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Henry Repeating Arms Issues Recall Notice for Certain Lever Action .45-70 Rifles

Henry Repeating Arms recently discovered a safety issue affecting certain lever action .45-70 Gov’t rifles manufactured between December 14, 2022, and January 11, 2023. Henry is voluntarily initiating a recall to protect the safety of its customers because, under certain conditions, it is possible that some of these rifles may unintentionally discharge without the trigger being pulled if the hammer is released or dropped from the cocked position. To prevent the possibility of death or serious personal injury, owners of a Henry Repeating Arms lever action .45-70 should discontinue all use until it is determined whether or not the rifle is subject to recall.

Any Henry Repeating Arms firearm obtained before December 2022 is not subject to this recall, and no action is needed.

To determine if a Henry .45-70 lever action rifle is affected, owners should look up the serial number of their firearm at, email [email protected], or call toll-free 1-866-200-2354 (M-F, 9 am ET-5 pm ET). 

The safety issue leading to this voluntary recall was discovered internally during test firing and is related to firing pins that may not meet specifications. Henry Repeating Arms is ready to replace the firing pins free of charge in the order by which the firearms are received. Information on the current turnaround time for rifles returned under this recall will be provided at Henry Repeating Arms will make every effort to minimize the turnaround time. Additionally, as a sign of appreciation to its customers, Henry Repeating Arms will send any customer with a rifle affected by this recall a $50 gift card for upon completion of service. 

About Henry Repeating Arms:

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Picking the right fishing plier might be a more complicated task than it appears at first glance. In today’s market, with so many different options, sporting different features and materials help complicate this seemingly easy task. 

The first question you should ask yourself is, what is my budget? Where are you going to use these pliers? And finally, what are the features you need to accomplish your fishing goals?   

There is such a diverse selection of pliers that it can be an interesting decision. It’s very easy to end up owning quite a few sets of pliers and switch them up based on what tasks you’re doing, where you’ll be fishing, and what your needs for any trip might be. 

If you’re one of those anglers that don’t enjoy just one type of fishing, this question gets way more interesting. One day might, you might be fishing offshore for tuna and other pelagics, the next day chasing bass and stripers from a kayak, the next stalking shallow flats for redfish, or even a summer foray into a mountain meadow to fly fish for trout. Each one of these scenarios really can call for a very different fishing plier. 

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RCBS® Adds Die Sets for Popular New Rifle Calibers

Dies Now Available for 7mm PRC, .360 Buckhammer and .338 Weatherby® RPM

RCBS®, the leading manufacturer of ammunition reloading equipment for rifles and pistols, has added three new cartridges to its collection of full-length die sets: 7mm PRC, .360 Buckhammer and .338 Weatherby® RPM.

Announced late last year, the 7mm PRC is the hottest new rifle cartridge to hit the market for long range shooters and hunters, joining the ranks of other popular cartridges in the PRC family like the 6.5 PRC and .300 PRC. As more riflemen switch to the new 7mm cartridge, demand for handloading equipment is also increasing.

The .360 Buckhammer is a new straight-walled cartridge for lever-guns that’s aimed at the big woods whitetail hunter, while the .338 Weatherby RPM combines fire-breathing magnum performance with modern, heavy-for-caliber bullets.

All three of these two-die sets come with a full-length sizer die with an expander-decapping unit and a seater die with bullet seater plug. Each die comes with standard 7/8″-14 thread and the sets come in a green die set box.

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Senate Bill Would Conserve Corridors, Habitat in Nevada’s Ruby Mountains

Ruby Mountains Protection Act would conserve 340,000-plus acres home to mule deer, sage grouse, Lahontan cutthroat trout

WASHINGTON – More than 340,000 acres of public lands and waters in northeast Nevada’s Ruby Mountains would be conserved under legislation introduced in the U.S. Senate today.

The Ruby Mountains Protection Act would prohibit oil and gas leasing on more than 300,000 acres of the Ruby Mountains subdistrict of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest and nearly 40,000 acres of the Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge. The region provides a critical migratory corridor for the state’s largest mule deer herd, sage grouse habitat, and robust fisheries including Lahontan cutthroat trout, the Nevada state fish. Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV) reintroduced the bill in the 118th Congress. It passed out of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee in the 117th Congress with bipartisan support. 

Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, which now has supported the legislation across three Congresses, highlighted its importance to Nevada’s fish, wildlife and public lands and waters.

“We thank Sen. Cortez Masto for her leadership on reintroducing the Ruby Mountains Protection Act, which would withdraw nearly 350,000 acres of public land from oil and gas leasing, removing the threat of habitat fragmentation while maintaining multiple use,” said Bryce Pollock, BHA Nevada chapter policy co-chair. “Sportsmen and women applaud this legislation that would conserve critical habitat in the migratory corridor for Nevada’s largest mule deer herd as well as streams and lakes populated by Lahontan cutthroat trout.”

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US Patriot Makes a $221K Gear Donation to Ukraine

U.S. Patriot, a GALLS® company, joined forces with Bomb Techs Without Borders to deliver $221k worth of cold weather gear to Ukraine’s fighting forces.

U.S. Patriot Tactical, a GALLS® company, continues to stand by the Ukrainian people in their year-long battle against Vladimir Putin’s oppressive regime. In U.S. Patriot’s commitment to stand by our allies, they have partnered with Bomb Techs Without Borders to deliver $221K worth of cold weather gear for Ukraine’s men and women in uniform.

U.S. Patriot is the nation’s largest supplier of cold-weather military gear, and their donation of 500 sets of cold-weather jackets and pants are to be delivered to the Kyiv Border Patrol and other first responders. U.S. Patriot will be supplying them with the All Purpose Environmental Clothing System (APECS) parka and trousers from Valley Apparel.

U.S. Patriot actively supports the people of Ukraine as they fight to protect their country from the Russian invasion. U.S. Patriot stands with our allies across the globe and continues to support the Ukrainian efforts to restore peace and liberty to their people.

For more information about this donation, visit the U.S. Patriot blog.

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Airalite; Packable, Ultralight Protection from the Elements

One of the Most Advanced Rain Shell Available, 100 USA-made

FORLOH, the 100 percent made-in-America technical outdoor brand, introduces their most advanced lightweight waterproof jacket and pants. Designed with first-to-market Airadigm Pulse Plasma Technology and equipped with RECCO®, the Airalite collection is designed for backcountry packability (112gm/m2 fabric), with the ability to quickly layer up and protect against the rigors of harsh weather and terrain.

The Airadigm Pulse Plasma technology applies the DWR treatment in trace amounts using an electrical charge to bond the fabric’s fibers. In turn, the pores of the fabric remain open and result in a substantially more breathable and air-permeable garment. Besides being a more durable and longer-lasting treatment, The Airadigm Pulse Plasma technology results in a soft, supple, quiet fabric compared to most waterproof fabrics.

The perfect balance of durability and protection, 30-denier military grade rip-stop nylon construction for overall strength paired with ePTFE membrane and a lightweight 20-denier tricot backer to block out the elements and keep the user dry and comfortable. The Airalite is equipped with RECCO® technology for search and rescue detecting as well as boasts an impressive waterproof rating while maintaining performance-ready breathability and a windproof rating to handle extreme winds. 

The jacket incorporates FORLOH’s first-of-its-kind horizontal zippered back vent which was designed to allow excess heat to escape while still offering protection, whether standing in a torrential downpour or simply getting sprayed while fishing in rough waters.


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TrueTimber® Sponsors 2023 Daniel Defense® Double D Foundation Banquet

TrueTimber is proud to announce support of The Double D Foundation 2023 banquet. TrueTimber will support as a Gold level sponsor, donating $10,000 towards their important mission of protecting the Second Amendment and advancing freedom through shooting sports. The event is set to take place today, March 9, in Columbia, SC.

“We are really excited to be a part of this event and be able to support such an important organization,” said TrueTimber CEO Rusty Sellars. “They have been able to have such a huge impact with their efforts and do a phenomenal job of protecting our rights and freedoms.”

