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This Week on HSCF’s “Hunting Matters” Radio & Podcast:Optics and The Importance of Giving Back With Jason Wilson, CEO & Founder of LUCID OPTICS

Houston Safari Club Foundation (HSCF) and “Hunting Matters” welcomes Jason Wilson, CEO & Founder of LUCID OPTICS.

Jason Wilson has been in the optics game for nearly 25 years. As a fifth generation Wyoming kid, a competitive shooter, Professional Ballistician, with a head full of ideas, an engineering mind, made dangerous with a graphic design/marketing degree. Jason opened the doors on Lucid Optics in 2009 with a single item and focus. Jason wanted to offer the absolute best quality in product at a price point everyone could afford. Lucid optics is proud to be different in the market today growing with new items and gaining a very loyal cult following.

Jason discusses the company he founded, what distinguishes Lucid in the field of optics, and the importance of giving back to organizations like Vet Healing Adventures

About Hunting Matters
Tune in to “Hunting Matters” with Houston Safari Club Foundation Executive Director Joe Betar as he engages in conversations with guests, from various backgrounds, who have a passion for hunting and conservation. Great discussions, news, hunting legislation updates and more! “Hunting Matters” airs each Saturday, 6am-7am CDT on KPRC AM 950 – Real Texas, Real Talk, a Houston iHeartMedia station, and Houston’s longest running radio station. “Hunting Matters” is also available via podcast on Apple/iTunes, iHeartMedia, Google, Overcast, PodBean and Spreaker. Subscribe, listen, rate and review. Hunting Matters is the recipient of a 2022 Gold AVA Digital award, a 2022 NYX/Marcom Silver award and a 2022 MARCOM Gold award. 

About Houston Safari Club Foundation
Houston Safari Club Foundation (HSCF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve the sport of hunting through education, conservation, and the promotion of our hunting heritage. HSCF has awarded 646 scholarships totaling $2.92 million dollars. HSCF conducts youth outdoor education programs, career training, hunter education and field experiences throughout the year. HSCF has provided over $4 million in grants for hunter-funded wildlife, habitat, and various conservation initiatives. HSCF is an independent organization, is not affiliated with Safari Club International (SCI) or its affiliates and is not a chapter or affiliate of any other organization. Visit our website at or call 713.623.8844 for more information. HSCF. We Hunt. We Give.

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Rare Ecosystem Restoration Underway

Hunter-driven grant provides critical funding for pine-barren restoration in NWTF’s Huron-Manistee Focal Landscape.

Pine barrens and pine-oak barrens occur throughout the East and Midwest and are what they sound like, landscapes filled with pine and oak species that are barren for agricultural production. They are characterized by their sandy, acidic soils that hardly retain moisture – terrible for growing most food crops but a haven for wildlife, including wild turkeys, and are one of the rarest ecosystems in Michigan’s Great Lakes Regions.

With their low-growing grassy species, interspersed with mature mast-producing species such as oak, barren ecosystems provide a diversity of habitat for wild turkeys, white-tailed deer and even non-game species like Kirtlands’s warbler, a recently delisted endangered species that relies heavily upon pine barren ecosystems. However, the presence of these rare communities on the landscape is not what it used to be.

“Due to increases in human development, suppression of naturally occurring wildfire and fragmentation of the landscape, we have seen a decline in the abundance and quality of these habitats,” said Ryan Boyer, NWTF district biologist for Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. “We are also losing many of the forested wildlife openings once found within Michigan’s northern forests due to changes with succession tied to a lack of disturbance, as well as an influx of invasive species which out-compete native plants. Ultimately, these factors reduce the quality of these habitat types for many wildlife species.”

While these essential landscapes are increasingly rare, the NWTF is currently working to revitalize oak and pine barren ecosystems back to their former glory throughout Michigan, thanks to a generous $277,000 grant from the MDNR via its Wildlife Habitat Grant Program.

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Hook Your Valentine with the Perfect Gift FromAl’s Goldfish Lure Company

This Valentine’s Day, when looking for the way to your Sweetie’s heart, why not think out of the typical box and think inside the tackle box? If he or she is a hardcore angler, be sure to check out the many award-winning lures and accessories from Al’s Goldfish Lure Company.

