Getty Images/) When Aldo Leopold wrote about land management a century ago, his intention wasn’t to grow bigger deer racks or design a “kill plot” under a treestand. Inste
Learn how to judge antelope in the field while out hunting for a trophy buck. Pronghorn antelope can be one of the toughest big game animals to score on the hoof. Mike Eastman shares his tips to maximize your next trophy antelope hunt and help avoid
The new GoPro HERO9 Black is packed with features for hunters, including the addition of a new front-facing screen. (Natalie Krebs /) GoPro’s newest member of the HERO family is here, and it has plenty of applications for hunters, shooters, and angle
Andrew McKean with a brace of sage grouse. (Andrew McKean/) One of my favorite grouse quotes is attributed to author Frank Woolner: “Guns and dogs don’t kill grouse, legs do.” True, though sometimes killing a limit of ruffies or sharptails is as easy
the author has been putting Suzuki’s King Quad 750axi to the test in Alaska this year. (Tyler Freel/) In Alaska, ATVs are critical tools for many hunters. They’re also important in the daily lives of just about everyone who lives outside the cities.
I recently had the opportunity to sit down with a mule deer master, a man who in his lifetime has forgotten more about hunting big mulies than I’ll ever know. Mike Eastman has spent decades studying and hunting big mule deer bucks from the high alpin
For most die-hard western antelope hunters, an antelope buck is considered of trophy quality when the score hits near or around the 80’ mark. This buck will represent a mature animal in the top 10% or better for the species in both genetic makeup and
The dual Crosscentric Cam on the VXR 28contributed to yet another sweet-shooting flagship from Mathews. (Jeff Wilson/) What does a bowhunter really need? Is it a compound with a comfortable draw cycle that you can hold back awhile because the bull yo