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Whitetail biologists from around the country are predicting a very good deer season this fall. (brm1949/ Hunters often fall into the trap of longing for the good old days, when, according to legend or conventional wisdom, things we
When I think of emergency fire starters, I imagine being soaking wet, freezing, and needing to get a fire going immediately. A flint striker and classic options are great for their longevity, but when you're losing dexterity and can't feel your finge
Using firebreaks, the wind, and portable sprayers keeps big blazes in check. (Natalie Krebs/) Prescribed fire has newfound popularity among wildlife habitat managers because it produces both a flush of new growth and a mosaic of food and cover that a
The knife that started it all. Top, a KA-BAR USMC combat knife and bottom the same model as made by Pal Cutlery. Both are WW-II issue weapons. Pal is one of the rarer contractures for a USMC knife. (Steven Dick/) Strange as it may seem, the U.S. Mari
Hunters Dan and John Pickar put the Sig Sauer BDX system to the test on the prairie dog town. The pair finds the Ballistic Data Exchange system to be easy and fun to use! The BDX system uses Bluetooth technology to communicate between Sig Sauer’s BDX
It might seem like space-age technology, but spark rods have actually been around since horse and buggy times. (Tim MacWelch/) Spark rods are fun to use and reliable in wet, cold, windy weather conditions. There’s no shortage of makes and models on t
Guy Eastman shares his tips for how to age elk on the hoof. Antler size isn’t always a good indicator of age. Instead rely on body conformation. Guy breaks down what to look for the next time you’re glassing up a bull. For more videos on elk and elk
I have various issues with several states and how they do their reporting, but Montana takes the cake. Two of the last three years, the State has not even counted deer or elk hunters, so there are no unit or controlled hunt success rates posted on th
Getting up close to a bonefish caught on a Crazy Charlie. (Brian Grossenbacher/) I was staring at the water in front of a long stretch of mangroves, trying not to breathe through my nose. A large raft of rotting grass extending several hundred yards
A snap shot of state trust land in the northeast corner of Colorado. (Colorado State Land Board/) Colorado is a robust hunting state with the largest elk herd in the nation, but hunters there are still scrambling to level the playing field when it co
The author shows off a bruiser buck taken on a spot-and-stalk hunt. (Courtesy of Chuck Adams/) When archers discovered the shovel, pronghorn hunting got easier. About 40 years ago, bowhunters began setting up for antelope from covered pit blinds near
Have you ever seen a buck with a full set of velvet-rimmed antlers—in December? How about a black whitetail, or a buck with protruding canine teeth? Here are eight freak-of-nature deer that are so odd, piebalds might seem commonplace by comparison. A
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An American soldier takes aim during World War I. (FPG/Hulton Archive/Getty Images/) Long-range shooting competitions are all the rage, but the amount of gear required can be pretty daunting to anyone new to the sport. Likewise, service rifle matches
In my ever present search for supportive, yet lightweight footwear I seem to keep stumbling on to amazing boots/shoes that take comfort and support to the next level. In recent years I have definitely gravitated toward ultralight footwear. To say I h
The only thing better than living the adventure of a lifetime, is the ability to capture the event on video so you can relive it over and over again for years after. Just ask Uncle Rico—if coach had put him in during the fourth quarter of 1982's big
The author fights a redfish in Mosquito Lagoon, Florida, where a damaged water system has fishing guides in for a fight of their own. (Matthew Coughlin/) Capt. Billy Rotne is quietly freaking out. He’s stabbed his finger on the sharp dorsal fin of a
Get in on the hottest shoots of summer. (Jonathan Bartlett/) If you’re not careful, you’ll use up a whole summer eating barbecue, drinking beer, and fishing. Too much of that stuff will soften your shotgun swing as much as your belly. Next thing you
A Wyoming court is considering how the state will regulate tribal hunting on public lands. (NPS/) The U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in Herrera vs. Wyoming in May poses more questions than answers in resolving a five-year legal battle. One thing (we thi
Big bass are hard to catch, but the following myths will make it even harder. (Gerry Bethge/) No one ever brags about the small bass they catch. Whether you live up north where a 7-pounder is a wily, ancient giant, down south where double digits are
Bowfishing may not quite be as American as baseball and apple pie—but it should be. From coast to coast, you'll find guys and gals spending summer days (and nights) shooting arrows at fish. It's fun and one of the most available and affordable forms
Bullet choice can make all the difference when deciding on a hunting caliber. (Brad Fitzpatrick/) Want to see some fireworks? Just walk into a bar in rural America during hunting season and proclaim that the 6.5 Creedmoor is an unequivocally superior
Land and Water Conservation Fund dollars helped support the Silvio O. Conte National Wildlife Refuge in New England. (USFWS/) Earlier this spring, President Trump signed a massive public lands bill which permanently reauthorized the Land and Water Co
Success with nighttime trout revolves around understanding which types of water they feed in after dark. (Clint Ford/) The kids might be off from school, but you’re still working like a dog during the dog days. Sure, you might hit a good trout or two
I have two toddlers and as such I find myself often telling them to keep their hands out of the cookie jar! At their age the jar is just way too much temptation. However, discipline has taught them that they have to say please, thank you and when the