The obvious choice would be an original Al’s Goldfish, plated in real gold for maximum attention-getting flash. A proven and versatile bait, a gold-plated Goldfish will create many happy memories at a fraction of the cost of a gold trinket from the jeweler. If the tackle box is already full of Goldfish, and you are looking for variety, there’s also the Helgy for the avid trout and smallmouth angler, and the Forty Niner for those who enjoy wetting a line for trout, salmon, bass or walleye. If you can’t decide, the Al’s Medal kit comes with each of these lures in your choice of gold, silver (nickel) or bronze (copper) and packed in a tough little tackle container with an MSRP of just $17.95, which is a 20 percent savings if purchased separately.

There are many other money-saving options, including the Forty Niner Trolling Kit, the Build Your Own Glow-In-The-Dark Ice Jig Kit, Dad’s Large Lake Troll Kit in either nickel or gold, Saltwater Goldfish Surfcasting Kit, and a Hook Bonnet Value Pack.

A box of fancy chocolates? Some champagne? Sure winners. But adding world-class fishing gear from Al’s will take it to another level. For more information on making this Valentine’s Day one to remember, visit, or give them a call at 413-543-1524.

About Al’s Goldfish Lure Company
The company was launched in 1952 with a single pioneering spoon lure, known as Stuart’s Goldfish, named after founder Al Stuart. The company’s flagship lure was renamed Al’s Goldfish in 1954, and by 1973 the popularity of the Goldfish lure soared to nearly one million lures sold in a year. Along the way, other popular lures, such as the Forty-Niner and Helgy, and hook bonnet lure accessories were added to the company’s list of American-made products. In 2015 the line was expanded to include the Saltwater Goldfish series. In 2022, present owners Jeff and Mandy DeBuigne celebrated the 70-year anniversary of the Goldfish lure. For more information on Al’s Goldfish Lure Company visit

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Tigress Outriggers & Gear to Attend the Miami International Boat Show

Tigress Outriggers and Gear will showcase their innovative offshore fishing products at the world’s most anticipated boating event, the Miami International Boat Show. The keystone exhibition will take place in Miami Beach and Downtown Miami, Florida, from February 15 through 19.

Miami International Boat Show attendees get hands-on access to the world’s leader in trolling solutions, Tigress Outriggers and Gear. Consumers can view and handle many of Tigress’ state-of-the-art products by visiting booth MB5035. Representatives from Tigress will be present to help people select the correct products to get the most out of their new or existing boat and, in turn, catch more fish.

Among the innovative products featured at Tigress’ booth includes their XD Bay Series Top Mount and their XD-Crank Top Mount, to be utilized on 40- and 50-ft fishing boats, respectively. The XD-Crank Top Mount allows for rapid and accurate positioning of your outriggers to deploy your fishing lines via a user-friendly folding crank handle and integrated drive brake. The XD-Crank Top Mount is essential to your sportfishing vessel by providing strength, durability, and precision. The XD Bay Series Mount delivers the same high-quality and full-size performance in a set built for bay boats. Both mounts are compatible with Tigress’ and other industry-standard 4-in by 6-in mount plates.

Visit Tigress Outriggers and Gear at the Miami International Boat Show, North America’s largest in-water boat show. The Miami International Boat Show will take place at Downtown Miami and Miami Beach, in Miami, Florida, February 15-19, 2023. To set up an appointment with Tigress at booth MB5035, contact Boone Oughterson

For more information, please visit

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Love is in the Air at Big Horn Armory

Save $200 on an AR500 when purchased from Big Horn Armory between Feb. 9 – 14, 2023. Price increase on all BHA Models set to occur on Feb. 15, 2023.

Big Horn Armory (BHA), makers of big-bore firearms, is celebrating Valentine’s Day this year by offering $200 off any new BHA AR500 semi-auto rifle or pistol purchased directly from the website between Feb. 9 – 14, 2023. Prices are set to increase on Feb. 15, 2023, so this sale offers the discerning big-bore AR enthusiast an opportunity to get one before the increase takes place. BHA is currently shipping the AR500 from stock and a service representative will contact you within 48 hours to discuss options.

