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Meopta MeoSight IV- Red Spot Equals Quick Shot

They call it the “moment” of truth, not “minute” or “seconds” because a gobbler or mature buck won’t stand still very long.  If you hesitate, in the blink of an eye, your shot opportunity evaporates and you may have to watch your long-awaited quarry walk away.  Last fall, I took a great Pennsylvania buck while hunting from the ground.  I grunted the buck within 20 yards where it instantly saw my partially concealed image.  Too late!  Thanks to a red dot scope I launched the instant I could see its chest and the mature 9-point went down in seconds.

Benefits of a Reflex Sight

The beauty of a red dot sight is what you don’t have to do.  You shoot with both eyes open and you don’t have to choose a reticle or pin.  A zero magnification means that the dot is in front of you like a TV screen with your target clearly visible.  There is no squinting or having to “find it in the scope.”  As the deer or turkey moves from place to place you can plan your shot and see the animal and your best shooting lane.  Best of all, the point-and-shoot setup is fast and accurate.

MeoSight IV

Just like 2.0 shows tech advancement, the fact that the MeoSight is in its fourth generation indicates how advanced it is.  Battery life is amazing with a single CR 1632 “penny-size” battery that will last 30,000 hours (about three years).  The device is equipped with a motion sensor such that the dot goes into sleep mode after five minutes of inactivity.  When the device is moved, it instantly turns back on to its previous brightness.

Ideal for Wild Turkeys

Most kill-shots on wild turkeys are under 20 yards so there’s no need for range estimation.  The Meopta MeoSight IV has a 3 MOA (minute of angle) dot which makes it large enough for quick target acquisition, yet small enough for accurate shot placement.  In the above picture, put the red dot just above the beard of the bird on the left and launch.  In hunting situations like this, you won’t have seconds to shoot, you will have fractions of a second.  The red dot will contrast and stand out against the body of a whitetail deer or the feathers of a wild turkey.

Both Eyes Open

Most of us practice shooting on stationary targets that are still as a stone and remain that way for as long as needed.  You can squeeze and squeeze the trigger and the paper target or 3-D animal doesn’t move.  Hunting is rarely like that.  The key to a successful shot is not only where you aim but when you shoot and squinting through a scope at a moving target does not allow you to anticipate trees, limbs, and other obstructions the animal can walk behind.  Aiming with both eyes open will dramatically improve your shot success.  Since the Meopta has zero magnification, you will see the full animal and its surroundings.

Low Profile and Lightweight

When manufacturers list the weight of their crossbows, they don’t include quivers, scopes, and other accessories.  If you top your bow with a rangefinding sight or quality scope, add arrows and a quiver, the package can easily top 12 pounds.  That may not sound like a lot, but for an active hunt, the weight quickly becomes painful.  Red dot scopes weigh mere ounces and their profile is so low that you’ll not have to worry about scope mounts catching on branches or other obstructions.  Additionally, the small silhouette locks onto a Picatinny rail solidly with little chance of movement.

Easy Sight-in

Red dot sights dial in like standard scopes.  That is, if the arrow strikes high, adjust the sight down according to click adjustments and the range.  If you have a locking tripod like Death Grip or Final Rest, you can sight in the scope (or check it) with a single arrow.  First, set up your crossbow in a locking tripod and fire one arrow at 20 yards.  If the arrow strikes an inch to the left of aim, without moving the bow, look through the sight and move the dot to the arrow.  No calculations are needed since the dot now coincides with the arrow strike.  In summary, once you use a red dot scope for hunting and practice, you may never go back to a tube-style sight again.  Meopta has a 90-year history of manufacturing quality optics.  Check out the Meosight IV and other optics at 




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