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Phoozy Smartphone and Tablet Case Review


We picked up our first Phoozy XP-3 smartphone protection case way back in the summer of 2018. We took it fishing down in Missouri over a week at Table Rock Lake. Since then the Phoozy has traveled with us over the last four years, and hot or cold, when our phone went into our pack, it was protected inside the Phoozy just to keep it at a standard temperatures.

The vast majority of our hunts are in cold weather temperatures here in Nebraska with the exception of our turkey and predator hunts which can be quite warm.  These days we have a Phoozy Insulated Tablet Case for our iPad as well as the newest XP-3 Thermal Capsule for the iPhone.

These new cases are Climate Proof, Sink Proof and Drop Proof. I like to think of them as basically bomb proof. There really isn’t anything you can do to hurt your phone in these cases unless of course you are dumb enough to shoot the case with your phone inside of the Phoozy. We don’t recommend that. 

Why the Phoozy?

The new Phoozy cases have only gotten better. The Apollo II case even has a microbial version and the XP-3 now has attachment straps to attach the case to your backpack, belt, caribiner, lanyard or onto your pack using Molle webbing.  When I am hunting, hiking or traveling the Phoozy case is almost always with me.  I work hard to limit my phone being out when I am hunting so I can be present to the moment and the only time it comes out is for the opportunity to take a photo.  It keeps me in the moment and it keeps my phone ready to use when I need it. 

Phoozy Specifications

HELPS PREVENT YOUR PHONE FROM OVERHEATING IN THE SUN: 5-Layers of patented protection features our Chromium Thermal Barrier, derived from NASA spacesuit technology, reflects more than 90% of the heat of the sun to prevent overheating and permanent damage to your device while also insulating your device in cold conditions to extend battery life up to 4X (compared to not using a PHOOZY).THE PHOOZY FLOATS:  The Water-Resistant Flotation built into the XP3 keeps your device at the surface of the water for quick, easy retrieval, saving your expensive phone. MULTI-POINT ATTACHMENT SYSTEM: Easily attaches to backpack, belt, carabiner, lanyard or PHOOZY Attachment Straps for quick and secure access to your phone.INTERNAL STASH POCKET: Eliminates the need to carry a bulky wallet by keeping a credit card, ID, and cash stored easily accessible in any conditions with ULTRAGRIP EZ-Open pull tabs.DURABLE: Exceeds military drop test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6) by more than 2X.VERSATILE PROTECTION for more than just your phone.  PHOOZY Thermal Capsules protect other electronics such as your satellite phone, portable hard drive, drone batteries, and AirPods (Large size recommended).

PHOOZY XP3 Sizing Guide 

Medium: Please measure your phone case to fit the Interior Dimensions 6.25″ x 0.40″ x 3.0″ / made for iPhone 8/X/XS/12/13/12-13Mini, Galaxy S10/S20/A12/A20, Pixel 4/4a/5 and most medium size phones. *Bulky Otterbox cases may require the Large.Large: Please measure your phone case to fit the Interior Dimensions 6.75″ x 0.40″ x 3.6″ / made for iPhone 8+/XR/XSMax/11/11-13Pro/11-13ProMax, Galaxy S9-S21Plus/S20-S21Ultra/ZFold/A31/A71, Note 10/20, Pixel 4XL/6/6Pro and most large phones. *May Not fit bulky Otterbox cases.


If you are looking for the best protection for your device from overheating in summer temperatures or insulation in extreme cold temperatures. If you are looking for a floating water-resistant case to keep your phone safe on the boat or in a duck blind. If you are looking for a bomb-proof case to keep your electronics safe, take a serious look at the Phoozy. My favorite feature of the Phoozy is that it keeps my expensive iPhone out of the eyes of thieves and out of my hands when I should be enjoying the moment. The Phoozy reminds me to stash my phone for when I need it and this all comes at a price less than $50.00.

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