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Tight Lines & Good Times

Whether you are looking to begin your Tenkara journey, or are an experienced Tenkara angler, we will plan a trip to best meet your needs.

Salt Lake Tenkara Guides bring over 20 years of fishing experience; with over 12 years fly-fishing experience, and several years of Tenkara specific experience. I have spent years learning on the water and finding new ways to fish. I started out fishing at a very young age and as I got older my love of the sport grew into a passion. Growing up in Southern Idaho, arguably the Fly-Fishing Capital of the U.S., I have fished in several different situations, environments and have brought years of knowledge with me. When I moved to Utah, I wanted to learn something new and was told about a new to me type of fly-fishing called Tenkara. I was immediately intrigued as I learned about traditional Japanese fly fishing and the techniques used for it. I dedicated my spare time in learning the ins and outs of Tenkara, and have become a very successful Tenkara Angler in this challenging, yet satisfying sport. I have since taken up a love for teaching and sharing with others what I have learned and helping them begin their Tenkara journey.

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