The AR500 rifle is an AR rifle like no other. Chambered in 500 Auto Max, BHA’s groundbreaking AR500 Rifle is the most powerful AR firearm available. BHA was not content with the big bore cartridge offerings available in the AR platform, so the company made its own. The logical choice was something to match the power and versatility of BHA’s Model 89 Lever Action in 500 Smith & Wesson Magnum. The result was the development of the 500 Auto Max, a rimless 500 S&W Magnum to feed in a semi-automatic rifle.

BHA’s bold AR design and big bore 500 Auto Max cartridge put an unparalleled amount of power into a pleasant shooting, rapid-firing, versatile rifle. This combination of size, familiar manual-of-arms, available accessories, and energy on target make the AR500 Rifle ready to handle almost any situation. The AR500 is also available in an ATF-compliant pistol configuration: the AR500 semi-auto pistol.

The 500 Auto Max is a rimless 500 S&W Magnum that is easy to obtain or reload. A very versatile cartridge, it can be had in loaded ammunition with bullets ranging from 350grns to an amazing 600grns. The handloader can utilize over 55 different bullets ranging from 200grns to 700grns in almost any bullet type imaginable, including hard cast, jacket hollow points, monolithic solids, etc. This unprecedented range of bullet weight and design make the AR500 suitable for anything from prairie dogs to pachyderms to Peterbilt’s. Truck stopping power in a platform weighing less than 10 pounds. Factory ammunition for the 500 Auto Max is available through Buffalo BoreSteinel Ammunition, and Underwood Ammunition.

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Millennium Treestands® Reveals Innovative Products to the Company’s Exciting 2023 Product Line at ATA

New for 2023, Millennium Treestands® unveiled three exciting new products at the 2023 Archery Trade Show (ATA). Millennium’s new Antler Shak 30-06 Ground Blind and Antler Shak 7 MAG Hub Blind, as well as the Bowlite L-116 Single Ladder Stand add even more quality hunting options to Millennium’s legendary product lineup.

Jumping into the hub-style blind market, Millennium’s Antler Shak 7 MAG Hub Blind is packed with innovative features and designs that provide maximum visibility, concealment, and comfort throughout the hunting season. 

The blind features Full-View mesh panels, providing 270º panoramic views while preventing game animals from seeing the hunter inside. The bind sports Silent-Slide Windows and clip door closures that help keep hunters quiet and concealed. Integrated brush loops help conceal the blind in any environment. Additionally, the blind is constructed with heavy-duty, double-sided fabric and reinforced corners and stitching for maximum durability and longevity.

Antler Shak 7 MAG Features:

Full-View see-through mesh panels Silent-Slide Window Track SystemBungee and clip doorBrush in loops at top and bottomBlind is constructed with heavy-duty, water-resistant double-sided brushed matte denierHeavy-duty, powder-coated steel frameIncludes ground stakes and storage backpack

Antler Shak 7 MAG Specs:


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FightLite® Announces Sponsorship of the Shooting Sports Showcase 2023

MELBOURNE, Fla. – FightLite® Industries, a division of ARES Defense Systems, Inc., has announced its support of the 2023 Shooting Sports Showcase at the CMP Marksmanship Park in Talladega, AL, on March 28.

Founded in 1997 by gun designer and avid shooting enthusiast Geoffrey A. Herring, FightLite® specializes in creating and building lightweight, technically advanced firearms and accessories for military, law enforcement, and civilian shooters. FightLite® dominates the AR15 rifle spectrum with a 50-state legal semi-auto SCR® (Sport Configurable Rifle) on one end and the patented, highly flexible Dual-Feed® MCR® (Mission Configurable Rifle) on the other.

“For over 25 years, the team at FightLite® Industries has designed, and either licensed or delivered innovative products to the firearm and outdoor markets. As a proud proponent of the outdoor industry, we are pleased to sponsor and participate in the Shooting Sports Showcase this year. We look forward to giving industry reps and media a great experience with our state-of-the-art products,” said company CEO Geoffrey Herring.

FightLite® introduced its exciting and brand new, patent-pending HERRING® Model 2024 Advanced Lever-Action Rifle this past fall at NASGW in Kansas City and will showcase various configurations of the HERRING® product line in Talladega.

