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Red Drum

Red drum, also known as redfish or channel bass, are a popular saltwater game fish found in coastal waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. Here are some key characteristics and information about red drum:

  1. Scientific Name: The scientific name for red drum is Sciaenops ocellatus.
  2. Appearance: Red drum have a distinctive coppery-red coloration, which gives them their common name. They have a streamlined body with a slightly pointed snout and a prominent black spot at the base of their tail. Red drum also have a series of faint vertical bars along their sides, which can be more prominent in younger fish.
  3. Size: Red drum can grow to impressive sizes, with adults typically ranging from 18 to 40 inches (46 to 102 cm) in length and weighing between 5 and 50 pounds (2 to 23 kg). However, larger specimens exceeding 50 pounds are not uncommon.
  4. Habitat: Red drum inhabit a variety of coastal habitats, including estuaries, bays, tidal creeks, and shallow coastal waters. They are often found near structure such as oyster reefs, marsh grass, and submerged vegetation, where they feed on small fish, crustaceans, and mollusks.
  5. Range: Red drum are native to the Atlantic coast of North America, from Massachusetts to Florida in the United States, as well as along the Gulf coast from Florida to Texas. They are particularly abundant in the Gulf of Mexico and are also found in the Caribbean Sea.
  6. Fishing: Red drum are prized by anglers for their fighting ability and delicious flavor. They are commonly targeted using a variety of fishing techniques, including bait fishing with live or cut bait (such as shrimp, mullet, or menhaden), artificial lures (such as spoons, soft plastics, and topwater plugs), and fly fishing. Red drum are often caught from boats, kayaks, and shorelines, and they are a popular target for both recreational and commercial fishermen.
  7. Regulations: Due to their popularity among anglers and concerns about overfishing, red drum are subject to regulations and catch limits in many areas. It's important for anglers to familiarize themselves with local fishing regulations and adhere to size and bag limits to help ensure the sustainability of red drum populations.

Red drum are highly valued for their sport and table fare, and they are considered one of the premier game fish species in coastal waters of the southeastern United States. Whether caught for sport or food, red drum provide anglers with exciting fishing opportunities and delicious meals. 

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