Late to the Game Outdoors is all about learning to be a better hunter and outdoorsman. It is designed as a resource for the rest of us: the guys who didn't grow up hunting and are playing catch-up in their adult years; who have families, budgets and full time jobs that all conspire to get in the way of the outdoors; who devote countless more hours dreaming about being in the woods than they actually get to spend in the field. I'm not an expert...I haven't been doing this nearly long enough to be even close. But as I learn things and figure it out, I want to share what I'm learning in hopes that maybe it can help you be a more successful and confident hunter. I also hope to inspire others through capturing actual hunts to prove that a guy with mismatched camo, a budget bow or gifted rifle, zero endorsements, and a calendar packed with non-hunting activities can still enjoy the outdoors and successfully put meat in the freezer.