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6 Spectacular Father’s Day Gifts

Dad can be difficult to buy gifts for, but not if he enjoys hunting.  Here are six pieces of exceptional hunting gear that I have used and loved over the past hunting seasons.  Each comes with a website so that you can browse, leave hints, and order in time for his special day.  Dads, in case mom or children, don’t get this message, be a man of action and buy these yourself.

1.  Final Rest Gripping Tripod

This is the perfect rest to use in a blind whether you hunt with a crossbow or firearm.  The gripping option allows you to rest the forend of your bow firmly inside the jaws of the rest leaving both hands free to use a grunt tube, rattling horns, or binoculars.  In addition to its use as a hunting rest, it is also ideal for backyard shooting and eliminates the need for a shooting table.  I use an inverted bucket for a seat, lock the bow into the final rest and have an absolutely solid method of zeroing arrows or checking accuracy.  It folds up for easy storage or transport and also doubles as a camera rest. 

This big Merriam weighed 23.2 pounds.

2.   Kuiu Camouflage

Camouflage trends have moved from leaf-and-twig patterns to designs that match universal environments like mountains, forests, and open terrain.  Kuiu has captured the market with unique, all-blending designs and features that hunters cherish.  Fabrics are light, durable, and rugged such that you can carry a complete set of three-season gear in a small backpack.  Vests and jackets have strategically placed pockets with zippers that work.  Garments are made from durable fabrics that are water resistant and silent when passing through brush.  For frigid winter conditions, down jackets will keep you warm and concealed.


3.  TenPoint Viper 430 Crossbow

If you are thinking of upgrading your crossbow, the TenPoint Viper is an excellent choice.  At 430 fps, it’s sizzlingly fast and seemingly defies gravity out to modest ranges.  Like most premium TenPoint crossbows, it features the Acuslide cocking system that allows the powerful bow to be easily cocked and uncocked with a crank, a feature you will learn to love, especially with the cost of arrows.  The Viper features a beefed-up Picitini rail which is reinforced with a solid angular bar to assure your scope won’t get bumped off target.  I once leaned a crossbow against a post that fell over while I retrieved arrows.  In the next shot, the bow shot two feet high because the rail had moved from the slight impact. 

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Planting Logging Trails: Yes or No

If your hunting property has internal Logging Roads you might be wondering if you should plant food plot seeds in those roads … or not. Truthfully, it’s not a yes or no situation. There are things to consider before you decide to do it … or not to.

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It’s Hail Mary Week In The Wild Turkey Woods

Hail Mary Week

Look for remaining gobblers near water; expect them to come in silently.

Spring turkey season has ended in many states, but not in the Western states where it runs through the end of May, this is do-or-die situation for wild turkey hunters with unfilled tags.

Earlier in May, you could get away with aggressive calling and sloppy hunting setups; however, the surviving gobblers have heard it all by the current late date, and they are increasingly wary—especially on heavily hunted public ground. Their testosterone levels are dropping, too, so they’re not as fired up by every hen yelp they hear or jake decoy they see.

Gobblers may appear to ignore your calls, but they’re playing a different game this late. Some gobblers still check on you but it takes extra patience to be successful now.

Now you should call sparingly. Consistently watch for wild turkey movement, And be as still as you can. This time of year many gobblers have gone silent, but that does not mean they won’t respond to your calling. But they frequently come in quietly and silently. Watch around your area for a silent gobbler slipping in to see the hen he thought he heard.

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Wild Turkey Hunting Milestone In Vermont

WINDSOR, Vt. (WCAX) – Wild Turkey Hunters still have time to get out there for Vermont’s spring turkey season, which ends at the end of the month. Ike Bendavid visited the Windsor Grasslands Wildlife Management Area to learn more about why this season marks a major milestone in the recovery of the state’s wild turkey population over the last century



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The Return Of The Iconic 70’s Aluminum Shaft

The 1970’s were amazing times for bowhunters. The sport was growing, while new innovations and classic products were being developed. It was during this incredible era that Easton Archery first introduced their iconic Autumn Orange XX75 arrows.
3Rivers Archery has teamed up with Easton Archery to bring the past into the present. Introducing the all new Traditional Only® Autumn Orange XX75, an aluminum arrow shaft that blends the best of tradition with cutting edge modern engineering.

