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Hunting Essentials

You hunters out there are very serious about your equipment. You have to be. Safety is your number one priority, so whatever you purchase must be of high quality and reliable. That’s why you research what you need carefully. And, sometimes you have to invest in certain items. But, again, that’s because you need to make safety a priority. You’re handling guns and ammunitions. You also want to protect your body and make sure you are always accurate.

Gun Racks

Many hunters use either an ATV or a UTV whenever they go out. They’re extremely convenient for getting out to the best sporting sites. If you are such a hunter, installing a Gun Rack in your vehicle is one of the best safety investments you’ll ever make.


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The Hunt is Over

Last week, a friend and I put together a wedding shower for another friend at my house. The couple both love to go fishing and hunting, and spend most of their time outdoors, so we called it “The Hunt is Over” and used pink camo decorations and supplies. She looooves Pink Camo.

The Setting

We first went to dollar stores and thrift shops and purchased woodsy service ware such as tree bark and bear claw plates, wooden bowls, plates with animal drawing – anything that looked outdoorsy. Plus, a couple of tall glass vases and pink wildflowers. Everything fit into our budget and looked great.

We filled the vases with the pink wild flowers. Soooo pretty!

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Hunting Season

Duck hunting waders Hunting waders, Game Feeders

Hey!  It’s almost hunting season.  You’ve got to get ready.  Physically ready.  If you took some time off during the winter months and didn’t workout or do some form of exercise, chances are you’re out of shape.  And, if you splurged during the holidays, well…   Now is the time to start.  You can’t be carrying a weapon through the wilderness huffing and puffing.  Besides being no fun, that’s dangerous and unhealthy. 

So, up!  Get walking.  Go hiking.  Get back to the gym.  Your membership is still active.  Or re-activate it.  Now!  Lift those weights.  At least twice a week. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to be driving your ATV or UTV out there.  You still have to get off it and walk around. And, it might be cool in the mornings and as the sun goes down.  No excuses!  No arguing! 

You also need to check your equipment….  After you exercise!  We’ll wait.  We’re not going anywhere. 

325 lb Winch Up Deer Feeder w/ Solar Elite Timer
Hanging 32 Gallon w/ Elite Timer and Internal Funnel
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Camo Party Supplies Hunting Themed Party

If you have a hunter in your life, whether they are an adult or a child, and their birthday is approaching, why not celebrate their day with a Hunting Themed Party?


If possible, for the main courses, serve game type food such as venison, pheasant, and turkey. If you cook a whole turkey, put a fake arrow through it when you place it on the table. In addition:

• serve beef jerky and trail mix as snacks.

• order a cake with a camouflage design or in the shape of a deer or other game.

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