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Camo Party Supplies Hunting Themed Party

If you have a hunter in your life, whether they are an adult or a child, and their birthday is approaching, why not celebrate their day with a Hunting Themed Party?


If possible, for the main courses, serve game type food such as venison, pheasant, and turkey. If you cook a whole turkey, put a fake arrow through it when you place it on the table. In addition:

• serve beef jerky and trail mix as snacks.

• order a cake with a camouflage design or in the shape of a deer or other game.

• frost cookies and cupcakes with orange and chocolate icing.

• serve malted milk balls or chocolate covered peanuts as “deer poop.”

• offer a plate of raw vegetables along with a sign that states “rabbit food.”


These activities can be enjoyed by both adults and children (even a piñata – why not?):

• direct everyone to come dressed in camo.

• purchase a camo theme or deer piñata and fill it with candy.

• hold a water gun shooting contest.

• purchase small animals toys and hide them. The one who finds the most wins.

• have the birthday person go on a “hunt” for their presents.

• Purchase a “Pin the Tail on the Buck” or “Pin the Antlers on the Buck” game


Here are some ideas for decorations, other than party supplies:

• visit yard sales and flea markets to find deer heads and stuffed animals and hang them on the walls and place all around your venue.

• hang camouflage netting on the walls.

• hang photos of popular hunters such as Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett.

• use wood slices as serving plates.

• set a stuffed bear on a table or the floor beside a sign that reads “don’t feed the bears.”

Unique Outdoor Products Party Supplies

Whatever you decide to serve or do at your party is up to you, but you can find your supplies at Unique Outdoor Products. We carry everything you need to make your hunting party (or even a camo or Army themed party) even more special. And, these supplies aren’t just for a Hunting Party. They could be used for anniversaries, graduation celebrations, office parties, even showers! It’s all up to your imagination.

For Invitations, we have:

• Camo Stationary / Printer Paper – a camo design borders the paper and leaves the center blank, so that you can custom design an invitation or announcement.

• Camo Note Cards – folded note cards with a camo border and blank center. Can be used as invitations, announcements, or sign for food or decoration. Comes with envelopes.

• Camo RSVP Cards – easily fit inside invitations and note cards. Comes with envelopes.

For Mylar Balloons, we have:

• Hunting Camo Birthday Balloon (mostly brown and orange)

• Camo Birthday Balloon (orange, brown, and green)

• God Bless America Balloon

• 18” Mossy Oak Camo Balloon

• 17” Mossy Oak Camo Balloon

• Deer Birthday Balloon

• Camo Balloon with Holographic Happy Birthday

• Pink Vista Camo Balloon

• Pink Mossy Oak Camo Balloon

• Pink Mossy Oak Birthday Balloon

For Gift Wrap, we offer:

• Camo Ribbon in 1.25” and 2.25 “ Wide

• Pink Camo Ribbon 1.25” Wide

• Grosgrain Fabric Camo Ribbon

• Mossy Oak Camo Gift Bows

• Camo Gift Wrap

• Pink Camp Gift Wrap

For Serveware, we have:

• Camo Paper Plates, Cups, Bowls, Napkins, and Table Cover

• Pink Camo Paper Plates, Cups, Bowls, Napkins, and Table Cover

• Duck Dynasty Paper Cups

If we don't have the Camo party supplies you want, just contact us and we will try to find just want you need.

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