Extruded from a super strong 96,000 psi (pounds per square inch) 7075-T9 alloy, our Traditional Only XX75 features a hard anodized classic Autumn Orange finish. You’ll not only enjoy a sturdier, more attractive arrow, but you’ll also notice easier arrow removal.

Aluminum UNI bushings and nocks installed, inserts included. 1916 models use G nock, other models use Super nock.

Sold by the 6-pack and 12-pack. Available in 1916, 2016, 2018, 2117, 2216, and 2219.

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One Pin Bowsight From Black Gold Bowsights

Look no further than the Black Gold Pro Dual Trac for the ultimate single pin bowsight. This top-of-the-line option is unmatched in precision and accuracy, making it a must-have for any serious archer. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – choose the Black Gold Pro Dual Trac.

Introducing the remarkable Black Gold Pro Dual Trac – a cutting-edge innovation in the world of machinery. This powerful tool boasts exceptional performance and versatility, making it a top choice for any professional seeking unparalleled efficiency. Experience the ultimate in precision and control with the Black Gold Pro Dual Trac – a true game-changer in every sense of the word.

The notable characteristics of this product include… The pin size measures at a precise .019, ensuring accuracy and attention to detail. The dimensions of the housing are precisely 1 and 3/4 inches. This product is impressively lightweight, tipping the scales at a mere 9.4 ounces. The adjustment wheel is an essential component that enables precise adjustments to be made with ease. Its functionality ensures that even the most intricate modifications are possible without any hassle.

Trust this device to provide you with the accuracy and control you need for a perfect shot and result every time. This bowsight boasts an additional aiming reference that can be easily adjusted to a lower or higher position as needed.

The dual indicators on the sight wheel perfectly align with each aiming reference. This gear system is impressively solid, boasting absolutely zero slop. The pin fiber is thoughtfully safeguarded by a transparent plastic cover, ensuring that it can acquire the optimal amount of light while being shielded from any potential harm.

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Deer Hunting Chores For June

All the bucks are growing this year’s antlers, now. Jeff Sturgis with Whitetail Habitat Solutions shows you his top Tips for what you can do this June that will produce big benefits in your deer hunting area this year.


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FIRST: Pound out your wild turkey breast to an even thickness. This step is very important as it breaks down the connective tissue as well as tenderizes the wild turkey breast meat. Thicker sections of meat will take more time to pound flat than thinner sections.

Then divide the wild turkey breast into sandwich-sized portions. Then coat each cutlet in a well-seasoned flour, dredged in eggs and sprinkled with breadcrumbs. The wild turkey is topped with rich marinara sauce, melty mozzarella and fresh basil on hearty Italian roll.


1 wild turkey breast

1 cup all purpose flour

1 teaspoon salt

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Meopta MeoSight IV- Red Spot Equals Quick Shot

They call it the “moment” of truth, not “minute” or “seconds” because a gobbler or mature buck won’t stand still very long.  If you hesitate, in the blink of an eye, your shot opportunity evaporates and you may have to watch your long-awaited quarry walk away.  Last fall, I took a great Pennsylvania buck while hunting from the ground.  I grunted the buck within 20 yards where it instantly saw my partially concealed image.  Too late!  Thanks to a red dot scope I launched the instant I could see its chest and the mature 9-point went down in seconds.

Benefits of a Reflex Sight

The beauty of a red dot sight is what you don’t have to do.  You shoot with both eyes open and you don’t have to choose a reticle or pin.  A zero magnification means that the dot is in front of you like a TV screen with your target clearly visible.  There is no squinting or having to “find it in the scope.”  As the deer or turkey moves from place to place you can plan your shot and see the animal and your best shooting lane.  Best of all, the point-and-shoot setup is fast and accurate.

MeoSight IV

Just like 2.0 shows tech advancement, the fact that the MeoSight is in its fourth generation indicates how advanced it is.  Battery life is amazing with a single CR 1632 “penny-size” battery that will last 30,000 hours (about three years).  The device is equipped with a motion sensor such that the dot goes into sleep mode after five minutes of inactivity.  When the device is moved, it instantly turns back on to its previous brightness.

Ideal for Wild Turkeys

Most kill-shots on wild turkeys are under 20 yards so there’s no need for range estimation.  The Meopta MeoSight IV has a 3 MOA (minute of angle) dot which makes it large enough for quick target acquisition, yet small enough for accurate shot placement.  In the above picture, put the red dot just above the beard of the bird on the left and launch.  In hunting situations like this, you won’t have seconds to shoot, you will have fractions of a second.  The red dot will contrast and stand out against the body of a whitetail deer or the feathers of a wild turkey.

