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Wanna See More Deer? Here’s How!

You can see more deer … quickly! It doesn’t take long, and it isn’t terribly hard either; but you will need to follow these tips no matter, whether you are hunting public or private land. Here is what it takes to find better deer hunting.

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Tim & Sydnie Wells Bowhunting Texas

When you’re rattling Texas deer be ready cause you might get run over!! Sydnie Wells and her dad Tim Wells releases mayhem on Texas Whitetail Deer and Wild Feral Hogs. WARNING: This video has Close shots that open em up and it gets bloody in a couple of places! Wild free range deer with plenty of wild hogs to release Grim Reaper Broadheads on.

Follow along on video as Sydnie and her dad Tim Wells bowhunt south Texas and successfully bring in Whitetail bucks and does as well as several Wild Hogs.

     Tim Wells Bow Hunter

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Big Bucks from Small Properties

Jeff Harrison is a suburban deer specialist.  He’s a painter by trade which brings him into many neighborhoods where homeowners own one-to-three acres of land that makes ideal whitetail habitat.  Sometimes these small tracts adjoin along a creek or stream where a building is prohibited.  Add a nearby state park, commercial site, or sanctuary and you have the perfect formula for older age class and big antlers.

Suburban Scouting

Scouting in suburban and rural areas is easier than you may think.  When Harrison approached homeowners about hunting their small tract, he frequently was met with the response, “Kill them all.”  Whitetail deer, bucks especially, can consume or destroy $1000 of shrubbery in a single night.  Homes with deer problems are easy to spot because they often deploy nets, fences, or wire to keep deer at bay.  Because deer cruise between these small plots, you only need permission to hunt one to succeed.

Shed Hunting is a Great Intro

Knocking on a stranger’s door intimidates many hunters and Harrison has had good success first asking to hunt sheds.  He often carries a small antler with him because many suburbanites don’t know that deer shed antlers.  If you find a good bone, offer to share it with the homeowner which enables you to make contact again.  During the conversation, you can make your pitch to hunt in the fall.  While looking for sheds, you can search for deer trails and last fall’s rubs and scrapes.

Recycle Pumpkins

Pumpkins are a great food for deer that is readily available.  If you cruise around your neighbors, you will often find pumpkins getting soft and rotting because the owners don’t know what to do with them.  It may take deer a few days to investigate these orange invaders, yet once they get a taste for them, they will be quickly consumed.  It is important to break the pumpkins open so that the seeds are exposed.  Best of all pumpkins won’t attract raccoons, wild turkeys, and other critters that eat expensive deer corn.


Plan for Next Fall

Even at midnight, this doe took a hard look at these two strange objects that suddenly appeared in her territory.  I received permission from a landowner to hunt a farmland property barely an acre in size.  It’s located among crop fields with a few scattered houses and I’ve been surveilling the property with the fall of 2023 in mind.  The homeowner suffers deer damage every year and was most happy to have me “help out.”

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Hang Your Mount Better With A Full Mount System

Every once in a while I run into something that is exceptional, something that actually is new or else significantly improves what’s out there. Check this out…

Full Range Hanging Systems are a better, more flexible way for you to display your shoulder mount trophies or Skull Mounts. Typically the only way to hang your mount is flat to the wall.

A Full Range allows you to pose your trophy in more interesting ways, instead of just always hanging them flat to the wall.

Full Range Systems were made to solve the 4 main issues we’ve all had hanging our trophies on the wall;

They are always hanging the same way!You invariably run out of hanging space.There are always those odd little spaces you just can’t use, such as between two windows or in a corner of a room.Once it’s up it is always hard to get your mount off the wall.

Full Range Hanging Systems gives you the freedom to move your mount in different directions. All systems pivot in two different places and will rotate 180 degrees, giving you several options to choose from. Also, this saves space on your wall!

Using the Full Range Hanging Systems allows you to utilize every bit of wall space possible. Put more trophies on the wall and make them look better with Full Range Hanging Systems!

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Kansas Spot N Stalk Bowhunt With Seek One

In this Kansas episode of Seek One: The Whitetail Plains is totally different terrain than bowhunting in the Eastern U.S. hardwoods. Follow along as Lee returns to Kansas with a decoy to use on the Plains.


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How To Deerhunt In January!

If your state has a deer season in January it’s a good time to deer hunt. In this video Jeff Sturgis breaks the month down and tells us about January’s special opportunities and how to navigate the entire month of January; both Bucks and Does are moving and January is a good time to find deer where you hunt!

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The Story Of ‘Big 10’: Part 2

Robbie receives his Bushnell game camera pictures of 3 of his stand sites via cell phone daily. Somehow, the late October and early November pics of the ‘Big 10″ buck were always in the brush or behind other deer — so the images were always blurry. However, his extra long G2 and G3 tines on both main beams made him recognizable, even when blurry.

