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10 Tips For Making Good Shots With Crossbows

After I broke my right shoulder I could no longer draw my compound or recurve bows. So I got a crossbow and was able to keep on bowhunting deer, wild turkeys, etc. and use up the tags on my hunting license.

When I first switched I used the ‘learn on the fly method,’ which is not that good a method. The video below by Rich Wilson is excellent because it covers what we need to know if we want to shoot and hunt with a crossbow. This is a must view for crossbow shooters.

By Robert Hoague

Below is Rich Wilsons video, it’s both helpful and necessary for shooting good with a crossbow.

   Death by Bunjie

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Venison Stew By Pressure Cooker

You’re Gonna Enjoy this Easy and Fast To Make, Great Tasting Venison Stew Made In A Pressure Cooker By  Woods2Table.

John Turner shows you how to make an AWESOME Venison Stew in the PRESSURE COOKER (or Instant Pot) in just a FEW MINUTES! You won’t believe how FAST & EASY this recipe is. And you will enjoy how TENDER & DELICIOUS the deer meat is by using this recipe and the pressure cooker method.



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Study Results: Do Gun Seasons Affect Deer Movement?

There have been a number of reports on how deer respond to the rifle season. All show changes in deer movements in response to the hunter pressure. Deer knew there was something amiss and altered their movements right before and during the rifle season. It’s fun making movies of their movements, and the movies are even more fun to watch. Those posts generated a lot of discussion, but there isn’t much that can be said from a scientific perspective. A single deer and an opinion do not research make.

But many deer and a complex statistical model do! Are there larger patterns at play? Katie Gundermann, a graduate student at Penn State University, dug deep looking for those larger patterns in her research for her M.S. degree.

Katie had two predictions about how deer might respond to the hunting season. One – they could shift their home range to a different location, as illustrated below (the brown track represents its home range prior to the hunting season and the blue is the result of hunting activity).

Or two – they could contract their home range. That is, only use a portion of their home range like this.

To assess whether deer shift or contract their home range (or don’t!) she used a relatively new tool in ecology called Hidden Markov Models, or HMMs. The models are named after Russian mathematician Andrey Andreyevich Markov (1856–1922) who studied stochastic processes and what is now known as a Markov chain.

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How To Hunt Deer In November

November is here and everyone is on the lookout for that big buck. However, it’s easy to overlook the main factor controlling buck movements in November – does.

When the rut starts up, bucks will be criss-crossing their home ranges to dial in on does. If you find and pattern does, you’ll find the bucks. With that in mind, here are some strategies to get close to those hot does and increase your chances of having that shooter in range.

Bedding Areas

Just like bucks, does have home ranges. In those home ranges is where does will spend the majority of their time. In the fall, does are packing on fat for winter. Their core areas usually center around a combination of quality fall food sources and quality bedding cover. The likely targets for feeding are acorns, standing corn, and food plots. Once you determine their food source, then determine the nearest quality bedding cover. You’re now in the right general area. The travel routes to and from food and bedding are ideal ambush areas to both see does and call in amped up bucks.


During the middle of the day, does often get up out of their bedding areas to wander and browse between areas of bedding cover, but they seem to make shorter distance trips.  To find bucks looking for does in the middle of the day, set up between two known bedding areas.  Waterholes in good cover can also be great ambush points for a mid-day hunt, as both bucks and does will stop for a drink on warmer days.  Bucks have one thing on their mind.  Therefore, buck movement can occur throughout the day making it important to not forget those mid-day hunts.


As the sun begins to set, does will fill fields and food plots, trying to pack on the pounds before the cold of winter.  Bucks won’t be far behind.  Set up a stand along major deer trails leading to these prime food sources.  Older bucks are often hesitant to step out into the open during daylight.  Setting up a stand 20 yards or more off the field edge, inside the timber may be the perfect ambush.

