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Chestnut Hill Outdoors Early and Late Drop Persimmons

Few fruits are more attractive to deer and other wildlife than ripe persimmons, and thanks to the folks at Chestnut Hill Outdoors, you can widen their window of attraction by planting early, mid and late varieties.

The attractive power of ripe persimmons to deer is nothing short of a natural phenomenon. As soon as these luscious, plump fruits hit the ground, the ground deer will be there to gobble them up and will keep coming as long as they keep falling. Chestnut Hill Outdoors offers several different persimmon varieties to increase that time period, each specially selected for its abundant fruit production. 

The action kicks in when early drop Deer Candy Persimmons begin falling, from late August through October – about the time archery seasons kick in around the Country. Deer Candy Persimmons are all grafted female trees, which means they are vigorous and grow very rapidly, bearing 1-1/4′-1-½” diameter fruit in just 2-3 years, depending on care and climate.

Chestnut Hill Outdoors selected grafted American Persimmon varieties that are cold-hardy to address cooler climates so they will thrive over a much wider geographic area – Plant Hardiness Zones 5-9. In addition, their fruit drops over several months in late summer and early fall, offering a wide window of attractiveness and opportunity.

When their productivity starts to wane, late drop Deer Magnet Persimmons keep the momentum going and the deer coming through October and November in Zones 6-9. They, too, are grafted and should bear fruit in 2-3 years.

Chestnut Hill Outdoors also offers American Persimmon Seedlings. This native variety has a natural immunity to disease and insects, is adaptable to many climates, and thrives in a wide variety of conditions, from wet or sandy soils to lowlands or uplands. Furthermore, it is not necessarily “early” or “late” drop, so it fills in the middle nicely to ensure deer don’t lose interest between early and late seasons.


Height at Maturity: 30′-50′Spread: 20′-35′Tree Form: Central LeaderFoliage: Beautiful red-purple color in fallBloom: May – June in most locationsFruit: Orange (when ripe) 1-1.5″ fruit with 4-6 large flat seeds Light requirements: Full sunSoil type: Adapted to upland, wet if only seasonal and well-drained or dry clay or loam; Ph 6.0-7.0Fertilization: New trees planted in the winter won’t need fertilizer (balanced time-released 10-10-10 fertilizer or Espoma Tree Tone Organic) until April or May. sanPruning: Most persimmon trees require little pruning, especially once they’re bearing fruits. Pruning is usually restricted to controlling the tree’s size or removing dead, diseased, and damaged branches. Prune any suckers that develop.

More is often better, especially in this case. By planting several early drop Deer Candy varieties, late drop Deer Magnet, and standard American persimmons, you can attract and hold more deer over a longer time span. More trees also promote better pollination and production. Because American Persimmon seedlings may be either male or female, it is recommended you plant them in a block of 3-10 to ensure pollination. 

Deer Candy and Deer Magnet Persimmons 
Size Shipped 12-24″ 1 yr old container grown – $29.95

1-9 10-24 100+
1-gallon $29.95 $27.95 $24.95
3-gallon $34.95 $32.95 $29.95

American Persimmon Seedlings
Size Shipped 12-18″ 
1 Year Old $7.95 
1.5 Year Old $11.95

Spring trees are shipped bare root without soil or a container. Fall trees are shipped in containers. Price does not include Shipping and Handling.

Ground Shipping Rates:
up to $100.00 = $22.50
$100.00+ = 22.5%

Available at farm for pickup: 3-gallon. Please call for prices and availability.

Chestnut Hill is the best place for you to purchase your food plot and deer attractant plants because they offer a large selection, their plants are specifically bred to attract deer, and they offer customers different sized plants at different levels of growth.

For more information, please visit

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