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How To Build Hunting Arrows For Lighter Weight Bows

Kaitlyn Maus is a very successful YouTuber who blogs about her many bowhunts and other adventures.

    Kaitlyn Maus

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Cowboy Style Venison Chili

First off, Cowboy Kent Rawlins shows you how to process your deer so each cut is perfect and tastes delicious. There is no “gamey” flavored meat allowed when he prepares the meat for cooking.

When the cowboy begins the cooking you’re with him all the way. And his Tips. Folks, this recipe will work with any type of meat you want, but today we’re making an authentic deer chili recipe.

New Cookbook: Comfort Food the Cowboy Way Taste of Cowboy Cruise:… #cowboycookingPrintable Recipe:

  Cowboy Kent Rollins

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Top Tips For Late Season Bucks

Right now the Rut is slowing down or has already ended. Now, both bucks and does are shifting their focus back to food sources. Here are tips for finding the places that deer are visiting now to eat.

  Whitetail Fit

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How You Can Help Wildlife Conversation

Imagine a world without abundant deer and other wildlife. To prevent such possibilities, state wildlife agencies continually work with conservation organizations and individual conservationists to enhance habitats and lobby policymakers for the benefit of wildlife and hunting’s future.

Joel Webster, senior director of Western programs for the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, said Americans shouldn’t take healthy, abundant wild places and animals for granted. They must get involved and work hard for wildlife conservation.

“Our ability to hunt depends on robust wildlife populations and places to hunt,” Webster said. “Wildlife conservation is critical to provide opportunities. If you care about the future of hunting, you must make it a priority.”

Webster said bowhunters can get involved with conservation organizations at the local, state and national level, but those options also vary. You can make a difference through hands-on habitat work, or by voicing concerns and support for regulations and policies that affect wildlife, hunting and bowhunting. Whatever your preference, join a group and get involved.

Get involved locally or nationally in projects that help promote conservation. Photo Credit: RMEF

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Tips For December Deerhunts

December is a good month to hunt deer. Here are 3 time proven tips from Jeff Sturgis for producing a high level of predictable success…

Whitetail Habitat Solutions

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CULLING BUCKS: Does It Make Bigger Racks?

By Josh Honeycutt

Imagine this, taking 20 years to ‘cull’ an untold number of “inferior” free-range bucks. Burning tags on wild deer you’d likely otherwise pass. And being told that you’ve done good for the local deer herd.

Newsflash — it’s NOT true. Even the most intensive culling efforts on wild whitetails is so diluted that measurable results are virtually non-existent. Even after decades of efforts the minuscule rate of return is not worth the real result. So, to those who’ve spent years believing in the fallacy, you fell for the lie through no fault of your own. This fallacy has been propagated, and in grand fashion, for far too long.

Those who believe they can impact antlers in wild deer herds
by culling inferior bucks are falling for a long-held myth.
Photo by Honeycutt Creative.

To those who are considering implementation, or still believe in the culling concept, I urge caution. It isn’t what you think. There are too many variables that can’t be controlled in wild whitetails. The science has undoubtedly decided that hunters can’t impact genetics by “culling” deer with inferior antlers. “Many (maybe most) hunters do not believe this, but research clearly shows it is true,” said Kip Adams, chief conservation officer for the National Deer Association.

The Fall of the Culling Concept

The culling concept hinges on the idea that hunters can improve the overall average score of mature bucks in the herd by killing (culling) inferior bucks. This action is directly linked to genetics, and the belief that removing inferior antlered animals from the herd will prevent such deer from passing on their genetics. This is in turn will allow bigger, more desirable antlered deer to do the breeding.

Deer and Deer Hunting
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Outdoors Allie: Cooking Venison Stroganoff

Outdoors Allie is all about ‘From Field To Table’ venison cooking. This recipe is simple, goes together quickly and tastes delicious.

 Outdoor Solutions

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How To Find Late Season Bucks

The late deer seasons are different than all other seasons. I found this excellent video about Late Season Deerhunting.

Dan and Josh explain and discuss the changes in the deer woods during late season. What are the does doing? What are the bucks doing? And what are the Big Bucks doing. The big bucks are NOT doing what the young and lesser bucks are. CLICK BELOW AND FIND OUT WHAT TO DO TO GET ON THE BIG BUCKS.

    The Hunting Beast


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1 venison tenderloin, from the inside cavity close to where the ribs meat the spine½ tsp salt¼ tsp black pepper2 Tbsp butter (Kerrygold preferred)2 Tbsp olive oil8 ounces chanterelle mushrooms8 ounces sun-dried tomatoes½ cup mayo4 jalapeños, diced¼ cup sugar¼ cup white vinegarLemonSourdough bread


1. Dice jalapeños. Leave seeds in if you like a spicier relish or remove for a milder relish.

2. In saucepan add 1/4 cup sugar and 1/4 cup vinegar and diced jalapeños. Bring to a boil, taking care to not overcook the jalapeños to retain the color. Remove from heat and refrigerate.