“The technology behind this innovative lever-gun sets a new standard for lever-action rifles and pistols bringing them fully into the 21st century,” Herring said. “Not only is the HERRING® Model 2024 as seamlessly modular as any AR type rifle, it is also caliber and magazine convertible at the user level without tools to accommodate modern, high velocity and pointed ammunition in a variety of calibers common to an AR15. The HERRING® Model 2024 in fact uses standard AR uppers, bolts, handguards, magazines, etc., with plenty of free-floating real estate for the mounting of modern optics, thermals, NVDs, lights, lasers, and other functional accessories.”

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APEX Ammunition Introduces Mossy Oak Greenleaf Turkey TSS Blend

APEX Ammunition, makers of award-winning, handloaded, ultra-high-density Tungsten Super Shot (TSS) shotshells, is pleased to introduce its newest ammunition for turkey hunters – the APEX Mossy Oak Greenleaf Turkey TSS Blend.

Available in 3-inch 12-gauge 2 1/4 oz. loads and 3-inch 20-gauge 1 5/8 oz. loads, these premium “duplex” shells feature a combination of No. 9 and No. 10 TSS delivering an exceptional payload of 1,096 pellets in the 12-gauge shells and 774 pellets in the 20-gauge.  With an industry-leading density of 18.1 grams per cubic centimeter, the APEX tungsten super shot loads hit with devastating energy. Each meticulously handloaded shell features clean-burning powder and APEX’s one-piece tungsten-grade wad system engineered to deliver the tightest patterns possible and maximum barrel protection.

“We spend a great deal of time at APEX on research and development and only introduce new loads once they have been perfected to meet our stringent standards,” said Jason Lonsberry, CEO, APEX Ammunition. “This new Mossy Oak Greenleaf Turkey TSS Blend is a special offering that hits with a massive payload and exceptional retained energy. We’re excited to offer this new load to our fellow turkey hunters as we continue the partnership with our friends at Mossy Oak.”

“Mossy Oak and APEX were both created with a founding obsession for turkey hunting, and there’s no doubt they’re cut from the same cloth as we are – as turkey hunters and as gamekeepers. From their custom shells for my grandad “Mr. Fox” to the rest of our family, they’ve been a part of every turkey season of ours since APEX was founded,” said Daniel Haas, Director of Brand Marketing, Mossy Oak. “We’re proud to add to the storied legacy of Greenleaf in the turkey woods with some of the most innovative and trustworthy folks in the world of ammo.”

Designed for maximum penetration at extended ranges, APEX Turkey TSS loads are currently available in multiple gauges – 10 ga., 12 ga., 16 ga., 20 ga., 28 ga., and .410 bore – and a variety of shot sizes, shell lengths, and blends..

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Nomad and Huk Return as Longbeard Sponsor for NWTF Convention and Sport Show

EDGEFIELD, S.C. — The National Wild Turkey Federation welcomes Nomad and Huk as Longbeard Sponsors for the Convention and Sport Show, set for Feb. 15-19 in Nashville, Tennessee. This year’s festivities mark 50 years of mission delivery for the NWTF.

“Sponsoring the National Wild Turkey Federation show is a key part of our outreach efforts every year,” said Chris Russell, vice president of marketing at Marolina Outdoor. “The members of NWTF are some of our most important customers. This show marks the kickoff to turkey season, and we are always excited to attend the event and talk with people committed to conservation and turkey hunting. This is where we collectively get geared up for a new season.” 

Nomad and Huk — the notable outdoor brands based in the NWTF’s home state of South Carolina and sponsors of the NWTF convention since 2016 — are return sponsors of the convention’s Pub Crawl as well as the Waterin’ Hole. They also will occupy booth 401 in the exhibit hall.

“Nomad and Huk are such valuable supporters of NWTF’s mission and especially our Convention and Sport Show,” said Natalia Daniels, NWTF national director of corporate relations and licensing. “Once again, they are helping us provide the Pub Crawl and Waterin’ Hole for attendees to have an exceptional experience at our show. Nomad continues to have a major presence in our exhibit hall and provides essential gear for spring turkey hunting.” 

The first event of the NWTF Convention and Sport Show, officially sponsored by Mossy Oak, is the Pub Crawl set for the evening of Wednesday, Feb. 15.

