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Four animal call devices for hunters

Do you hear me calling?
Do you hear me calling? (Amazon/)

Every hunter has his or her own reasons for chasing wild animals. For many it’s a chance to be outside. For some it’s the thrill of the hunt. For most of us, it’s the opportunity to communicate with wildlife in a way almost no one else understands. But to do that effectively, you have to have the right tools. Whether the tag you’re hoping to punch is turkey or elk, or duck and goose season is more your speed, we have the call for you.

Drive him crazy.
Drive him crazy. (Amazon/)

There’s a reason Primos is known for their calls—it’s because they work. This cow elk call will be there for you whether you need to sound like no more than a weak whimper or a full throated cow looking for a mate. Prepare yourself for the raging bugles that follow. It’s designed and tested to last through whatever weather and conditions elk season throws your way.

Make him come to you.
Make him come to you. (Amazon/)

Little is more satisfying to a hunter in the spring than hearing a distinct gobble through the trees. Turkeys are notoriously hard to find if they hide or run, so don’t be caught without some help. This call can switch from timid yelps to louder, more aggressive hen calls with little more than a flick of your wrist. Its basic, durable design means it will be with you for life.

Make the crowd join you.
Make the crowd join you. (Amazon/)

Perfecting a duck call can take years if not decades, but this one makes starting easy. A triple reed means you won’t struggle making sound and the polycarbonate construction is durable. It’s designed to replicate a mallard hen’s quack, feed call, and hail call and can switch between low, gravel tones, and high scratchy pitches. It’s even Phil Robertson approved.

Sound like one of the pros.
Sound like one of the pros. (Amazon/)

These made-in-the-USA calls are each hand tuned to ensure pitch perfect calling. They’re also some of the easiest calls on the market, requiring the least amount of air pressure. The call allows you to produce long, voluminous honks or single or even triple clicks. It also has a Mossy Oak camo finish, which means you won’t be spotted from the air.


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