The mission of The Double D Foundation is to protect the Second Amendment by growing the number of Americans involved in shooting sports, who understand the fundamentals of firearm safety, and who share the core belief that the second amendment defends the rest. The Double D Foundation is a non-profit organization supported by corporate and individual sponsors. Every penny raised supports shooting sports initiatives through grants, events and donations.

“We’re thrilled to have a great company like TrueTimber become a Gold level sponsor,” said Double D Foundation founder Cindy Daniel. “Their support will help us continue to distribute much needed funds to very worth shooting organizations throughout South Carolina.”

To learn more about the entire TrueTimber product line and see all available patterns, visit Details about future product launches can be found on TrueTimber’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

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Classic Contender: Meet “Old Bob” Downey

St. Croix pro offers insights on the 2023 Bassmaster Elite Season, builds his own rod, and dives into the slugfest that will be this month’s Bassmaster Classic on the Tennessee River

Competitive fishing’s grandest stage will be in Knoxville, Tennessee, March 24-26, when the 2023 Academy Sports + Outdoors Bassmaster Classic presented by Toyota comes to the Tennessee River. St Croix Pro “Old Bob” Downey of Detroit Lakes, Minnesota is among the 55 elite anglers competing for the biggest title and payout in competitive bass fishing.

Bob Downey is in his fourth season fishing the Elites. He finished the 2022 season with an AOY rank of 23. So far this season, he has placed 54th at Lake Okeechobee and 12th at Lake Seminole, earning 144 AOY points placing him in 24th place.

“I wasn’t thrilled with 54th in Florida, but I’ll take 54th over 85th any day,” says Downey, who was a lot happier with his 12th-place finish in Georgia. “I’m just trying to stay consistent,” he says. “I had one bad tournament last year, but everything else was decent. That’s what it takes to make the Classic. For me, there’s no secret formula. I’m no better than the best local anglers on any water we fish,” he says. “I work really hard but so does everyone else. I guess one thing I do try to do is keep a calm demeanor throughout every day of competition. That means rolling with the punches and keeping a calm head. Do that and more times than not you’ll find something that works. But that can’t happen if you are totally spun out.”

Downey says he’s looking forward to this year’s events at Lake Champlain, the St. Lawrence River, and Lake St. Clair the most. “Being from Minnesota, those are obviously the venues that set up the best for my style of fishing,” he says. “I really like fishing at Lake Champlain.”

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The Trekker form Fisher Space Pen® is The Ultimate Utility Pen for Go-Getters

Good utility gear makes everything much easier, faster, and more efficient in a fast-paced, ever-moving environment. It is no wonder that professionals who are always on the go would also want an all-around utility pen that they can bring anywhere and count on under any circumstances. In response to this need, Fisher Space Pen® presents the Trekker Space Pen, the ultimate writing device for go-getters. 

The Trekker’s most notable feature is a key loop that can attach to any carabiner, which makes this pen a perfect accessory to attach to anything and everything. There will be no shortage of places to connect this pen, whether for a construction professional, craftsman, first responder, law enforcement officer, or outdoorsman. A tool belt, backpack, tactical duty belt, sling pack, camping or hiking gear, any bag or clothes with a hoop or a key chain – there are endless possibilities! In addition, the Trekker’s rubber grip on its brass body ensures finishing writing while on the job site or in the woods. The matte black finish with a black snap ring makes this impressively handy pen visually attractive.

However, excellent mobility and eye-catching design would do little good if a pen cannot write. The Trekker Space Pen’s supreme writability and reliability shine through when tested with rugged, unusual conditions. The Trekker writes in extreme temperatures ranging from -30 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, from any angle, and even in zero gravity. If workplaces involve grease or wet conditions, it will write through that with its near zero percent failure rate. What more could one ask for in a writing companion? At a retail price of $48 and engraving options for personalization, the Trekker makes a thoughtful gift for anyone with a dynamic profession and lifestyle. 

Fisher Space Pen always aims to provide pens to those who explore the world around them, and the Trekker embodies everything to that end. This spring, get a Trekker Space Pen to take professional endeavors and personal adventures to the next level!