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Chêne Gear Joins NWTF Convention and Sport Show as Longbeard Sponsor

EDGEFIELD, S.C. — The National Wild Turkey Federation announces Chêne Gear as a Longbeard Sponsor for the upcoming Convention and Sport Show, set for Feb. 15-19 in Nashville, Tennessee. This year’s festivities mark 50 years of mission delivery for the NWTF.

“Chêne is very proud to be a part of the NWTF Convention and Sport Show,” said Jeff Jones, owner of Chêne Gear. “To be a partner with an organization that has 50 years of mission delivery for the wild turkey and conservation is truly an honor for Chêne. Conservation in the outdoors is in our core beliefs.”

Chêne Gear, a manufacturer of premium waterfowl gear, will sponsor beverage stations at ticketed events and the Waterin’ Hole, and also will occupy booth 1751 in the exhibit hall.

“We’re happy to have Chêne return as a sponsor and exhibitor,” said Natalia Daniels, NWTF national director of corporate relations and licensing. “They have a larger booth to welcome attendees and outfit them in quality waders and gear. We are grateful for their continued commitment to the NWTF.”

The first event of the NWTF Convention and Sport Show, officially sponsored by Mossy Oak, is the Pub Crawl set for the evening of Wednesday, Feb. 15.

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Blackhawk® Sponsors Tactical Athlete Ehea Schuerch

 Brand to Serve as 2023 Tactical Games Platinum Sponsor

Blackhawk®, a leader in law enforcement and military equipment for over 20 years, is proud to announce its sponsorship of tactical athlete Ehea Schuerch for the 2023 Tactical Games. Schuerch is one of the sport’s up and coming female competitors and the 2023 season marks her second year of competition as well as Blackhawk’s second year of sponsorship for The Tactical Games.

A Spokane, Washington native, Schuerch began competing at The Tactical Games in 2022, where she quickly became one of the games’ fiercest competitors. She placed third at the Bend, Oregon competition and second at the Phoenix, Arizona competition which sealed her national’s qualification. At last year’s National Championship in Florence, Texas, Schuerch placed second amongst a group of 15 elite female competitors.

Outside of competition, Schuerch has served as a corrections officer at the Spokane County Jail for seven years, where she is also the only female to join the jail’s Correctional Response Team (CRT). Additionally, she has served as a defensive tactics instructor for nearly six years, is EMT certified and has competed in regional and national CrossFit competitions since 2016. In 2017 she placed first at the Bi-Annual World Police and Fire Games, and in 2018 placed 17th overall at the World CrossFit Games.

“I’m honored to be backed by a tried-and-true company like Blackhawk and feel confident knowing that I’m running the best gear in competition and for my regular everyday carry,” said Schuerch. “The Tactical Games is paving the way as a new sport by combining firearms and fitness, and it reflects the training that I’ve been doing for several years on the job. I enjoy the test it places on an individual’s physical preparedness, and I look forward to sharing with others my personal journey this season.”

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Team Winchester Sport Shooters Medal at Morocco World Cup

Kim Rhode, the most iconic Olympic shooting sport athlete in history, won her 34th Gold Medal at the 2023 ISSF World Cup in Rabat, Morocco.  

“Kim’s skills are as sharp as ever. Her latest World Cup win is a testament to her hard work and dedication to the sport,” said Matt Campbell, vice president of sales and marketing for Winchester. “We look forward to following Kim’s success in the coming months as she works towards qualifying for the 2024 Olympics in Paris. We are proud that Kim has been shooting Winchester Ammunition for over 30 years.”

Team Winchester member, Dania Vizzi, also took home a silver medal in the Mixed Team Skeet Event. Both shooters are competing now with fellow Team Winchester shooters, Maddy Bernau, Nic Moschetti, and Frank Thompson as they compete to qualify for the US National Team at the Spring Selection Match in Tucson, AZ.

About Kim Rhode

Kim Rhode’s journey with Winchester began when she was 10 years old.  At a shooting event in California, her skills caught the attention of a Winchester employee, and she was recruited to Team Winchester setting her extraordinary career in motion. 