1. Fine-chop the sun-dried tomatoes and mix with mayo.


1. Season tenderloin with salt and pepper.

2. In a sauté pan over medium-high heat, add 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Add tenderloin. Brown all sides.

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Two 160-plus-inch Bucks In Wisconsin

Burt Andrew of Buffalo County, Wisconsin harvested the first 160-plus during archery season. “We believe Slice to be at least 5½ years old with three years of trail camera photos dating back to 2019,” he said. “He was only an 8-point back then, but we were able to identify him year to year due to a large cut in his right ear.”

Despite years of encounters, October 9, 2021, was the day they met for the final time. It was hot, especially for October. The high was in the 70s. But Buffalo County is a magical place. It’s known for big bluffs, long ridgetops, and vast ag fields. The place just seems to defy odds, even when conditions aren’t great.

Andrew knows this, and he set up in a known hotspot about 40 yards into the woods off the edge of a standing corn field. The location is between two ridgetops with a long valley in the middle. It creates a bowl in front of the stand that deer frequently travel through. A thick point that’d been recently logged, which deer commonly bed along, tapered down into the bowl.

It wasn’t long after he settled in before deer began moving. A yearling buck walked down the logging road and exited the timber into the field. Shortly after, a group of does and fawns pushed through, fed on the underbrush, and did the same. 

“I was on a freezer-filling mission,” Andrew said. “So, when the first doe presented a shot, I took it. The arrow passed through and stuck in the ground right where she stood.” The shot was a little farther back than he’d like. The doe bolted, ran a few yards, and bedded down. It was looking straight toward him, so he couldn’t get another shot off.

About five minutes later, he heard a twig snap down the hill. A slow turn of his head revealed a buck with a massive rack. It stood broadside only 30 yards away. 

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Mississippi Pot Roast with Venison

Mississippi Pot Roast is an INSANELY POPULAR, SUPER EASY and an Amazingly DELICIOUS pot roast recipe. We make it with Venison instead of beef and it is PERFECT! Here’s how to make Mississippi Pot Roast with Venison in a slow cooker!


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PODCAST: Tracy Breen interviews Tracker John

Outdoor Writer Tracy Breen interviews the legendary Tracker John about blood tracking dogs, tracking deer and the biggest buck he ever recovered.

Tracker John has been tracking whitetails for several decades and spends each fall tracking big bucks all over the Midwest. You can learn more about him at


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7 Reasons to Gift a Crossbow for Christmas

A recent report says that interest in hunting has increased by 30% thanks to the Pandemic and that one-third of the newcomers are female. Also, many new hunters are just trying things out and a sure way to transform curiosity into a lifetime of adventure is to help them succeed. This motivation is driving sales for hunting gear and a crossbow should be at the top of your list. Here are seven lucky reasons why.

Easy to Learn-

Learning to shoot a crossbow is nearly an “out of the box” experience. If you visit a local archery shop or big box store that sells sporting goods, they can show you how to safely shoot a crossbow in just a few minutes. My seven-year-old grandson loves to shoot a crossbow because he was instantly successful, hitting a bullseye on his very first shot. Shooting a traditional bow and arrow takes lots of practice, yet with a crossbow you can become proficient very quickly.


Shooting a crossbow is somewhat like shooting a firearm, except you do not need ear protection. Eye protection is still a good idea. Care must be taken when cocking a crossbow and keeping fingers from the string, but most models made today have eliminated those dangers. Toy bows operate much the same as the most powerful hunting models so that youngsters and newcomers can learn on a basic model and have the skills to quickly progress.


At Home Practice

Learning to shoot a firearm requires a range or at least a field or vacant lot with a good backstop. Crossbows can be used in a garage, basement, or back yard and practicing does not violate laws in most jurisdictions. I have three types of targets in my back yard including a bag target for routine practice, a foam target to make sure my broadheads fly point-of-aim, and a 3-D deer target so that I can practice aiming at the kill zone from various angles.

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In a time where almost all bowhunting is leaping forward in technology and advancement, have you ever considered taking a step back? So much of the focus in recent years has been on how fast a bow shoots, and how this relates to extending the effective distance we can harvest a trophy buck.

This author has no problem with bowhunters pursuing this side of the sport. Also increased compound let off, and easily cranked crossbows have resulted in more folks joining our ranks and have allowed older hunters the ability to stay effective in our great sport!

But there is also another group of new and old Bowhunters taking a different path. The world of Traditional Bowhunting has taken off in the past several years and offers an excitement level equal to what we all felt harvesting our first big game animal. It is hard to surpass the excitement and sense of accomplishment in harvesting a wary deer at ground level with a simple recurve or longbow.

While these bows might only be launching a heavy arrow at 170 FPS, in the hands of a practiced archer, they are very effective in harvesting the largest of game. Getting stickbow close to our quarry also challenges us to become better woodsmen, and overall hunters. It forces us to become more aware of our environment, and how to use that knowledge to successfully put an arrow through an alert wild game animal at close range.

I have bowhunted with Traditional equipment for more than 55 years and have never felt ill equipped in any hunting situation. What has been important to my success is the ability to get closer to my chosen animals and place a sharp broadhead into the kill zone.