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More Than A Bow: It’s A Hoyt VTM

At Hoyt, it’s not just about the bow, it’s about the system, the adventure, the highs and lows, and the hunt. It’s more than a bow. It’s a Hoyt. And Hoyt’s VTM is the engineering evolution of Hoyt’s most proven riser design, the Ventum Pro, with advancements in every aspect, including a 31% sound reduction.

Sound and vibration reduction has been a focus for Hoyt engineers for several years. It’s hard to believe a bow could get quieter than the Ventum Pro but by stiffening the riser in certain areas, fine-tuning of the string weights, and developing the Holeshot V2, the VTM got 31% quieter. Check one out at your dealer.

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Venison vs Beef? Which Is Healthier For You?

By: Staff Writer

Bloomberg Businessweek reports that although deer hunting appears to be a nonconformist activity in theory, that’s not the case. And surprisingly it’s bowhunting that appeals to many who are motivated to eat healthier.

Hunters who tend to be motivated by healthy lifestyles and organic food and, sometimes, are wary of huge commercial farming operations, probably know whether beef is healthier than venison.

Certainly, the traditional hunting community knows the answer, and many have observed the recent impact of such an answer. Hunting is growing.

Venison is 100 percent organic, with no chemicals or antibiotic injections.

As Bloomberg Businessweek reported earlier this year, although hunting appears to be a nonconformist activity in theory, that’s not the case. Even more, it’s bowhunting that often appeals to those motivated to eat well:

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Strategies For Hunting The Rut

Hunting the rut is when many whitetail deer hunters double down on their hunting efforts. . Once breeding starts to take place Bucks begin searching for a receptive doe. The rut is a prime time to spot a buck during daylight.

There are important things that you can do to increase your opportunities for tagging a buck during the rut in your area. In this video Whitetail Evolution discuss a few things that will increase your chances of accomplishing your rut hunting goals.

For More Go To Whitetail Evolution LLC.

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Tim Wells: The Black Wolf Bowhunt

Thirty years ago Tim Wells went on his first bowhunt for wolves, and has returned several times, hoping for a chance to arrow the elusive Black Wolf. In this video Tim’s path finally crosses with bow hunting’s greatest prize, the Black Wolf. And the hunt is on.

This is an amazing video of Wolves and close encounters. Watch Tim call in wolves on 4K video with stunning drone and covert wolf footage. TIPS TRICKS and how to hunt the wolf. Slock Master:

For More Tim Wells Bowhunts And Adventures CLICK HERE.


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New Worlds Record Brewster Buck Interview

It has been 4 years since the Whitetail World was turned upside down with the news of a new World Record. On November 2, 2018 , Luke Brewster sent a Grim Reaper broadhead through the biggest buck ever killed by any weapon. The buck known as ‘Mufasa’, was aged at 7 1/2 years old and netted 327 7/8 inches by official scorers B&C record keeping.

The following video is an exclusive interview with Luke Brewster and the team that helped to make this story possible. Jay Liechty, the President of Grim Reaper Broadheads got to meet these great guys at the annual Archery Trade show and sat down with them to bring us a little of this amazing story.

One of the main guys in this group, Justin Cearlock has also joined the writer staff to share some of his 30 years of knowledge hunting monster bucks. Enjoy the video and catch the latest articles from Justin Cearlock and his photos of several monster bucks still to be chased by these guys.

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Woodhaven Custom Calls: Hunting Trophy Pictures

I’ve used Woodhaven Custom Calls for years and there is nothing better; a call is only as good as how it sounds, and can be made to sound. I’ve trusted WoodHaven Custom Calls this season and many past seasons. Both for bucks and wild turkey gobblers, successfully. Of course, I’m not  the only one of the thousands of deer and wild turkey hunters that get it done hunt after hunt with Woodhaven calls. Check out the PICTURES below. . . . By Robert Hoague

PICTURES From Woodhaven Custom Calls FANS





The “Intimidator” Deer Call is designed to be easy to use and requires very little air to op­erate. With the “Intimidator” you can produce a wide range of grunts, varying from whisper soft to extremely loud. The “Intimidator” grunt call also comes with our Inflexor Tube which allows for easier and more dynamic sound control.  With the integrated snort wheeze you can create the range of buck vocalizations to call them close.