For more information, please visit

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The Nomad Pursuit Convertible Turkey Vest Provides Excellent Functionality with a Minimalist Design for Fast Paced Turkey Hunts

Hunting vests are a necessary piece of gear.  The Nomad Pursuit Convertible Turkey Vest is a leading-edge design delivering a highly functional yet minimalist spin on the Turkey hunting vest. The lightweight and versatile design are exceptional in its class, allowing hunters to choose between wearing a traditional vest or unclipping and converting the bottom half of the vest into a fanny pack.  

The Pursuit Convertible Vest guarantees the only extra weight hunters have to tote around will be the weight of a long beard in the rear roll-top game tote. The game tote has a multipurpose setup, as hunters can use it for extra clothing layers or equipment. This lightweight design doesn’t come at the expense of optimal storage options. The Pursuit Convertible Vest provides multiple pockets to keep the most utilized items nearby. A turkey’s vision is sharp, keeping hunters on their toes during a chase. The chest and side storage pockets allow minimal movements, which are critical to successfully harvesting a turkey. The chest pocket provides room for a rangefinder or cell phone, while the external Thermacell® pocket helps to keep from swatting unwanted insects away during a hunt.

The Pursuit Convertible Vest provides two friction and mouth call pockets, a box call pocket, and a locator sleeve. The zippered storage cargo pocket also has elastic loops to hold strikers and shotgun shells. Hunters can quickly fire off the call of their choice and locate a potential gobbler, all without reaching into far-away bags or pant pockets.

The Pursuit Convertible Vest has a double-padded, high-density foam cushion for optimal comfort, with magnetic closure. The magnetic closure is handy when making a quick move or changing the game plan during the hunt. The vest is available in two different Mossy Oak camo print options, the Mossy Oak Bottomland® or Mossy Oak Shadowleaf®. Both camo patterns have proven to blend hunters easily into the surrounding terrain.

Nomad Pursuit Convertible Turkey Vest 

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First Focal Plane Optical System and 34mm Main TubeMake for the Best Optic for Long-Range Shooting

Hawke® Optics, a world leader in quality sporting optics that perform outstanding in the field while maintaining optimum value for the consumer, knows that accuracy at any range requires an optic built with precision, clarity, and light transmission. The premium First Focal Plane Frontier riflescope line with 34mm main tubes is exactly what you need, and it is available to customers and dealers everywhere. The Frontier 34 FFP scopes were designed for extreme long-range shooters, or shooters looking for precision accuracy and a scope with maximum adjustment.

The Frontier 34 FFP riflescopes are available in either 3-18×50 or 5-30×56 with both configurations available with two FFP illuminated reticle options – Mil Pro Ext and MOA Pro Ext. These riflescopes give you up to 46 MRAD or 158 MOA, depending on your specific model, of elevation adjustment. They are truly unparalleled in high-end shooting optics. You have 11 levels of red illumination that light up the entire reticle, with off stops in between each level for quick access back to your preferred brightness.

As part of Hawke’s System H7 series, the Frontier 34 FFP are unmatched for clarity due to an outstanding 21 layers of advanced coatings on all glass surfaces, producing extremely high light transmission and the clearest field of view. The scope is built on a 34mm mono-tube chassis that is machined from high-grade aluminum for extreme durability and houses a side focus adjustment turret allowing you zero in on your target from close to extreme ranges. Hawke’s patented Zero, Lock ‘n Stop turrets are resettable, lockable and feature a built-in return to zero feature, providing you the flexibility to adjust to conditions in the field. The Frontier 34 FFP are the ultimate optic and contains features reserved for our most advanced riflescopes.

All Frontier 34 FFP models have 4-inches of eye relief and locking ocular focus. The magnification and parallax adjustments move smoothly, and the turret clicks can be felt and heard clearly at each individual click. All models utilize a removable throw lever. As with all Hawke scopes, they are fully water, shock and fog proof and nitrogen purged, and come with Hawke’s No Fault Lifetime Warranty. If you haven’t checked out these scopes, and you want to have the ultimate in ELR optics topping your rifle, what are you waiting for? Learn more at

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Japanese-Inspired Blade Design and Tapered Handle Make for a Formidable Knife

Ontario Knife Company® (OKC®), the award-winning cutlery maker with more than 130 years of experience designing and creating blades for every need, has designed the new Stealth knife that carries easily and uses Japanese-inspired designs in the blade and handle to make for a multi-purpose tactical tool that flies under the radar, but packs a big punch.