Both Eyes Open

Most of us practice shooting on stationary targets that are still as a stone and remain that way for as long as needed.  You can squeeze and squeeze the trigger and the paper target or 3-D animal doesn’t move.  Hunting is rarely like that.  The key to a successful shot is not only where you aim but when you shoot and squinting through a scope at a moving target does not allow you to anticipate trees, limbs, and other obstructions the animal can walk behind.  Aiming with both eyes open will dramatically improve your shot success.  Since the Meopta has zero magnification, you will see the full animal and its surroundings.

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How To Learn Archery

Here are some steps you can follow to learn about archery:
1. Find a local archery club or range: Look for a local archery club or archery range in your area. They will have the necessary equipment and experienced instructors to teach you the basics of archery.
2. Take a beginner’s class: Most archery clubs and ranges offer beginner’s classes. These classes will teach you the basics of archery, including safety, proper form, and shooting techniques.
3. Get the right equipment: Once you have completed a beginner’s class, you will need to get your own equipment. This includes a bow, arrows, and other accessories. Your instructor can help you choose the right equipment for your skill level and budget.
4. Practice regularly: Archery requires practice so you can improve your skills and become efficient at shooting your bow and arrow. Set aside time each week to practice your shooting technique and form.
5. Join a community: Joining an archery community can help you stay motivated and learn from other archers. You can find online communities or join local archery clubs.
Remember, archery is a sport that requires patience and dedication. With practice and persistence, you can become a skilled archer.

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Fighting Wild Turkey Longbeards

The cornerstone of my style of wild turkey bowhunting for wild turkey gobblers is setting up in a well scouted, known traffic area for gobblers and waiting patiently for something to happen. That does not mean that every day is a wild turkey festival because as you know there are days when you see nothing. Yesterday was one of those days, things were slow in our 20 yard circle of bow range possibilities.

Today had began just the same, but today was gonna be different.

The fence post in the middle of this picture shows you where the gate opening is. The paths you see are tire tracks as well as game trails. Our Double Bull blind is on the left side of the road. The picked corn field is next and a stand of woods is on the far side.

Directly in front of the blind we have 4 decoys set up. They are all within easy bow range.

Today we are using 4 decoys. In the back is my Dave Constantine jake and the Dave Smith standing hen. In front are a Dave Smith breading hen and the Dave Smith jake.

The First Action: A group of yakety yack Jakes showed up on the opposite side of the fence in front of us. They saw our decoys and walked back and forth but never noticed the new hole in the fence that Terry had made earlier in the week.

Behind the Jakes we saw a Longbeard’s red head.

Grim Reaper Broadheads
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Kerrie Wells Arrows Her First Merriam’s Turkey

We have all watched the exploits of The Slockmaster, Tim Wells, the host of Relentless Pursuit. But on this adventure, it was Tim’s wife Kerrie Wells who stole the show.

Hunting in South Dakota with Melissa Bachman, Kerrie was able to close the deal on her first ever Merriam’s Gobbler. Watch as they call the big fella across an expansive wheat field. When the big Tom comes running into a decoy at 25 yards and Kerrie is able to put a 2” Grim Reaper Whitetail Special just above the wing butt, dropping the Gobbler in his tracks.

Tim Wells stated, “The gobbler jumped in the air and when he hit the ground, he was dead.”

Tim and Kerrie like big broadheads for wild turkeys as it knocks them flat.  Tim related the video footage is awesome and will be out on Relentless Pursuit Tv and YouTube in about 4 weeks. Congratulations to Kerrie Wells on a great hunt and memorable harvest!

Relentless Pursuit TV

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Answers To 3 Wild Turkey Questions You Might Not Know


Do Wild Turkeys abandon their nests?

Wild turkeys only abandon their nest when necessary. If a predator approaches, female turkeys will flush in an attempt to draw the danger away from the nest site.

Do Wild Turkeys nest on the ground?

Female wild turkeys nest on the ground during incubation and until their young can fly (typically 1 to 2 weeks after hatching). During this time, the hen and her poults are extremely vulnerable to predation. As soon as the chicks can take flight, the family begins roosting in trees.

