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Best Turkey Box Call


The question as to which is the best turkey box call is a great debate amongst hunters.  Box calls have been the time-honored call for legions of turkey hunters for its simplicity of use, sounds, pitch and availability. With more options than time, which would be considered the best turkey box call for your hard-earned dollar?

Quaker Boy Grand Old Master

Quaker Boy is a popular brand in the east and south. Its roots as a brands are firmly planted in western, New York  where the brand still does its manufacturing. The Grand Old Master turkey box call from Quaker Boy was the original design from founder Dick Kirby back in the mid 1970s. Meshing an American Cherry Top and Poplar bottom, the Grand Old Master produces the crisp yelps, cuts and purrs of a hen turkey, and has helped thousands of turkey hunters fill their tags over the past four decades. Quaker Boy also produces a waterproof version called the Hurricane for those who venture afield in inclimate weather. 

Woodhaven Walnut Real Hen

Woodhaven has one of the best turkey box calls on the market.  Woodhaven as a brand has been on a meteoric rise over the past few years through product quality and content quality.When it comes to turkey box calls, the Woodhaven Walnut Real Hen is one of the best quality on the market. If you are looking for great sound and big volume, box calls are tough to beat.The Woodhaven Walnut Real Hen sounds similar to an old hen. The Real Hen offers deep raspy yelps as well as cutts and cackles that sound extremely realistic. The Real Hen features a walnut trough style body with a beautiful Brazilian Cherry top. 

Zink-Wicked Series Box Call

One of the best known names in all things bird calling is Zink. Zink Calls are proudly made in the USA, and are among the most popular turkey calls in the country. Born from Zink Calls and NWTF Grand National Champion custom call maker Marlin Watkins, the Wicked Series™ Box is a traditional-style box call constructed from poplar, and extremely dense bloodwood for premium pitch and range.A double-sided design gets the job done two times over to produce different tones and emulate multiple hens. With Marlin’s trademark style these versatile, natural turkey sounds are astonishing ” from soft calling to loud locating, and everything in between. If you want championship design look for the Wicked Series turkey box call from Zink, you’ll find this call worth the investment.

Dury & H.S. Strut- Final Roost

While most people hear the name Drury and think deer hunting, don’t forget Mark Drury is a champion turkey caller. In partnership with Hunters Specialties, The Final Roost turkey box call is new to the market but has all the intangibles of a great turkey box call. First, it’s made with a special select American Walnut body topped with a purple heart wood paddle. The deep cavity with narrow bottom and thin sideboards for that high end on the front that drops into a nice rasp and back end. Now, each call is hand tuned for that perfect pitch before being packaged and shipped out. If you love supporting the Drury and Hunters Speciality brand, look no further than the Final Roost turkey box call. 

The best turkey box call is the one you make your own. The one you master and fill tags will. Turkey box calls are a great part of anyone’s vest set up for this spring turkey season. I’d highly recommend having one as a part of your setup as the calendar turns towards spring.

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