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Bowtech Archery Revolt Bow

Introducing The 2020 Bowtech Revolt Bow

The new Revolt bow from the leading contemporary bow engineers at Bowtech Archery was crafted for today’s varied types of bowhunters.

Bowhunters who hunt the West for mule deer, elk, and antelope prefer a bow that is compact enough to carry through the Aspens and Pines and slip through thick brush in the high-country terrain out West.

revolt compound bow from bowtech archery

Accordingly, the Revolt is a short bow with a 30-inch a2a (axle-to-axle) that has a dual cam with a chasm-like 7.25-inch brace height that is perfect for this country — and produces 335 fps IBO.

Also, it fits perfectly inside the popular ground blinds that are in use today all over the U.S.A. And, of course, it’s right at home in a treestand. It’s smooth enough on the draw that it doesn’t lurch away from the shooter’s hand when the cams break over.

But, the big story here is one of the more innovative features on any 2020 bow, Bowtech’s new DeadLock cam tuning and locking system that allows the cam to be adjusted. It slides back and forth on the axle slightly via a simple limb-mounted lock. When it’s tuned perfectly, another set screw is tightened down so the cam position is locked in on the axle and the bow stays tuned.

The Revolt’s hybrid grip that places a thin piece of rubber between the metal of the riser and the hand. I think it’s the best in the business.

In sum, the Revolt has it all, with a price tag to match: MSRP: $1,200. Get more information at



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