At age 13, Kim won her first world championship in American Skeet. Over the next 33 years, Rhode blazed a path through the shooting sports that is unequaled. Her 6 Olympic medals, including three Gold Medals while competing in the multiple disciplines, of Double Trap, Bunker Trap and International Skeet make her the most decorated shooting sports athlete of all time. 

About Winchester Ammunition

Winchester is the largest small caliber ammunition enterprise in the world and the leader in delivering innovative ammunition products to hunters, sport shooters, law enforcement and the U.S. Warfighter. The 157-year-old Winchester brand is built on integrity, hard work and a deep focus on its loyal customers. Learn more about Winchester by visiting or connecting with us on Facebook at

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BELLEVUE, WA – The Second Amendment Foundation has filed an amended complaint in its challenge of New Jersey’s revised gun permit law, adding one plaintiff and expanding its scope on so-called “sensitive places.” The case is now known as Koons v. Platkin.

SAF and its lawsuit partners are now joined by plaintiff Gil Tal. Other plaintiffs are the Firearms Policy Coalition, the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners, New Jersey Second Amendment Society, and individual citizens Jeffrey M. Muller, Nicholas Gaudio and Ronald Koons, for whom the lawsuit is named. They are represented by attorney David Jensen of Beacon, New York. The case was previously known as Koons v. Reynolds. SAF was already granted a temporary restraining order by U.S. District Judge Renee Marie Bumb in Camden in that case.

The amended complaint was filed in U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey. Named as defendants are New Jersey Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin and State Police Supt. Patrick Callahan, in their official capacities.

The specific additional “sensitive places” designations that are challenged in the amended lawsuit include parks, beaches, recreational facilities or playgrounds or areas owned or controlled by a state, county or local government unit, plus youth sports events, an airport or public transportation hub, and various health care facilities. These areas were designated “sensitive” because the New Jersey Legislature was determined to “continue minimizing the carry of handguns as much as possible,” the lawsuit notes.

“We are still asking for a declaratory judgment against the offensive tenets of this legislation,” SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb confirmed. “We are seeking a preliminary and/or permanent injunction restraining the defendants and their officers, agents and other employees from enforcing the challenged segments of the law, which violate the right to bear arms protected by the Second Amendment. There is no established historical tradition that could justify the restrictions included in the new law. New Jersey simply cannot criminalize licensed concealed carry virtually everywhere in the state by designating everything as a ‘sensitive area.’ It mocks the intent and spirit of the Supreme Court’s Bruen ruling

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The Green Way Outdoors Partners with National Wild Turkey Federation to Spread the Word of Conservation in the Outdoor Industry in 2023

EDGEFIELD, S.C. —The Green Way Outdoors is proud to announce its partnership with the National Wild Turkey Federation on its mission to promote and protect outdoor heritage and conservation through educating, inspiring, entertaining and simplifying outdoor activities to increase participation for both novice and experienced outdoorsmen and women while demonstrating respect and wholesome values for the blessing and beauty of the natural world.

NWTF will partner with The Green Way Outdoors as a conservation partner and be part of TGWO’s journey to The HISTORY Channel later this year. TGWO sought a conservation partner to spread the word about the importance of the conservation of our forests, wetlands and woods and help contribute to ensure hunting and hunting access is here for the next generation and beyond.

“We’re excited to partner with an organization like NWTF that is out getting their hands dirty to conserve wildlife habitat and create more hunting opportunities for both novice and experienced sportsmen and women,” said Kyle Green, executive producer of The Green Way Outdoors. “You will be seeing our names together as we work to make more access, more sustainable habitat and, ultimately, have more turkeys on the landscape.”

“The hunting community does so much for wildlife conservation and beyond,” said Pete Muller, NWTF director of communications. “The conservation efforts of the NWTF help to provide cleaner and more abundant water, create resilient communities and also provide robust recreation opportunities for all who enjoy the outdoors. This partnership with The Green Way Outdoors is a way to work with a like-minded group and share the good works of the outdoor community to nontraditional audiences.”

The Green Way Outdoors will be attending the NWTF’s 50th anniversary celebration at the National Convention and Sport Show in Nashville later this month to celebrate the great work over the last 50 years and to also keep the conservation movement going. A live episode of The Green Way Outdoors video podcast will be filmed on the Bass Pro Shops stage at 9 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 18, with key members of NWTF joining the show. At 1 p.m., Green will be speaking on the Bass Pro Shops stage about turkey conservation, and at 4 p.m., he will be speaking with NWTF podcast host Fred Bird on the NWTF’s Turkey Call Podcast.