The overall tone quality of the “Intimidator” is unsurpassed!  Careful hands on construction, assembly, and tuning ensures each call to have an extremely realistic sound.  The “Intimidator”……Realism UnLeashed!

$19.99 Buy Now


E2: Whitetaill Ninja Deer Calling Tips – Don’t Be Afraid To Call

Jeff Danker of Buckventures shares some of his tips and tricks for calling whitetails. Check out the entire series on our YouTube Channel


Copyright © 2022 Woodhaven Custom Calls, All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is:

Woodhaven Custom Calls

1340 Ross St.

Heflin, AL 36264

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Morrell Targets announces the introduction of the new Transformer 3D deer target. The Transformer 3D target is unlike any target currently on today’s market. Starting with, the vital area is made of High Roller Foam which is Morrell Targets’ most durable foam ever. High Roller foam is durable, self- healing, and provides easy arrow removal.

The vital area/midsection on the new Transformer 3D target is made of High Roller foam. This target is actually a stand alone target. Bowhunters often shoot at a 3D target when they shoot in the backyard. When they head to deer camp, they bring a portable target. The Transformer target is two targets in one.

When it is time to head to deer camp, the vital area/midsection can be removed from the 3D target and brought to camp. The removable target comes with a handle that is lightweight and easy to transport.

“The Transformer target eliminates the need for bowhunters to buy multiple targets,” Tanner Morrell noted. “Now bowhunters can simply remove the midsection from their Transformer 3D target and head to camp. Best of all, the target is made using our popular High Roller foam, which bowhunters love.”

Learn more about the Transformer Target from Morrell Targets at

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The Crown Buck: Part 2 – Eye To Eye

Robert Hoague

Crown Buck stood still, motionless, and stared right at my face. So, I borrowed from a page his own ‘Big Buck Page-Book’ and stood motionless too, not moving a centimeter from the top of my head down to my toes.

I breathed very slowly through my nose, a subtle trick of my own that I thought up year’s ago. It has worked for me more than it hasn’t!

It worked this time too.

Forty Five yards from us a black hocked Doe walked out of the trees and Crown Buck picked up on the doe instantly and switched his attention to her and postured in his “Here I Am Baby” mode. The Doe held her grounds and looked at him; which tipped me off, I had better get doing whatever I was gonna do.

Note: Above is a game camera picture of Crown Buck from November 11, 2020 taken a mile from where we both were now.

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The ‘Crown Buck’ Saga, Part 1

Robert Hoague

My newest hunting buddy is my step daughter’s son Champ. He is a natural born outdoorsman and at 13 years old he’s spent more time in the woods; and likely knows more about woodsmanship and understands more about locating and hunting our local wild game, Whitetail deer and wild hogs, than most 30-40 year olds do.

I’m not lying, Champ has spent plenty of his time in the surrounding woods and he knows his way around in the whitetail woods.

Champ with a large wild boar he arrowed with a crossbow when he was 12.

During the deer and wild turkey season two years ago Champ told me wanted to zero in on a big wild boar showing up regularly on his mobile game camera at one of my ground blind stand sites, and he wanted me to go along and take pictures and possibly video the hunt. The previous day I had hunted in a weather worn, years old, dirt floor, tin shed that I use for a ground blind.

Before long my area got nuts with deer activity, all does, but that’s ok because the rut was coming on right then and this steady flow of does in and out of my area might just get the attention of a mature buck.

Three of the members of our deer lease were also down to hunt, Richey, John and Bryant. I kept up with everyone by texting them and they were seeing deer also. An hour before dark 5 does were scattered around my area; on the slope in front of me, in the valley the slope led to, on the nearby hillside and in the surrounding strips of woods.

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Fieldsheer- Power Through the Cold

The onset of winter can be a shock to the system.  Going from chilly to downright cold takes an adjustment in both gear and mental attitude.  Fieldsheer has developed a line of outdoor gear that makes this transition a snap, literally with the touch of a button.

