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How To Call Deer

By: Darrin Bradley

How to use deer calls. That is the biggest question of all and the easiest to do but it’s the hardest to mentally control.

All deer calls, with the exception of the rattle, I use in this manner and has proven to be the best way to work the calls without scaring the bucks and does off into the woods. Calling also has produced the most deer seen for me.

I always use the fawn bleat, doe bleat, buck grunt and estrus bleat the same way. I have experimented with this for years before I was 100% sure this was the most productive way.

One thing I had noticed was how the deer respond to the way these are all called on. What I mean is the same pattern. I would say that the deer defiantly have a set pattern they listen for with all deer. Buck, doe and fawns. This proves what I said about calling too much. They know this is not a natural call.

Hit the calls the same.

Use a non aggressive hit 3 times in a row no more than 1 hour apart.
That’s it, possibly not even that frequent as like I said before my belief is that more often than not deer in your woodlot know what deer are there and know unnatural calling is nothing short of an alarm. You’ll never know how many deer you have actually called in that saw you and associated you with the deer call. That’s why I only use deer calls when I see a trophy buck is not coming my way.

Remember we aren’t hunting ducks or turkeys. These are whitetail deer that don’t loudly communicate in a verbal manner too often. If you don’t understand deer communication then you shouldn’t be using a deer call. The truth is most whitetail deer communication is done through the whitetail nose which holds more than 290 million scent receptors. To put this in perspective, a human being only has 5000 of these scent receptors.

Like I said, control is the key here. Don’t be tempted to go hard and loud, and more than the explanation above. Some will say they have done it different and seen deer, I don’t doubt it, but this is what has proved to be the most productive in any situation in the woods for me over the years.


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