The sitings were random during October and mainly at night. But when the rut kicked off Robbie immediately started seeing daylight pictures of ‘Big 10’ at all 3 of his game camera sites. Below is a slightly blurry pic that caught his attention during the first week of November.

On November 12 he received this picture two hours after sunset.

When I checked the pictures my Moultrie Edge took on November 14 I recognized a picture of ‘Big 10’ that was taken by a game camera I have at a location about 100 yards from my Shed stand. This location is a high spot where bucks frequently come during the rut to check for does and watch for rutting activity to the South, which is where I am hunting.

The picture is blurry but there is no doubt that it is of the ‘Big 10’ buck.

I immediately phoned Robbie and told him that ‘Big 10’ had been in my area this afternoon. He said that he would shuffle around a couple of business issues and would be down to hunt tomorrow afternoon.


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The World’s Best Adventure Bowhunt

African plains game hunts are ridiculously inexpensive as compared to North American big game hunts.  Elk hunts exceed $10,000, moose hunts are over $20,000, and Canadian combo hunts go for 50K.

I take hunters to Africa for Kudu, impala, and warthog for $5,000 including airfare.  South African safaris are, by far, the cheapest adventure hunt on the planet.  You will see tons of animals and have comfortable camps with great food during perfect weather.

I took my first safari in 1994 and have made 25 since.  This hunt will change your life and here’s why you should do it.

Show Season is Here

Eventually, South African safaris will catch up with other hunting prices, but for now, you will spend a fraction of a North American big game hunt.  Begin your quest by going to outdoor shows happening across the country in January, February, and March.  Talk personally with outfitters, ask questions, and make a plan.

The NRA Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg Pennsylvania is excellent and has 25 African safari vendors.  The Safari Club International Convention is in Nashville Tennesee in February where you will see hunting outfitters from every corner of the world.

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Cooking Chicken Fried Deer Steak


Is it chicken? Is it steak? What the heck is it?!

If you’re not from Texas, this may sound strange to you. Chicken Fried Deer Steak is actually venison steak that has been battered and fried similarly to fried chicken – hence the name!


This recipe uses basic ingredients you could already have on hand or else can easily find at any grocery store.

Venison Steaks – cut from the deer’s backstrap or hindquarters and tenderized to one-quarter inch thickness.Buttermilk – used to marinate the deer steaks and also used in the batter for a thicker breading.Flour – use all-purpose flour for the batter.Seasonings – seasoned salt, black pepper, paprika, salt, and cayenne pepper (optional).Oil – use canola or vegetable oil with one tablespoon of olive oil (added for flavor) to fry the steaks in.Butter – adds a golden-brown color to the breading.Gravy (optional) – save your pan drippings to make my peppery Country Cream Gravy to pour over your delicious deer steaks.

Start by using a tenderizing meat mallet to pound the deer steaks to one-quarter inch thickness.

Marinate your venison in buttermilk overnight or for at least 2 hours.Mix flour and seasonings together in a bowl or small pan. Drizzle about 1 tablespoon of buttermilk into the flour mixture while stirring, until tiny clumps start to form.Remove the steaks from the buttermilk one by one, allowing excess buttermilk to drip off. Coat both sides of the steaks in the seasoned flour.Place battered steaks on a large baking sheet and refrigerate for 15 minutes. (This helps the batter stick to the steaks better while frying.)Add cooking oil and butter (for browning the meat) to a deep cast-iron skillet or frying pan. Heat to 325°F.Fry 2 to 3 steaks at a time for 2-3 minutes on the first side, until blood starts to surface.Flip over and cook for 1-2 minutes, until golden brown and internal temperature reaches 165°F.
Save your pan drippings to make my Country Cream Gravy to drizzle over the delicious chicken fried deer steaks. Serve and enjoy!


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January Work To-Do In Your Deer Woods

Jeff Sturgis has helped tens of thousands of deerhunters learn vital facts, tips and tactics about whitetail deer with and their habitat. The perfect way to impact and improve your deer hunting habitat is to make your 2023 property and deerhunting plans and get them started in January.

This video is all about doing just that.

Check out Jeff Sturgis’s “Hunting Hills and Thermals” web class: https://www.whitetailhabitatsolutions… Our North and South SWITCHGRASS PERMA COVER BLENDS are available and shipping right NOW, just in time for frost seeding! Check out our https://www.whitetailhabitatsolutions… for more details. 25% OFF HuntCast!! Make sure that you are practicing my highly proven weather based hunt predictions to help you find the best hunt possible! Check it out at: Podcast: https://www.whitetailhabitatsolutions…

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Richey Scores On The Last Weekend Of Buck Season

This morning I got up at 4:30am, perked some strong black coffee and started to work on the numerous pictures for my 2nd Rut article series for Bowhunting,net. After daylight there was a surprise knock on my door. I called out, “Come on in.” Richey Hayes opened the door to my home-office and walked inside.