Where do Wild Turkeys nest at night?

Wild turkeys roost in trees at night. They generally have a few roosting trees within their territory that they reuse.

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Cally Morris Arrows A Gobbler Double

Not only is Cally Morris of Hazel Creek Taxidermy the best wild turkey taxidermist around, Cally is a top gobbler Bowhunter.

Cally Morris uses his own Strutting Tom decoy with a Hazel Creek Hen and the real gobblers come in.

Cally takes down two big Nebraska Toms on video.

Hazel Creek Taxidermists

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Wanna Go On An Aerial Elk Survey?

Let’s go up in a custom designed wildlife Surveillance Airplane and with Wildlife Biologists from Pennsylvania Game Commission and see what they do on an Aerial Survey of their 1-million strong Pennsylvania Elk Herd. I think you will agree, this is a very interesting and informative video.

This is the custom made airplane used by Pennsylvania’s and many other states for Wild Game Surveys and other information.

Below is the area that Elk populate in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania has an Elk herd of close to One Million in number.

TO: Pennsylvania Game Commission

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Delicious Venison Flour Tortilla Tacos

They’re Perfect for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks Too. And Miss Allies Kitchen Knows How To Do Them Right.


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The Last Days Of Turkey Seasom

At this time most of turkey season is over, there’s just a few days left. There are reasons that this late season might be the right time to use a turkey tag. Simply put, Wild Turkeys are easier to hunt during the late season. This is because they have relocated to new areas they weren’t before.

Last Minute Opportunity

Situations change all during wild turkey season. The progressing changes create new circumstances that require a variety of hunting tactics. The late season brings totally new opportunities..

That’s what makes the Late Season unique. Plus, by the late season, many Hens, Toms and Jakes have switcheded\ to new areas where they weren’t spending time earlier.

Better Weather Patterns

Normally, early seasons have some cold and rainy weather and possibly snow. The late season is sunnier and warmer, which improves the turkey hunting conditions. And this makes late season an excellent time to turkey hunt.

More Foliage and Better Cover

Foliage starts growing. Soon there is much better cover. Now it’s easier to run and gun and slip up on birds. It allows hunters to move easier, effectively amplifying the run-and-gun tactic.

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Nikki Tells Us Why She Hunts

As a hunter I am often asked the question – “why do you hunt?.” The most popular answer I hear people give is “for food” or “to know where my food comes from.” As a hunter and a farmer, I don’t believe this answer truly captures the reasons why I personally hunt. (By Nikki Boxler)

Nikki Boxler is the Co-Host of Winchester Life. She grew up hunting and fishing and lived on a Dairy Farm. Here is an article she wrote on her blog on Winchester Life. Enjoy. ….Robert Hoague

There are nearly unlimited places we get food from. However, people can rarely say exactly where their food has come from. This makes me think most of us do not put as much thought into knowing where our food comes from as we probably should.

Don’t get me wrong, I eat what I harvest and I love getting more meat for the freezer. But I believe that hunting is not just “getting meat for the freezer”, it is about so much more than that – so why do I hunt?


Hunting teaches me about the circle of life, and the reality of life and death. In order to consume meat, an animal has to lose its life. This is something that a package of meat at the grocery store doesn’t fully convey. It also teaches me to be patient, persistent and to never give up. As in life, there are many variables to take into consideration when hunting and things don’t always go according to plan. There are both “highs” and “lows” that hunting teaches – in my opinion, the lows are where the most learning takes place

Boxler Why I Hunt
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How To Pluck A Wild Turkey

Troy Ruez From PRIMOS Shows Us How To Pluck A Wild Turkey His Way: He Does It Right And Quick.



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Ryan Boyd, Grim Reaper Broadhead Pro-Staff member bow hunts wild hogs.

YouTube video from Grim Reaper Broadhead pro staffer Ryan Boyd! It’s all about bowhunting wild hogs. Boyd makes a perfect shot on a red colored wild hog and it drops quickly.

Then Ryan Boyd cleans and butcher the hog and showers us how he cooks his favorite Spicey Asian Pork recipe and enjoys the tasty mail.

Ryan Boyd
President of Quick Catch, Inc

Office: (904) 859-6585
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Our mission: To help people by protecting them from potentially dangerous wildlife, while sharing the love and kindness of Christ in ALL that we do!

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