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The Hunt is Over

Last week, a friend and I put together a wedding shower for another friend at my house. The couple both love to go fishing and hunting, and spend most of their time outdoors, so we called it “The Hunt is Over” and used pink camo decorations and supplies. She looooves Pink Camo.

The Setting

We first went to dollar stores and thrift shops and purchased woodsy service ware such as tree bark and bear claw plates, wooden bowls, plates with animal drawing – anything that looked outdoorsy. Plus, a couple of tall glass vases and pink wildflowers. Everything fit into our budget and looked great.

We filled the vases with the pink wild flowers. Soooo pretty!

We then baked vanilla cupcakes and swirled pink and green frosting on them, then set them on plates set atop tree barks (hot glued for security). Very nice.

My friend then brought a bag of pine cones from her Christmas decorations box and scattered them around the tables. That was nice, too.

Snacks, set upon the bear claw plates, included:

• Caramel Corn: “Bear Crunch”

• Cheese Puffs: “Rifle Slugs”

• Caramels with Cream Centers: “Bulls Eyes”

• Trail Mix

• Pixy Stix: “Gun Powder”

• Fruit: “Rabbit Food” (and, to provide a healthy alternative to all the candy!)

The main courses were a catered selection of hot and cold sandwiches. It was delicious.

Unique Outdoor Products

Camo party supplies

We also purchased additional décor and supplies from Unique Outdoor Products. They, too, were well within our budget and just brightened the room and spiced up everything.

We filled five eighteen inch mylar balloons in Pink Vista Camo and and Pink Mossy Oak with helium and let them randomly hang from the ceiling. It added a really nice touch.

We used the Pink Camo Table cover over the two main tables that held the gifts and food. They were really pretty.

And, we used all of Unique Outdoor Products tableware (the guests raved over them):

• Pink Camo Paper Plates: 9 inch and 7 inch. For the sandwiches and cake (very durable).

• Pink Camo Cups

• Pink Camo Napkins: 5 inch and 6.5 inch

(It also offers tableware and balloons in green camo).

Gifts for hunters


Unique Outdoor Products also provided the gifts. We actually named them as a source on the invitation. The guests even purchased Pink Camo gift wrap and ribbon for which to wrap them in.

Many selected gorgeous camo lingerie. Unique Outdoor Products offers a great selection. Their pieces include:

• Babydolls

• Chemises

• Camisoles

• Nightgowns

• Underwear (thongs, bras, hipsters, boy shorts, boxers)

All of the selections were bright and colorful, practical, and also very, very sexy. My friend will be able to wear camo lingerie every single day, no matter what she is doing, be it going to work professionally dressed, or the casually dressed on the weekend, or just hanging out. She can relax in the lingerie or she can look her sexiest best.

Other Gifts

A few of the other gifts my friend received, again, all from Unique Outdoor Products, included:

• Pink Trimmed Camo Checkbook Wallet

• Pink Trimmed Camo Mini Zip Wallet (with key holder)

• Pink Trimmed Clutch Wallet (the first three all matched)

• Pink Trimmed Travel Mug (this matched the wallets)

• Camo Leather Tote Bag

• Camo Leather Shoulder Bag

My friend cried when she got all these gifts, she loved them soooo much.

She also got two aprons: Mossy Oak Camo Apron and an Adult Mossy with Pink Trim. She doesn’t really cook, so we all thought her husband-to-be would wear them!

(Unique Outdoor Products carries even more gifts, including floor mats, gun storage, clothing, ornaments, glasses, DVDs, bottle openers, etc.)

All in all, thanks to Unique Outdoor Products, it was a wonderful success.

For More information contact at :- 877-327-5270 Or Email Us

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