The OKC Stealth has a 3.56-inch blade made of S35VN with 57-59 HRC hardness. S35VN is an extremely tough, high-quality steel which provides superior resistance to wear and chipping while delivering excellent, long-lasting edge retention. The blade has tight serrations for utility. The 9.13-inch overall-length knife has a full tang construction and is covered by a double black micarta handle with a scale pattern for extra grip. The knife handle ergonomics are extremely versatile and comfortable with a distinct taper for striking and shattering when the situation calls for it. The black nylon sheath is molle-compatible and carries easily. This is a superbly balanced and fast-handling knife that is perfect for any situation, from good to very, very bad.

The OKC Stealth has a 3.56-inch blade made of S35VN with 57-59 HRC hardness. S35VN is an extremely tough, high-quality steel which provides superior resistance to wear and chipping while delivering excellent, long-lasting edge retention. The blade has tight serrations for utility. The 9.13-inch overall-length knife has a full tang construction and is covered by a double black micarta handle with a scale pattern for extra grip. The knife handle ergonomics are extremely versatile and comfortable with a distinct taper for striking and shattering when the situation calls for it. The black nylon sheath is molle-compatible and carries easily. This is a superbly balanced and fast-handling knife that is perfect for any situation, from good to very, very bad.

For more information about Ontario Knife Company and its industry-leading line of advanced knives, machetes, edged products and specialty tools, contact Ontario Knife Company at P.O. Box 145-26 Empire Street · Franklinville, NY 14737 · Telephone (716) 676-5527 · Or visit The Ontario Knife Company is a subsidiary of publicly traded Servotronics, Inc. (NYSE MKT – SVT).

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The Pursuit Series is Packed with Performance and Comfort for Turkey Season

The Nomad Pursuit Series paves the way for an innovative turkey hunting apparel line that provides hunters with comfort and concealment on every hunt. Top to bottom, the Pursuit Series has hunters covered with state-of-the-art technology. The Pursuit Series features everything from sun-protective and stain-resistant fabric to styles worn comfortably at every temperature.

Nomad’s Pursuit short-sleeve and long-sleeve designs were developed with spring days in mind as they offer hunters protection from harmful UV rays. Both shirt designs are essential pieces of a turkey hunter’s wardrobe, blocking UVA and UVB rays while providing a moisture-wicking fabric that transports sweat away from the skin. The tops make great layering tools on chilly mornings, but when the sun and temperatures rise during a hunt, they can also be worn alone. The anti-microbial properties of the designs make these styles workhorses for hunters, as the fabric prevents the spread of microorganisms during a harvest. This feature will come in handy for everything from packing out a long beard to processing the meat obtained.  

Like the Pursuit tops above, the Nomad Pursuit 1/4 Zip is another long-sleeve option that delivers hunters +UPF 30 SPF blocking damaging sun rays. The 1/4 zip design allows hunters to unzip the upper part of the garment when needing to cool off or get additional airflow. Hunters will value the garment’s anti-microbial and stain-resistance properties, as they can enjoy it on many future hunts. Constructed with a synthetic material that keeps any sweat off the skin, hunters will stay dry and cool when on a run-and-gun chase of a gobbler.

The Pursuit Pants are a must-have for every turkey hunter’s wardrobe this season. The lightweight 4-way stretch design makes chasing down those gobbles effortless, as hunters will have a complete range of motion. At the same time, the ever-adjust band and never-pop button keep pants fitted and secure during the hunt. Turkey hunters often are challenged with beating turkeys to an intended destination, and sometimes this comes with a lot of movement. All of the mentioned features keep the pant in place during an action-filled hunt. The articulated knees and anatomical shaping provide top performance and fit packed into one pair of pants.

The Pursuit Series is available in Mossy Oak Shadow leaf, Mossy Oak Bottomland®, and Realtree Timber®. 

