Pyro Putty came from our love of the outdoors; hunting, fishing, hiking and countless days camping with my family and fr...

Pyro Putty came from our love of the outdoors; hunting, fishing, hiking and countless days camping with my family and friends.

About 5 years ago, Pyro Putty founder Will Bartlett was working on a design for a compact fuel efficient stove called a rocket stove for camping in cold weather. It is a compact wood burning stove that burns at a high temp and doesn't put off  smoke or soot as it burns. Most rocket stoves need you to start the fire clear in the back of the burn chamber to start it drafting properly.

After searching online and finding that most people were using a propane torch to light the stoves, the realization that defeats the purpose of having a small portable stove if there was a need to carry a torch to light it. The decision to make a fire starter that would light any stove that was also non toxic, moldable, easy to light fire starter that is waterproof and lightweight.

Most fire starters on the market were either too toxic to touch or hard to light, or were bulky and too heavy to pack. The other problem presented was the fact that most of the the fire starters on the market required you light them first, build your fire and hope it burned long enough to start the bigger pieces of wood on fire.

We wanted to make sure that what we created was moldable and sticky, with a long burn time. With the diverse landscapes we needed to make sure that this particular fire starter was water resistance as well as wind resistance to help ease the time it would take to light it and start a fire.

After some trial and error, we finally found the recipe that met all of these needs. After a trial run with friends and family, we decided to open up this amazing product to everyone around us.

With further experimenting we were able to make it burn like a candle with a clean burning flame.

Whether you’re a survivalist, adventurist, hunter, avid outdoorsman, or enjoy BBQing in the backyard during the summer, you know that getting a fire started can be challenging; especially when you’re facing wind, rain, or poor weather.

That’s why we created a smarter, more efficient, non-toxic fire starter to support every adventure—
Versatile enough to burn strong through rain, snow, sleet, wind or shine, Mother Nature won’t be able
to keep you from starting a fire to stay warm, cook food, or survive comfortably through the night.
Choose Pyro Putty and be ready for every adventure.

The possibilities are endless with Pyro Putty ,and the lives it can help and save are what make it exciting for us. 

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