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Electric Boats: Consumer Trends to Inform Your Marketing Strategy

When it comes to emerging technology, many consumers tend to be hesitant in trying new things, and that includes what many consider to be the future of boating: electric boats. After all, hunters and fishers have relied on gas-powered boats for decades; so why change? To help dealerships learn how to market boats featuring this new innovation, Boatline, an online marketplace for buying & selling watercraft,is sharing responses from an electric boat survey with Hunting Life. This data can assist dealers in identifying current electric boat trends and relevant tips for selling.

Boatline’s Top 5 Tips for Selling Electric Boats

1.Be Aware of Consumer Interest and Trends

When consumers were asked in a survey if they were considering an electric boat for their next purchase, 39% reported that they were exclusively searching for an electric boat. Another 33% stated they didn’t have a preference and therefore were looking for both gas powered and electric boats. Meanwhile, 27% of shoppers said they were exclusively looking for a gas powered boat.

Participants were then asked if they would ever consider buying an electric boat. The majority of respondents (60%) reported that they would consider buying an electric boat immediately or in the near future, while 8% said they would never consider buying an electric boat—demonstrating some consumer uncertainty.

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Holosun confirms Positive Identification with Weapon Mounted Light Series

City of Industry, CA (February 2, 2023) – Holosun’s P.ID series of weapon mounted lights consists of four models, P.IDP.ID HC, P.ID Plus, and P.ID Dual. Compact, lightweight, and ultra-durable, each P.ID model gives you the confidence to tackle any task in the dark. P.ID features include high candela white light, visible green laser, and IR laser depending on the model. Built for the rigors of professional use, P.ID is compatible with common duty holsters.

The Holosun P.ID series of weapon mounted lights feature a CNC milled 7075 anodized aluminum housing that is IP68 waterproof and offers 2000g of shock resistance to provide maximum protection. P.ID weapon mounted lights are compatible with 1913 Picatinny accessory rails and include interchangeable rail interface keys for optimized button positioning and compatibility with various firearm options. P.ID weapon mounted lights offer a 60-minute runtime using the included 18350 flat-top battery that is both removable and rechargeable via the magnetic USB charging cable in the box. The P.ID Plus and P.ID Dual models feature independent white light and laser activation buttons and have programmable modes for function customization.

P.ID is a high power, compact white light featuring 1,000 lumen and 23,000 candela.

MSRP: $135.28

P.ID HC is a high candela, compact white light featuring 42,000 candela and 800 lumens.

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SK Customs® Donates Collectible Firearms Set for NWTF’s 50th Anniversary

HAYMARKET, VA – February 3, 2023 – SK Guns®, the Nation’s only limited-edition, series-driven production manufacturer, is thrilled to showcase a new collectible firearm set to celebrate the National Wild Turkey Federation’s 50th Anniversary through the SK Customs division and the SK Gives Back initiative.

SK Customs recently donated two sets of custom designed and laser engraved Henry® Golden Boy Silver .22LR and a new model Smith & Wesson® 1911 chambered in 45ACP to be auctioned off during the NWTF’s annual Convention and Sport Show, Feb. 15-19, 2023, in Nashville.

The package is sold as a set and will be featured during the Grand National Live Auction on the evening of Saturday, Feb. 18 and on the NWTF’s Online Hunt Auction throughout the weekend.

“We’re proud to support the NWTF and their mission of conserving wildlife habitat and preserving our hunting heritage across the country,” said Simon Khiabani, owner and founder of SK Guns. “We’re honored to be a partner of the NWTF’s celebration with this limited-edition set of firearms and to showcase our commitment to the NWTF’s mission.”

Features of the NWTF’s 50th Anniversary Commemorative Set

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NWTF Announces Mossy Oak as Official Convention Sponsor for 50th Anniversary Celebration in Nashville

EDGEFIELD, S.C. — The National Wild Turkey Federation is set to return to Nashville, Tennessee, in under two weeks for its annual Convention and Sport Show and the celebration of 50 years of mission delivery. Long-time partner Mossy Oak is again supporting the celebratory event as the Official Convention Sponsor.