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Camping Gear Essentials from NEBO Lights

As the seasons change, there’s no better time to spend quality time at your favorite camping spot with your family in the great outdoors.

When you’re preparing for a weekend out in the wild, you have to make sure you have everything you need, including food, water, sleeping bags, and sturdy tent and – of course – proper light sources.

While a campfire may be warm and cozy, it’s no match for some reliable, bright and easy-to-carry LED lighting products to keep you and your family safe during your camping excursion.

NEBO can help with their line of LED lights to help enhance outdoor time.

Such as the MYCRO Headlamp & Cap Light. It’s a rechargeable light that you can wear using an adjustable head strap or clip to your cap. The MYCRO has six light modes to illuminate the hiking trail or the campsite with 400 to 15 lumens of light, as well as an ultra-bright Turbo mode that will give you 30 seconds of light at 400 lumens.

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Minneapolis Area Take Kids Ice Fishing Event Sees Record Turnout

Minneapolis trade unions hosted Union Sportsmen’s Alliance ice fishing event on East Rush Lake on Saturday

Spring Hill, Tenn.—Warm winter weather drew more than 100 youth and their families to East Rush Lake in Rush City, Minnesota, for the annual Union Sportsmen’s Alliance (USA) Minneapolis Area Take Kids Ice Fishing Day on Saturday, March 4.

Hosted by the Minneapolis Building and Construction Trades Council (BCTC), International Union of Elevator Constructors (IUEC) Local 9, and a coalition of additional labor unions and other supporters, the free event aimed to introduce the next generation of anglers and conservationists to the joys of ice fishing.

This young girl was proud to catch her first fish at the Minneapolis Area Take Kids Ice Fishing Event.

“It was a great day on the lake—by far, the best event we’ve had,” said Dave Morin, an IUEC Local 9 officer and the event organizer.  “Every other year, we’ve had freezing rain, negative digits, six inches of snow—every condition except optimal. This year, we had beautiful weather, the kids caught lots of fish, everyone won a prize, and there were tons of smiles.”

Morin’s favorite part of the event was seeing a young girl catch her very first fish. “She was showing the perch off to everyone, kissing it, and telling everyone she wanted to put it on the wall. She was so proud,” he said.

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Taking Up Hunting as a Hobby: 5 Things to Know

Hunting is a grand tradition in America that is enjoyed and practiced by millions of people each year. But why is hunting such a popular sport? As well as being a fun and exciting sport, hunting also benefits natural resource management and wildlife. And that’s not all; the vast amount of money generated by hunting helps to support businesses and create jobs. 

Unfortunately, many people are put off taking up hunting as a sport as they believe that they do not fit the image of a hunter. The stereotypical image of a hunter is often a white male. However, while many hunters are white males, these aren’t the only individuals who enjoy this sport. People of all ages, genders, and ethnicities can enjoy hunting.

If you’re considering hunting and want to learn more about it, keep reading below. We’ve made a list of some things you need to know: 

You Need a License

Before you embark on your new hobby, you need to get a license. However, it’s not as simple as just applying for one. You need to enroll in a hunter education course first. The good news is that these courses are not only informative, but they’re also often a great deal of fun too. As well as this, they’re usually free or very cheap to purchase. You can find a hunter education course near you by searching your state’s game or wildlife commission website. 

Buying the Right Equipment

Before purchasing a firearm in America, you need to ensure you have a license. Once you have this, you can search for the type of firearm you want. The type of firearm you need will depend on the type of animal you are hunting. For example, if you are hunting squirrels, a scoped .22 rifle is perfect. However, you might want to consider a shotgun if you’re hunting a moving target such as a bird or a rabbit. 

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CMP Board Member Highlights: Will Dantzler

The CMP Board of Directors is currently comprised of 9 individuals who share the same common interest: advancing marksmanship in the United States through safety, competitions and program opportunities. Though their goals are mutual, they come from an array of backgrounds – bringing with them their own unique experiences for the betterment of the organization. Here, we learn a little more about the individuals who are helping to lead CMP into the future.

Will Dantzler


Grew up in Dayton, Ohio. Now living in Indianapolis, Indiana.

