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The Bow & Rod story began with two outdoorsmen and an idea to bring to the world a single-source platform for fishing and hunting apparel. As avid fishermen and hunters, these outdoorsmen took their passion for the outdoors and created a universal brand that merges the hunting and fishing industries into one.

The co-owners’ combined love for fishing and hunting-inspired them to create gear of their own and offer it to others with similar outdoor passions. Their new joint venture, Bow & Rod, is an apparel company with a mission to improve the angler and hunter experience through quality fabrics and innovative designs.

Bow & Rod represents all sportsmen; from the arrows they release to the hooks they set, to the journeys they embark on and the challenges they overcome. These former athletes know that participating in hunting and fishing activities keeps their competitive spirits alive, and while it may test their patience at times, they know that the satisfaction of a catch or a kill is worth it in the end.

The Bow & Rod vision is to be the brand of choice in creating a durable product that achieves the best possible results for all outdoorsmen and the industry as a whole.

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