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8 Important Bowhunting Tips for Beginners

Important tips for bowhunting beginners

If you hunt deer long enough, you will eventually become curious about hunting with bows. This is a natural progression because of the silence and stealth that a bow and arrow provide. Just as there are a set of fundamental keys that every rifle hunter must always keep in mind, bowhunting comes with its own set of fundamentals that need to be at the forefront of the hunter’s mind.

1. Always Keep Your Hunting Licenses with You

There is no one-size-fits-all option for this one. Each state has its own laws in regards to hunting licensure. There will undoubtedly be some form of license required by the state. The game warden usually takes care of hunting and fishing licenses.

2. Finding the Right Bow

Selecting the right bow is critical to having a successful bowhunt. Your bow must be fit for your body type, and the game you will be hunting. The draw length and draw height of the bow will be a matter of choice. The longer your arms, the longer you will want your draw lengths. Your equipment specialist will be able to help you with this.

3. Choosing Your Release Technique

When it comes to releasing the bow to shoot the arrow, two general styles can be used to accomplish an accurate shot. The traditional release is the standard release using your so-called shooting fingers to release the bowstring. The mechanical version utilizes any number of bow-release aids on the market. These mechanical aids have trigger releases.

4. Wear Your Safety Harness

Hunting those whitetails from a tree stand can be advantageous, however, if you expose yourself to injury because you failed to wear your safety harness. The harness should be worn the entire time you are on the tree stand.

5. Hunt with a Seasoned Bowhunter

It is utterly foolish to go hunting without an experienced hunter when you are a novice. This is doubly true for bow hunters. Accompanying a seasoned bowhunter will assure that you get the proper guidance and teaching needed to have a successful outing.

6. Be Discrete

The whole point is not to startle the animal before you can make your shot. Make sure to cover as much of your flesh as possible in hunting camouflage.

7. Aim with Accuracy

Being accurate is the most essential part of hunting with a bow. You have to not only know where to aim, but you need to hit the target with accuracy. This naturally comes with practice.

8. Choose the Right Hunting Grounds

No matter what type of weapon you use, it improves your odds for success if the deer population is higher. There are even whitetail real estate properties that are excellent for whitetail hunting.


Bowhunting is an exciting and fun side of hunting, but the skill does not come overnight. Be patient and give it some time. It also helps to be a diligent listener when being instructed by an experienced bowhunter.


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