He had driven down last night, got a good sleep in the deer-lease trailer, and got up early to hunt. This was the last weekend that our Buck Season was open and he intended to be on stand when one of the nice bucks in his latest game-camera pictures made a return visit.

He arrived at his stand a good hour and a half before sunrise. That was a good thing because the wind had punched in his Pop-Up-Ground-Blind and ripped the ties strings loose on two sides of the 8-foot high platform that the blind was on. The damage was  caused by the high winds during our recent sub zero freezing spell.

Richey climbed up the ladder to the platform. There was work to get done, in the dark no less, before he was ready to hunt.

He finished just in time to see the shadowy shape of a wide antlered Buck walk around in the dark open spot that the blind and he were. Soon another deer shadow showed up and a few minutes later the faint daylight turned it into a young six-point  buck.

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My Accidental Successful Deer Stalk

Two weeks ago I decided to bowhunt a ground blind stand in an area I call ‘The Last Barn.’ I took along a small Stool and my new CenterPoint Wrath 430X crossbow with 4 bolts in its attached bowquiver and my Minolta camera. In my pants pockets were my iPhone and Rangefinder. This year my hunting license wasn’t in my wallet. It was on the State’s iPhone App.

My current crossbow is the new CenterPoint Wrath 430X. It is is one of the most compact crossbows on the market; Shooting 430 feet per second, it has an inverted cam design that delivers up to 164 foot pounds of kinetic energy, with tack driving accuracy and devastating impact. It’s a slim 9 inches axle-to-axle when fully cocked.

Half way to where I intended to hunt I noticed a lone Doe in a small opening on the same deer trail that led me to my Stand. The Doe was 80 yards ahead of me and standing close to a tree that always hosts well worked scrapes. The Doe had not seen me so I eased over to a nearby large tree and waited and watched.

Minutes later a young 8-pointer hurried out of the thick trees and chased the Doe around and away. I had all ready zoomed in on the buck and doe and took their picture. (SEE ABOVE) Notice that the buck is licking his nose, a sign he is in rut mode.

After they were out of sight I checked my watch and settled on waiting another 20 minutes before continuing on to the stand. In a few minutes a second lone Doe went to the Scrape site and licked and marked the limbs above the Scrape. In a little while the Doe started walking in my direction.

There were scrapes that way too.

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Robbie Cramer Goes For ‘Big 10’

In the late 80’s I met a guy who was to became a true friend as well as a terrific bowhunting buddy. I was in Dallas at the time and owned a mail order camouflage company named Sticks N’ Limbs. Robbie Cramer was a top executive at the mail service company that I used for my companies mailings.

One afternoon we were working on business stuff when he switched the subject to deer hunting. He told me that his Grandfather took him deer hunting when he was a kid and they went for the first time when Robbie was 8 years old.

His Grand dad loved deer hunting and made sure Robbie got a good introduction to hunting. And that year Robbie shot a nice 8-pointer with his dad’s rifle. They continued to deerhunt together and they also hunted dove, quail and ducks.

Then Robbie switched the subject again, saying he was interested in trying bowhunting but he didn’t know what he needed to do to get started. I told him that I was “the man for the job.” My bowhunting buddy “The Duck” had a PSE bow for sale and I called him up and he came over with the bow and some arrows.

The mail service company had a bunch of employees and mailed millions of bulk mail materials out of  their 10,000 square foot building. So Robbie cleared out a shooting area and tried out the bow. Actually, he shot it more accurately than most newbees do.

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Kaitlyn Maus Kansas Public Land Bowhunt

Kaitlyn Maus bowhunts from a Tree Saddle in a Kansas Public Land area. This video is well done and captures the hunting strategy and deerhunting skills that Kaitlyn has honed through her bowhunts.

    Kaitlyn Maus Outdoors

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George Winters Bowhunts High Winds In Kansas

The Kansas wind is blasting hard. But picking the right spot to bowhunt Is what George Winters knows how to do.

George sets his treestand up where bucks are rubbing and marking trees and making scrapes.

    George Winters

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How To Deerhunt Late Season

Whitetail hunters expecting success in the late season first need to pass a meteorologist 101 course. You need to be able to forecast the weather to map an appropriate strategy. Fortunately, that is easier than ever today. As a novice whitetail hunter, I often rudely hushed my spouse so that I could intently study the 6 o’clock evening TV weather for the next day’s hunt. Today weather streams at you nonstop from online and smartphone sources.

