Are you ready to sell?

Consider some essentials before you sign up to sell on HuntPost.

I have a product ready to sell

First things first: decide what you’re going to sell and have inventory on hand. In the meantime, you can explore some of our Seller University training and tutorials.

I’m ready for approvals

For certain products and categories, HuntPost may require additional approval, performance checks, and other qualifications. Some products can’t be listed on HuntPost as a matter of legal or regulatory compliance, such as firearms and guns.  However, in the event you are trying to sell items that are not allowed, you may advertise your own website and products so that HuntPost members can link over to you.  In that case, we chare an "affiliate traffic" fee for sells that take place on your own website and shopping cart.

I have IDs for all of my products

You’ll need a GTIN, SKU, or EAN number for each product that you sell.  These typically appear as a barcode. If you don’t have one, you may qualify for an exemption.  GTIN, SKU, and EAN are series of unique identifying letters and numbers for products in your inventory. GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) is an international identifier that doesn’t change from manufacturer to distributor to storefront. SKU is an identifying series of numbers and letters that can change depending on which business is inventorying the product. EAN is an international identifier that has been absorbed into the GTIN system. In addition to helping you keep track of the items that you have in your inventory, as they are sold on HuntPost and through other means, having these numbers are good for building credibility for your online store.

I have a plan for fulfilling orders

You will need to ship your own orders.  HuntPost DOES NOT yet provide Fulfillment and shipping, customer service, or help with customer returns. These are all tasks that you must be prepared to handle.