Sharp Looks

First, discount just how good-looking these jackets and vests are.  Whether you use them as an outer layer or mid-layer, you are bound to get second looks whether hunting, skiing, or just hanging out.  Secondly, the jackets and vest are insulated with PrimaLoft, a substance as warm as down that’s packable, lightweight, and provides warmth without bulk.   Plus, its outer layer is water resistant.

Slim Batteries- The Size of a Credit Card

Fieldsheer garments feature heated panels that provide a soothing warmth from small, lightweight batteries that fit in a small pouch inside of a standard pocket.  They turn on and off with the touch of a small button on the bottom of the garment and adjust to three levels of warmth that can last up to 10 hours.


I took a jacket and vest to Africa expecting cold weather but was greeted with temperatures in the 80s.  Mornings were chilly, in the ’40s and 50’s so the PrimaLoft was more than adequate without heated panels.  Note the “on/off” button at the bottom of the jacket, handy yet very discrete.

Blizzard Buster

I’m headed for South Dakota where temperatures will bottom out at zero, and I look forward to enjoying the freezing temperatures and climbing about the Badlands topography in comfort.

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30 Bests 20

“Jumping the string” is the curse of compound bowhunters because the twang of the release travels much faster than their arrow. A buck will often drop seven-to-ten inches, causing the arrow to strike the top of the deer’s back or miss completely.  The farther the distance, the more likely “ducking” will occur.

Speed kills from fast crossbows.

Crossbows are Different.

Because they shoot much faster, deer rarely can duck the path of an arrow and I’m going to make the case that planning for a 30-yard shot is better than 20.  It may sound like heresy to those, like me, who grew up with compounds and always looked for that magical 20-yard shot but hear me out.

Deer rarely duck an arrow from a fast crossbow.

Better Camouflage

Deer can see blue, but most other colors are in shades of grey such that camouflage and solid rock stillness help to fool their eyesight.  If you are accustomed to setting your stand or blind 20 yards from a trail or ambush point, move back 10 yards further and see how different things look.  At this distance, you may be able to sit at the base of a tree and not need a blind.

Practice at 30 instead of 20.

Even shooting from the off-hand position, it’s easy for crossbows to destroy nocks of arrows when practicing at 20 yards.  I use a target with multiple aiming points which allows me to check for consistent accuracy without damaging arrows.    If you shoot from your knee or rest, you’ll see little accuracy deterioration at 30 over 20 yards.  Crossbows are so accurate, my last Robin Hood used new Easton FMJ arrows at 30 yards which cost two arrows.

Less Spooky Sounds-

The brush of a shirt, jacket, or bow against tree bark can spook a buck at 20 yards.  Being 50 percent further away diminishes the sound and you may get away with that audible error.  Thirty yards is still close enough to stop a buck with an “Erp” and the speed of your arrow will catch it before it can duck.

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How To Make A Perfect Venison Steak

Do your venison steaks bear resemblance to an old leather shoe? Turn your cooking skills up a notch with Hunt To Eat ambassador Alyssa LeBlanc as she shares her never fail recipe for an absolutely perfect deer steak.

This recipe works perfectly with backstrap, tenderloins, and hindquarter steaks and roasts.

Logo wear:…
State series:
Wild game recipes:

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Trophy Antelope Tactics

If you’re looking to take a true trophy-class pronghorn buck, the first step is to avoid hunting the way everyone else does. If the tactics most hunters use were any good, there’d be more trophy Buck Antelope taken every fall. Instead, you need to hunt differently, both with respect to how as well as where you hunt.

Because pronghorn live virtually their entire lives in relatively open, easily accessible, mostly flat terrain, they’re much easier to locate than other big-game species. With the ability of rifles and muzzleloaders to reach way out there, it’s easy see why all firearms pronghorn tags—and most archery tags, too—are limited and issued through a draw.