The smartphone revolution alone allows instant updates on weather, especially while using the Moultrie Mobile app with precision forecasts built in. Not only does an accurate forecast aid in whether you should skip a day due to hazardous weather, but the preciseness of modern forecasting also allows you see hourly changes. Everything from cloud cover to wind-direction changes and rain to snow affect your whitetail game-day planning.

With weather at your fingertips there are no excuses for missing an incoming front, pinpointing the passing of a front or foreseeing future wintry estimates to ask for a day off work.

What forecast are you looking for to optimize late-season success? Severe winter weather that arrives with cold temperatures and moisture. Study the path of the storm, its estimated arrival, length of stay and the estimated time of its passing. This entire period is crucial for late-season, winter buck success.


Evolution and instinct combine to make whitetails stay put as long as possible for winter survival. Bedding longer, day or night, conserves more energy. Anytime a whitetail moves, even on the hunt for browse, it burns calories and burning calories means burning fat. Depending on where a whitetail calls home, it may bed 70 percent or more of the day during the winter as a survival tactic. Northern bucks bed longer than Southern bucks, but even bucks living in a snow-free zone use the stationary tactic to survive winter stress.

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Merry Christmas To You

Merry Christmas To You. It’s all about having a White Christmas — in the Deer Woods!

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Understanding the actual facts about deer vision and how their eyes see will improve your deerhunting success.

As prey animals, deer are well equipped to detect and avoid predators, and one of their primary tools of defense is their vision. Deer hunters can be more successful when they understand the strengths and weaknesses of deer eyes. Reviewing scientific research from a number of sources, especially work at the University of Georgia Deer Lab, we compiled the seven most important facts for deer hunters to know about deer vision. Combined with professional wild deer photography from Tes Randle Jolly, the science helps us see how deer see.


Deer eyes have pupils that are wide, horizontal slits, as you can see in the image above. This shape allows them to let in more light than human pupils can, especially as they open wider in low-light conditions. It also is important in detecting movement across a wide, horizontal view where danger is most likely to appear. While this pupil shape helps them monitor a broader area, they sacrifice sharpness. Normal human eyesight is 20/20.

Deer have a normal daylight eyesight of about 20/60, which means they see 3 times less clearly than humans! If you have ever made eye contact with a deer for what felt like an eternity, it is likely because they are trying to figure out exactly what they’re looking at.


Deer and humans both have photoreceptors in their eyes called rods and cones. Rods are responsible for light absorption and are what animals use to see in low light, while cones are responsible for color vision and distinguishing fine details.

Deer have fewer cones but more rods than humans. Thus, deer see better in low light than we do, but they see with less clarity. They also perceive color differently.

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Understanding the Second Whitetail Deer Rut

It is important to realize that during the 2nd Rut the bucks are back in their Home Territory.

After the original Rut, the bucks return home. During the ‘Peak Rut’ period bucks are hitting it hard in their pursuit of estrus does. They are on the go every day and night — once they discovered their first estrus doe of the year.

Three big changes take place every annual Whitetail Rut period.

Bucks get much more exercise than usual.They get less rest and don’t get as much sleep as they are used to.And they don’t eat as often nor as nutritiously as is normal for them.

So after the main rut bucks are worn out; dog tired, underfed and needing rest and sleep. So when they go home they lay up in one of their familiar, remote, safe places. And concentrate on sleeping and eating.

Plus, another thing the bucks do when they return to their home area is they frequently go nocturnal. At that time hunters everywhere report that the deer have “disappeared.” Actually, it seems like they are gone, but they are not.

buck chasing doe
buck looking
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No Way! I Could Not Believe What I Was Seeing!

First off, the states where I had deer hunted in my earlier years did not have archery seasons during the Whitetail Rut. But in the 80’s I had moved to Texas and after joining an archery club I met some bowhunters and that led to getting on the ‘deer lease’ that I am still on after 30 years.

In mid December of my second year on the hunting lease, I was walking slowly through the woods on the way to my newest hunting spot that I called the ‘Pocket.’ I couldn’t know it but my deerhunting life was about to change for the better, big time.

I noticed a nice 8-point 40 yards to my right! He was laying down and a Doe was RIGHT NEXT to him!

I froze. The buck looked my way. Then he turned his attention back to the Doe. He and the Doe DID NOT CARE that I was there!

Although I’m sure I could have, it was further than I wanted to shoot; and I wasn’t sure what to do, but I did not want continue standing that close to them. So I took several slow steps to get completely out of their view and then continued my walk to the ‘Point.’

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