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KUIU founder, Jason Hairston, has researched and sourced the best possible fabrics and materials. Some new, like technical stretch-woven and waterproof breathable fabrics from Toray, Japan's most innovative and technical fabric house, and some more traditional, like 100% Merino wool from New Zealand. Jason has worked closely on fit and building specs with the best factories in the world, and developed a patent pending carbon fiber backpack frame and harness system with a domestic technical design and development team. He's worn, tested, and refined the entire range, and worked with a small but noteworthy group of professional guides and hunters who have also field tested, in a full range of weather and environments.

KUIU's design and manufacturing philosophy is simple: make the best possible products using the best possible materials and manufacturing facilities, design for actual needs and problems and not for the sake of design itself, continue research and refinement, and offer absolute customer satisfaction. We're small and focused and we love what we're doing.
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