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$99 a month, flat fee.
*No Charge on the sell of each item, IF YOU input your products and manage your store.  

**There is NO setup fee, and we will build your storefront for you so that you can start selling your products and/services right away.
(We will deduct a 20% fee on the sell of each item, IF we input your products and manage your storefront for you.)

Before you register

Decide what you want to sell.
More than 25 product categories are open to all sellers.

Create an Account

Create your account Seller account, the Web interface where you will also manage your product listings.

After you register

Start adding your products to the HuntPost Marketplace, or we can help by importing them or manually adding them for you.


Payment for the balance of your orders (net of HuntPost Seller fees) is deposited into your bank account.


You notify your customer that their item(s) have been shipped, through your sellers dashboard, so they can track them online.

Get Paid

HuntPost deposits payment into your bank or paypal account and notifies you that payment has been sent.