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Western Turkey Hunts- The fun and challenge of mule deer, only cheaper

Western turkey hunting is a pure adrenalin rush.  Not only will you see lots of turkeys but put your skills against the wily coyotes that chase them every day.  You’ll see treetops filled with turkeys, hear them greet the morning with thundering gobblers and watch them fly down to begin the mating process.  Most units allow for multiple birds so it’s not “one and done.”

Buttes, Bluffs, and Badlands

The terrain of the Great Plains will blow you away.  If you’ve never seen Badlands National Park, you are in for a treat.  Even better this unique colored shale covers much of the Dakotas, Wyoming and Eastern Montana.  These are wide open spaces where there is plenty of room for turkeys to hide, roost and feed.  As much fun as climbing this colorful terrain is sneaking and stalking birds that can be spotted a mile away.

Call and Spot-and-Stalk

All four species of wild turkeys respond to the same calls.  They may look slightly different but make similar sounds.  This means that you can employ the same calling skills you have developed back home in this new environment.  Western turkeys often travel in large flocks, so don’t be surprised if toms refuse to leave their hens, adding extra challenge.

Special Gear

You will be doing lots of hiking and probably crawling to get close to Western turkeys.  Binoculars are mandatory unless you are hunting with a guide and even then, you’ll enjoy seeing a backlit tom strutting for hens on the open plain.  Leather gloves and knee pads, like volleyball players use, are a must when crawling through terrain littered with small-but-spiny cactus.

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