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Go bowhunting elk with Dan Pickar on the public land of Montana. Hunting elk with a general license can be a challenge, but Pickar is up for the archery challenge. Learn some bow hunting strategy along the way in this Eastmans’ Hunting TV web episode
Open Country President Trump approves bipartisan John D. Dingell Jr. Conservation, Management and Recreation Act, reauthorizing the Land and Water Conservation Fund and protecting public land and water for future generations On March 12, 2019, Presid
Guns Plus: Law abiding gun owners help stop active shootings The House Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, Education and Related Agencies staged a hearing on “Addressing the Public Health Emergency of Gun Violence”… Original link
Guns Invaluable tips from Gunwerks instructors for getting the most out of your rifle and ammo Last fall I had an opportunity to attend one of Gunwerks’ Long Range University shooting classes at the NRA Whittington Center outside Raton, New Mexico. H
Want your name on the list for a chance to hunt antelope in the same area as the hunt below? Subscribe to the digital edition of the Eastmans’ Journals to have your name entered! Guy, Ike and Mike Eastman have all taken trophy antelope at this locati
Stalking down a high-country game trail I caught movement to my right that quickly turned into the chocolate brown legs of a bull elk. He kept coming, closing the distance and when he stepped out at around 15 yards he locked on to me standing in the
COMING SOON a BRAND NEW Beyond the Grid TV by Eastmans’ . Hunt Montana elk with Dan Pickar and his dad John. After hunting for decades, John is in pursuit of his first bull elk. This father-son hunting duo is pleasantly surprised when they locate a m
Join the 2015 EASTMANS’ HUNTING JOURNAL deer hunt winner in Montana. Matt Wold from Colorado is hunting with Guy Eastman and Rod Paschke for his first trophy mule deer buck. A full moon and warm weather makes hunting tough, but a storm front brings t
Open Country The Natural Resources Management Act is the "biggest advancement for river protection that we’ve seen in nearly a decade" River lovers are celebrating the Natural Resources Management Act of 2019, which will conserve more than 600 miles
Hunting An outfitter and his son share some simple tips and tactics that can help you shoot more coyotes and bobcats Predator hunting hones your skill as a hunter and shooter, helps keep wildlife and livestock populations in balance, and is a heck of
Guns How does the .30/06 stack up against other top hunting cartridges? Why the old .30/06 is still the best all-around big-game cartridge, and how it compares to other top hunting cartridges. Original link
Survival Five things we can all learn from Leia and Caroline's two days lost in the woods Many are calling it an absolute miracle. The search for two missing California children, Leia and Caroline Carrico, 5 and 8 years old, concluded with a very hap
Hunting Two friends embark on a DIY hunt for not one, but two, mountain goats on one of Alaska's most revered islands A DIY mountain goat hunt on Alaska's famous Kodiak Island. Original link
Guns Plus: Florida lawmakers propose 60 new gun control bills Late last week, federal legislators voted to pass two gun control bills aimed at strengthening background checks on anyone trying to purchase a firearm. President Trump… Original link
Guns Love it or hate it, science proves the Creedmoor is superior to similar cartridges A head-to-head performance comparison of the 6.5 Creedmoor and other similar cartridges. Original link
Gear From turkey guns and chokes, to calls and vests, this round up has a little something for everyone From turkey guns and chokes, to calls and vests, this round up has a little something for everyone. Original link
Hunting The whirlwind regarding a potential cure for the so-called “Zombie Disease” heats up. Here’s the lastest news The whirlwind regarding a potential cure for the so-called “Zombie Disease” heats up. Here’s the lastest news… Original link
Guns A hard-hunting, versatile, .308 that can go long when needed The author collaborates with one of the most reputable gun manufacturers in the industry to create a rifle that's equally suited for point blank range as it is for… Original link
Fishing What a winter kamikaze run for trophy catfish outside Washington D.C. can teach you about global warming, the YouTube generation, and the importance of a good bridge net Casting cutbait to blue catfish in the Potomac River near Washington D.C
Open Country The bill will now go to President Trump to be signed into law They did it. Yesterday, on a vote of 363-62, the House of Representatives passed a public-lands conservation bill that will permanently reauthorize the Land and Water… Origina
Guns This crop of muzzleloading rifles pushes performance to the next level Whether you’re a traditionalist who favors the more classic sidehammer design and round projectiles (or are limited to the use of these weapons by local laws) or you… Origina
Hunting After trolling a shoreline in search of moose for nine days, two hunters finally find two bulls worth shooting Andrew McKean and his hunting partner spend more than a week patroling the shoreline of British Columbia's Toa Lake before they see
Fishing Two bass-fishing pros share their tips on coaxing bucketmouths out of their lethargic winter habits How to use slow-moving metal lures instead of rubber or plastic jigs during the early season to hook more largemouth bass. Original link
By Kent Danjanovich Senior Editor One of the truly amazing places in the world for me is Alaska.... Original link
Hunting Five friends charge into Mexico's drug cartel country for a DIY hunting adventure during the January rut Knowing the possible dangers, five hunters travel deep into Mexico's drug cartel territory to hunt coues deer during the January rut. Ori