If you’re looking for a true giant, a buck that will push the Boone & Crockett Club minimum score of 82 inches, you need to hunt in one of the few places where big Antelope Bu live. That means states that severely restrict the number of tags issued each year in areas with a track record of producing giant bucks. Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada lead the way, as well as select units in Wyoming. However, it takes years to draw a tag in those places (I have 20 points in Arizona right now and haven’t drawn), or some serious cash to buy a New Mexico landowner tag.

Another approach to trophy pronghorn hunting is to focus on the biggest buck in the area in which you hunt. When I’m hunting general draw units, my definition of a “trophy” buck changes. While not all pronghorn states regularly produce Boone & Crockett bucks, in most places there are big pronghorns that hunters don’t kill. That’s what I’m looking for: the largest, oldest buck that lives in my unit.


Finding and killing the largest buck in your hunting area requires three elements: pre-hunt research, scouting (both prior to and during the hunt) and executing a plan based on the information your scouting has provided.

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6 Pre-Rut Tricks to Use Now

First, Rattle Now

It works best just before the chasing stage.  The bucks are on the prowl, and they are looking for a hot doe.  Like kids on a playground, they can’t resist watching a fight, especially if mating is the prize.  Be persistent.  I’ve rattled thousands of times in my life.  It rarely works, yet the biggest buck I’ve killed and the biggest I’ve missed came directly to the “horns.”

Pig Out on Stand

I rarely hunt without a grunt tube from the first day of the season until the last.  It’s particularly useful during the rut.  If a buck is passing out of range, I grunt to lure it closer.  On a stand, I cold-grunt every 15 minutes in case a deer is cruising just out of sight.  If a doe smells me and snorts, I grunt which usually calms her down.

Roam with a Tripod

For years I wondered why I saw so many bucks while hunting fall turkeys.  Duh!!! It was because I wasn’t sitting in a stand.  Sneaking up on a bedded or feeding buck is very difficult, yet if you move slowly, grunt and rattle occasionally, a buck may cruise right toward you.  Lock your crossbow into a tripod and you can keep both hands free and make accurate shots at longer ranges.  Works on turkeys too.

Lay a Scent Trail

Estrus Scent can stop a buck in a specific ambush spot as well as lead it to you.  Make sure your boots are clean and walk across as many deer trails as you can on the way to your stand.  Spray or pour estrous scent on several leaves and then wipe the soles of your boots on them.  As you approach your stand or blind, circle it at a comfortable shooting distance so the deer does not walk right to you.

Maximize your Time

If you wear out waking up to hunt at dawn, change your schedule.  During the rut bucks will move throughout the day and mid-day may be your best bet.  So many of the rut tricks we read about work best in the pre-rut, but you must be in the woods.  Make hunting the rut a marathon instead of a spring you will have more fun, see more deer, and increase your odds for success.

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Brewster Buck: Acclaimed The New World Record Whitetail

When Luke Brewster got into bowhunting Whitetails it was a simple pursuit to put venison in the family freezer as well as a chance to spend time in the Illinois woods.

A Marine Corps veteran who served two tours of duty in Afghanistan, the Virginian enjoyed being in the outdoors. “My dad (Jim) black-powder hunted for whitetails and I went fishing with him a lot over the years,” said Brewster, who lived in Bristow, VA with his wife and daughter.

After his military discharge from the Marines , Brewster went deer hunting with a friend. He didn’t fill a tag on that hunt but he was excited to see does and wanted to hunt more.

When one of those friends invited him to go hunting with him at his mom’s property, Luke borrowed his Dad’s rifle and went deer hunting. He fell in love “with how peaceful and quiet it all was.”

Soon after he purchased a compound bow and learned to shoot. In 2015 Luke drove to his father’s land in Illinois which was a good area for Whitetails. He met Brent Cearlock, Justin Cearlock, and Ron Waggoner, friends of his family, and they quickly became Brewster’s deer-hunting mentors as he continued his bowhunting journey.

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Soaking Venison Before Cooking? Chef Paul Says No!


Ever wonder about soaking your wild game in salt water, milk or vinegar? Chef Paul puts the ideas of this practice to rest!


Visit For Daily News & updates for bowhunters.

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