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Man has a fascination with and an aversion to fire. We are drawn to the flickering flames of a campfire almost unconsciously. A forest fire on the other hand sparks fear and a sad sense of destruction in most folks. The psychology behind this isn’t s
Training and proper instruction are critical after buying your first handgun. (Chris Mudgett/) If you’re reading this, you’re likely considering buying of a new handgun, or have already bought one. Good on you. You have your reasons for doing so, but
There has been a significant drop in roadkill since early March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. (Brett Billings/USFWS/) Hunters know the risks of cruising down rural highways in whitetail country, and the deer carcasses lining our roadways are a not-so
There’s a long list of highly functional (and durable) semiauto shotguns that handle beautifully and shoot straight, but have never received the fanfare they deserved. Some weren’t brought to market correctly and faded. Others were taken out of produ
An Alaskan black bear taken with the Henry Model X in .45-70. (Tyler Freel/) Most people don’t need a reminder that the world isn’t always a safe place to live, and the topic of self-defense is as relevant as ever. Although seasoned shooters and outd
Major League Fishing’s Ish Monroe is the man when it comes to catching big bass with a frog. With nine majors and 51 top 10s, his career earnings total over $2.2 million. So we sat down with Monroe to find out the best ways to catch more monster larg
An afternoon Alberta puddle duck shoot. (Andrew Klatt/) Waterfowl is one of the smallest, most niche communities you can find in hunting. There’s only about 1 million of us waterfowl hunters, but we see more of each other than those who pursue whitet
The bow and arrow have been utilized by hunters and warriors for thousands of years. A simple yet elegant weapon, it’s provided meat and aided in defending civilizations for centuries. Today, bows have gone high-tech, like compounds, crossbows, and c
The author's father after a successful hunt, with "The Magic Bus" in the background. (Tyler Free/) A few days ago, the Alaska National Guard used a Chinook helicopter to lift and carry out “The Bus.” If you’re not familiar, this is the bus that the w
Guest Author: Lindsay Wion   “Trophy hunter” is not a descriptor I thought I’d ever be comfortable with, and frankly a term I’m still learning to accept as a genuine self-label. Alas, I can no longer deny it. I am a trophy hunter. It certainly wasn’t
The 6.5 Creedmoor has proven itself many times over on deer, pronghorns, feral hogs, sheep, and even big red stags (like this New Zealand specimen) and elk. Anything the Creed can do, the .260 Rem. can do slightly better. (Ron Spomer/) Why does the 6
Antelope hunting in Montana is on a rebound after the population took at hit a few years ago. Guy Eastman is hunting for a trophy pronghorn with his friend Rod Paschke in this web episode of Eastmans’ Hunting TV. The pair isn’t disappointed with the
Eastmans’ reviews the new features of the version 2.0 Sig Sauer BDX system. Sig has made BDX even easier to use for hunting and shooting. You can now customize your reticle with your choice of eight common ballistics profiles. It’s simple. All you ne
If you want a pistol that can take down a mountain lion but is also easier to carry than a .357 hand cannon for self-defense, the 10mm is the perfect option. Now, this handgun will likely never be an everyday carry gun in an urban setting (it’s not e
At first glance, this report from a Montana news station is alarming: More grizzly bears popping up on the prairie.  As much as we are concerned about their management in the Intermountain West, or lack thereof, historically speaking, grizzlies are n
The author with a mature spring black bear in Alaska. (Tyler Freel/) With all that’s happening in the world lately, it seemed like I was already living in the Twilight Zone. Then, in an episode of déjà vu, another unbelievable headline appeared on my
Alberto Knie with a surf-caught cow striper. (Alberto Knie/) “Crazy” Alberto Knie is nothing short of a fishing legend. The founder and president of Tactical Anglers, Inc. (Creative Innovative Fishing Products), Knie is a surf fishing savant. He hold
By Michael Deming As we left our home in southern Utah for the opener of Arizona rifle elk season,... Original link