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Why We Can’t Live Without Our RV Outdoor Kitchen

We’ve been full-time RVing for four years and we couldn’t imagine doing it without our RV’s outdoor kitchen. Having this feature helps us spend more time outside, gain additional storage, keep our interior clean and cool, and makes it easier to entertain.

RV Outdoor Kitchen Features

Although it’s referred to as an “outdoor kitchen,” that’s usually all it is. Many outdoor kitchen spaces double as an entertainment center too. Since all outdoor kitchens are different, this is where you get to customize what is most important to you.

Do you want an outdoor TV and entertainment center or extra storage cabinets? Other customizable options include sinks, stove top burners, griddles, and more! Can’t decide what features you love the most? Some RVs have all of the above.


RV Outdoor Kitchen StorageImage: Chase & Lindsay

Tiny living causes you to make the most of your space. Any chance you get to have additional storage — you should take it! Bonus points for any items that can be multi-purpose. For us, that’s exactly what an outdoor kitchen is!

Shelves and Cabinets

Most outdoor kitchens have either a shelf or cabinets. You can use it to stow items for cooking and dishware. Or you can use it for extra storage. The choice is yours. Either way, the more storage you have in your RV, the better!


This is a big winner for us. Most RV refrigerators are 4-12 cubic feet which are much smaller than household refrigerators measuring 18+ cubic feet. We make it work, but you can’t blame us for wanting more space. Choosing an RV with a mini-fridge in the outdoor kitchen was the solution.

Whether you’re filling it with your favorite campfire beverages or extra groceries — it’s a game-changer. We love having the extra space and it’s nice not having to run inside to grab a drink.

Second Kitchen

RV Outdoor Kitchen Sink and GrillImage: Chase & Lindsay

Don’t get us wrong, we love trying local food (that’s half the fun in traveling), but we like to make our own meals too. Having a full kitchen indoors and outdoors makes meal-prepping while traveling a breeze! When meal-prepping multiple meals, it’s so nice to have extra cooking space. One person can be cooking inside and the other can be cooking simultaneously outside.

Our personal favorite is when we both get to be outside. Try pairing your outdoor kitchen with a Blackstone griddle, Coleman grill, or another great portable grill for RVers and your cooking game will get so much better. A lot of times Chase will be grilling and I’m able to be cooking alongside him using our outdoor kitchen’s stovetop. It’s so much better than being stuck inside.

More Time Outdoors

RV Outdoor Kitchen SetupImage: Chase & Lindsay

When you think of camping, being outside might be the first thing that comes to mind. For us, being outdoors and enjoying the patio more is one of our favorite things about RV life. What better way to spend more time outside than bringing your kitchen outdoors? If being outside more isn’t reason enough, I’m sure one of the following is.

Keep Your RV Cool

If you’ve cooked in your RV, you know it heats up quickly. In the summer and warmer climates, cooking outside helps keep your interior much cooler.

Less Mess

Cooking can get messy. Why not keep the grease splatter and mess outside? If you drop or spill something (think spaghetti sauce), now it’s dropping on your patio or the lawn instead. Floors and carpeting are spared and saved!

RV Outdoor Kitchen SinkImage: Chase & Lindsay

Easy Clean-Up

We recommend choosing an RV that has a sink built-in. Not only can you keep the mess outside, but you can also clean up outside. Plus, even when not cooking, it’s nice to have an outdoor sink with soap and water easily accessible.

Keep Smells Out

Certain foods can make your home smell amazing, but there are some we’d like to avoid. If you’ve ever cooked fish inside, you know that icky smell lingers long afterward. Cooking outside prevents unpleasant smells and keeps your RV smelling fresh.

Hostess with the Mostest

Cooking in RV Outdoor KitchenImage: Chase & Lindsay

Tired of being stuck inside when everyone is outside having fun without you? Those days are over. Now, entertaining has never been easier. Outdoor kitchens allow you to be right in the middle of all the action. For events like tailgating, this is an absolute must. Having an outdoor kitchen lets you be outside cooking and visiting with your friends at the same time.

This also goes for when you have a camper full of kiddos who want nothing more than to be outside playing. An outdoor kitchen lets you have a place to whip up some tasty meals all while you keep an eye on your little ones.

An RV Outdoor Kitchen is a Must-Have

RV Outdoor Kitchen with Chase and LindsayImage: Chase & Lindsay

After RVing for four years, we’ve learned that having an outdoor kitchen is a necessity for us and how we like to cook outdoors. From additional storage to an outdoor meal prep center, it’s high on our must-have list when we’re RV shopping. If you’re looking for a new RV, we highly recommend that you consider one with an outdoor kitchen. Shop new and used RVs with outdoor kitchens online, or at a Camping World near you. You’ll thank us later!

What’s your favorite part of having an RV outdoor kitchen? Tell us in the comments below!

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