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When we think of wildlife crossings over or under highways most folks think in terms of saving animals from running a gauntlet of passenger cars, SUV’s, pickups and semi-trucks. However, there is more to the picture. Vehicular collisions with wildlif
Hunting Consistently tag larger whitetail bucks using a few tips and tricks from hunters who do it better than anyone I’ve been fortunate to hang around some pretty good deer hunters. I’ve studied their success and analyzed their failures, and noted
Guns Plus: Judge rejects challenge to Florida’s bump stock ban U.S. Sen. Mike Rounds, R-South Dakota, on May 16 introduced the ‘Constitutional Carry States’ Rights Act,’ which seeks to close a loophole in the ‘Gun-Free School Zones… Original link
The Survivalist No pots, pans, or metal grill? No problem. Here’s everything you need to know about cooking over an open fire using items only found in the woods Most outdoor enthusiasts have at least cooked a marshmallow or a hot dog on a stick, but
I am a glutton for punishment when it comes to wildlife conservation.  Each January I sacrifice time with my family, sleep and my liver to attend the Wild Sheep Foundation’s Sheep Show.  There are more Life Member plaques in my trophy room than I can
Gear If your vehicle’s roof is equipped with crossbars, you can outfit it with a holder made of common PVC tube. This system will allow you to safely transport your rod fully… Original link
Gear This new crop of bow sights utilizes built-in rangefinders and GPS to land broadheads like they're laser-guided missiles If there is a general theme to this year’s lineup, it would be range-finding bow sights. Here are 11 exciting new sights for
Early on Monday May 6, nonresident elk combo tags that were turned back went on sale on a first come, first serve basis. As the rush of buyers hit early in the morning, hunters attempting to make a license purchase couldn’t complete their transaction
Gear Fishing- and hunting-themed gift ideas for dad this holiday If you’re stuck in the gift-card-gift rut, or if you just don’t know where to start shopping for this upcoming Father’s Day, here is a list of items to consider—any of… Original link
The 300 PRC is a BRAND NEW cartridge from Hornady. Hunter Todd Helms tests and reviews this new load at the range shooting a Horizon rifle. This ammo is meant for hunting and competition shooting alike. Helms isn’t disappointed when he slams steel at
Top LE Mule deer hunts Idaho is a strong mule deer state that offers hunts with high quality and high harvest success. As with most LE hunts, draw odds for Idaho mule deer tend to be tough, but in this case, worth the wait. Southeast Idaho is seeing
Top LE Elk hunts Elk hunting is a pursuit that many hunters hold sacred in their annual lineup of fall adventures, and limited entry elk hunting is a whole level up from OTC. Many apply and few are chosen, yet year after year, with odds mounting agai
Top LE Pronghorn Units Trophy pronghorn and Idaho are two things that most hunters don’t throw into the same category. However, for opportunity at a solid buck, and with very high harvest odds to boot, Idaho can stand behind that. Not to mention the
Guns Plus: Firearms industry continues sales and employment slump After spurring a walk-out by students angered that gun-control zealots had hijacked a vigil to honor a fallen classmate and those injured in a school shooting at STEM… Original link
The Survivalist Can you really drink water from a vine, find food in a nuclear wasteland or heal bee stings with plants? Our expert weighs in on these ten classic movie survival scenes We check out some famous movie survival scenes from films like Ca
Hunting They may not be pretty, and they may not be fast, but these rigs will hunt. Here are 10 of the best purpose-built hunting vehicles to ever hit a two-track A good four-wheel-drive truck is an important tool for hunters whether they are in the
Guns This high-tech system will crank out piles and piles of match-winning rifle ammunition in record time This high-tech system allows him to crank out piles and piles of match-winning rifle ammunition in record time… Original link
Guns Plus: Supreme court hearing first second amendment case since 2010 on Tuesday U.S. House Republicans may have lost their numerical advantage in November, but they are not sitting on the sidelines while Congressional Democrats roll out their… Ori
Guns It might sound crazy, but these two popular hunting cartridges have more in common than you think. Before you buy your next rifle, see how they compare Both the .300 Win. Mag. and the .308 Win. are great chamberings for a hunting rifle. We exami
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Hunt Wyoming mule deer with Mike Eastman in this video straight from the Eastmans’ vault. Mike is hunting aspens pockets and deep sagebrush for a trophy buck. He passes on a young deer with extras before taking a nice typical with more mass. The post
Guns Plus: Idaho’s economy most impacted by firearms manufacturing industry The National Rifle Association’s (NRA) 76-member board convenes Monday in Indianapolis, a day after the 148th four-day NRA Annual Meeting concluded Sunday amid palace… Origin
Hunting A group of hunters cram into a pontoon boat blind to hunt sea ducks in Maryland on the last leg of Beretta’s A400 Xtreme Plus torture tour A group of hunters embark on a sea duck hunt on Tilghman Island, Maryland for the last leg of Beretta’s
Hunting Wild game, cheese, and bacon, what more do you need? This sea duck bacon bomb is the perfect party food for your next game night This wild game recipe uses spinach, cheese and bacon all rolled into one. These sea duck bacon bombs make a great
Hunting Would you ever eat a sea duck? If you answered no, this French-style sea duck stew might change your mind After spending some time in the kitchen, the author creates a sea duck recipe that is sure to become a favorite of any waterfowl hunting