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Post Rut Bucks? Think Thick!

A crossbow can be an advantage in late-season hunting.  I just took my fourth buck in five seasons while hunting the thickest cover I could find.  I was counting on rifle hunters to push deer into a dense creek bottom where bucks often chase does and avoid human contact.  Bagging this respectable 8-point took less than 90 minutes using a handful of think-thick tricks that worked even during a firearm season.

Hunt Where Deer Travel

Many bowhunters feel naked without a tree stand or ground blind to conceal their location, yet I’ve had great success hunting from the ground.  The key is to find areas of deer movement where trails, rubs, and scrapes show evidence of deer movement.  I wear full Kuiu camo as shown in this picture, but also wear an orange hat to comply with local regulations.  Once you are in thick cover, your camo will blend in and you will be surprised how “invisible” you become to deer.


Use Rut Tricks

Don’t just wait for deer, lure them in with calls.  These are probably 20 years old, yet they are tried and true.  My HS Strut TruTalker is an amazing grunt tube and the Primos doe bleat makes a perfect call every time.  My scent indicator is so old the labeling has worn off.  A grunt tube can lure in a buck and calm down a doe, in case a doe sees or smells me. I grunt after it snorts and she usually calms down and goes about her business.  Sometimes a doe blowing and the sound of a buck grunting will actually attract a buck.


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The Hunting Public: Snow And 1-Degree Temp

Icy Weather bowhunt in bone chilling Minnesota. Zach has the Deer Decoy and the Bow. Nick has the Video Camera. Zach and Nick get a 15 YARD shot at a buck on Minnesota public land!

   The Hunting Public

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Emily: Cameron: 2022 Bowhunt #2

At about 3:30 in the afternoon I got settled into my deer stand at the area called the Rock Ledge. I threw out some corn and protein in front of my stand and waited for action. it was 5:00 before I saw my first deer.

A doe came in and ate acorns in my area. A few minutes later an 8 pt buck came out of the brush and chased her out of sight. I am a guest hunter on this deer lease and bucks can only be taken by lease members. However, I can shoot Does, wild hogs and wild turkey.

Later, two more does come down a nearby deer trail  and the 8 point buck came back and chased one of the does off.

But this time the buck did not leave the area and he stayed around for about 10 minutes before he wandered off. Soon one doe came up just on the other side of some nearby trees. I waited and soon the doe turned broadside. I was ready and pulled my bow back and shot her! She dropped only 20 yards from my stand!

I got my vehicle and loaded the doe on my tail gate ramp and when I returned to camp Robert Hoague took my picture with the doe.

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How To Deerhunt In The Snow

Snow is in the deerhunting forecast! Along with cold and the level of intensity of snow storms, you need to learn how to hunt in the snow – right now! Jeff Sturgis gives you several decades of proven tips for hunting deer when the conditions turn full of snow and the temperature becomes brutally cold.

If you want to up your entire whitetail game, make sure to check out the Whitetail Habitat Solutions  lineup of whitetail strategy web classes at https://www.whitetailhabitatsolutions…

When you head to the woods in the snow, make sure that you are following Jeff Sturgis’s weather based hunt predictions every time you head to the woods. Check out HuntCast, at:

    Whitetail Habitat Solutions


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Hello Bowhunters United

Bowhunters United is a national consumer bowhunting organization for current and potential bowhunters. It was launched in October 2020 with a goal of building a strong future for bow hunters. BU will also provide space for bowhunters to share their passion with other bowhunting enthusiasts, and encourage members to become mentors, informed conservationists, better bowhunting advocates, and responsible public-land stewards.

The archery/bowhunting industry and Archery Trade Association are sponsoring the Bowhunters United liftoff, but plan to step back once the organization is well-established. The ATA and BU organizations are not directly connected. That is, ATA members and BU members do not belong to each other’s organizations. Therefore, BU members cannot attend the ATA Trade Show or receive ATA-member benefits.

ATA staff and Board of Director members first discussed the potential of a consumer organization in early 2018. They established a “consumer organization feasibility study” in August 2018 as one of 11 initiatives in the ATA’s strategic planning process. ATA staff worked with vendors and researchers to determine if a bowhunting-specific consumer organization was feasible and desired. When the answers were positive, ATA staff began developing the organization.

Consumers can join BU for $30 to help make a difference in the bowhunting community, and show their dedication to bowhunting. Funds generated through BU will be used to advocate for bowhunting, conserve public lands, and build the next generation of bowhunters through specific training, education and related programs.

Members will receive a window decal, vinyl sticker, membership gift, and membership card. They’ll also have access to tools and knowledge to become better bowhunters, mentors, conservationists, and stewards of our natural resources.

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Cooking Venison: Smoked Roast

Smoked Venison Roast with Bacon Jam Glaze. How to smoke a Deer hindquarter roast. Glazed with Cookwell & Company’s Bacon Jam. Smoked using the Cajun Bandit BBQ stacker. Get Your iGrill2 (digital thermometer) Here:

     Southern Coastal Cooking

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