How did you hear about the CMP, initially?

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Caracal USA® Signs Laura Burgess Marketing

Laura Burgess Marketing (LBM) will lead efforts to increase brand awareness of the global company to new customers within the commercial markets in the US.

 Caracal USA, a leading international manufacturer of small arms for the law enforcement and defense markets, has partnered with Laura Burgess Marketing (LBM), a 20 year veteran of public relations and marketing communications within the shooting sports community, as part of the company’s strategy to build market share in the US commercial shooting sports market.

“We are thrilled to be a part of the marketing team for the Caracal USA brand,” Laura Burgess, president of LBM, commented. “This company has built its reputation on serving the world’s elite law enforcement and militaries, and now our efforts will focus on driving brand awareness to the concealed carry and self-defense markets, shooting sports competitors, and hunters in the US.”

Caracal Lynx DS

“As part of our 2023 corporate strategy to increase brand awareness and visibility in the commercial market, while continuing to support our law enforcement and military markets, partnering with an industry veteran with a solid reputation for success is key,” Jeffrey Spalding, president and CEO of Caracal USA, added. “LBM will be instrumental to our success in the shooting sports community this year.”

Caracal USA, known for the CAR816A2 produced in the US, introduced several new products at the 2023 SHOT Show. First, the Enhanced F has been completely redefined and is currently being produced in Caracal USA’s new facility in Idaho and will be available in late spring. Additional new products include the Caracal Lynx DS, a 2011-style pistol available in three calibers, the Lynx DS Compact available in three calibers, the Lynx DS Versus designed for competition use and available in three calibers, the CMP9K fully ambidextrous semi-auto pistol, and the CSR 308 and 338 long-range precision rifles. Caracal USA’s new products will become available to dealers throughout 2023. 

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“Affordable Innovation” has always been the KastKing rallying cry. Now, enter Hammer Braid—a truly new version of braided fishing line.  

Hammer Braid is colorfast, has nearly zero stretch, a higher knot strength, and better abrasion resistance than other brands on the market. It’s everything you want in a premium braided line and precise for any angling condition. 

How is it different? It’s what happens to the fibers prior to the braiding process that sets Hammer Braid apart. Individual fibers are treated utilizing an engineered proprietary coating (EPC) process that provides multiple benefits.

“We’re pre-coloring the fibers prior to braiding, which gives us a much more color-fast product,” says KastKing product development specialist Rex Nelson. “Most companies are coloring the product as a post-braid treatment, but we’ve found the color really sets better within the individual fibers when treating prior to braiding and allows the color to be more permanently locked.” The end result is a braid that holds its color longer than competitive braids.

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Big Horn Armory (BHA) to Donate $3,500 to the Wyoming Wildlife Federation (WWF) for November Pay it Forward Program

BHA’s donation will go to the WWF’s Hunters for the Hungry Program to help educate hunters on how they can participate in the program and teach them how to donate meat to H4H for food-insecure communities.

Big Horn Armory (BHA), makers of big-bore firearms, will be donating $3,500 to the Wyoming Wildlife Federation (WWF) to help support its Hunters for the Hungry Program (H4H). This donation will help educate hunters on how they can participate in the program and teach them how to donate meat to H4H for food-insecure communities.

“Since we’ve partnered with WWF in 2020, we’ve been able to donate $8,500 that has been used to educate hunters and support meat donation to food-insecure families within Wyoming. We are happy to work with such a worthy cause that helps impact our fellow citizens of Wyoming,” commented Greg Buchel, president of Big Horn Armory.

WWF’s H4H Program began in the fall of 2018. H4H is looking to deepen its hunter donations with its incredible partnering processors in Lander and Jackson, WY in the future. Over the last four years, over 14,100 meals have been donated through the program to food-insecure communities.

“The continued support of Big Horn Armory and their customers is immense for WWF’s ability to communicate within the Hunters for the Hungry network. We have been able to reach more hunters in specific locales about this opportunity to donate game meat because of the past support of Big Horn Armory,” commented Wyoming Wildlife Federation’s Executive Director, Joy Bannon.

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