“Each and every year, the NWTF convention is the highlight of the Mossy Oak annual business cycle,” Mossy Oak CEO Toxey Haas said. “It is truly our ‘family reunion’ each year as we reconnect to our strongest and deepest relationships, both personal and business. It’s a celebration of love for the wild turkey and all things wildlife conservation like none other. And, for Mossy Oak, it is where we get the greatest of privileges to pour support behind what we love so dearly and our life’s work — our beloved wild turkeys!”

Mossy Oak, the Official Convention Sponsor since 2018, will continue to provide support for many aspects of the Convention and Sport Show, including youth calling competitions, the newly added Family Adventure Trail, sponsorship of the Waterin’ Hole and much more. Mossy Oak also will occupy booth No. 701 on the Sport Show floor.

Outside of convention support, Mossy Oak’s partnership with the NWTF includes its continuation as the Official Camouflage of the NWTF and annual support for wild turkey research efforts.

“What a special convention this is going to be; we are elated to have Mossy Oak as our Official Convention Sponsor again,” said Natalia Daniels, NWTF national director of corporate relations and licensing. “The Mossy Oak team is fully engaged and has big plans for the show. Be sure to stop by their booth and see for yourself.”

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The heart of the ice fishing season is upon us. Whether you are chasing flags, hole hopping, or enjoying the warmth of a hard house, a set of quality tools will help to make your adventure on the ice successful. I am always on the move, rarely sitting in a shack and fishing the same hole. Being on the move requires me to pack light, keeping the tools I need with me. These are some of the essential items I keep nearby when I’m on the ice. 

Smith’s Ice Fishing Tool Kit 

This tool kit has all the essential tools needed when out on the ice. It comes with pliers for getting hooks out of a fish, a jaw spreader for unhooking those toothy critters, scissors for cutting line, a clipper, and a 4-inch folding fillet knife that is perfect for any panfish. It also has a marine-grade mesh bag to keep it organized and in good condition. The scissors are stainless steel and have a serrated edge for cutting mono and braided lines. The clippers come with a line pick for getting knots out of your line, a lure tuning tool, and a knife. So not only is this a great tool kit for ice fishing, but it is also helpful for open-water fishing. Smith’s Ice Fishing Tool Kit: $84.99

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Tasmanian Tiger® Introduces Three New Modular and Multipurpose Products to its Tactical Accessories Line

Now Available to the U.S. market, Tasmanian Tiger® unveils the TT Multipurpose Equipment Insert, the TT Modular Equipment Case, and the TT Modular Laptop Case.

Tasmanian Tiger®, a tactical nylon line of products distributed exclusively for the US market by Proforce Equipment, Inc., is pleased to introduce three new products to the U.S. market from its tactical accessories line: the TT Multipurpose Equipment Insert, the TT Modular Equipment Case, and the TT Modular Laptop Case. These products will be available for purchase through TT Authorized Dealers.

The TT Multipurpose Equipment Insert is a padded inner bag with flexible dividers, suitable for the TT Modular Pack 45+. The main compartment features a lockable slider. It has a padded, zip-off front lid with a top handle. There is an external second opening for a camera on the top side. It also features transparent mesh interior compartments and a small organizer. With the hook and loop strips on the outside, it can be fixed precisely to modular hook and loop panels. The loops on the upper edge can be used to attach the insert to all MOLLE panels or the TT Modular Front Seat Panel with TT SE 256 Safety QA Buckles.

The TT Multipurpose Equipment Insert weighs 2.78 lbs. (1.26 kg.) and measures 12.5” H x 16” W x 6” D. It is made from T-Square Rip FD. Available in Olive, Black, and Titan Grey for an MSRP of $239.

The  TT Modular Equipment Case is an all-around padded shoulder bag with a 15-liter volume. It is versatile and can be used as a weapon bag, equipment bag, or camera bag. It features a MOLLE hook and loop panel on the inside, as well as flexible, padded dividers. The separate, width-adjustable laptop compartment (suitable for up to 12” laptops) can also be used as a weapons compartment. The flap is secured with hook-and-loop and quick-release fasteners. An extra zipper allows quick access from the top.

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