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RV of the Day - Avion

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Avion is a well-known brand of travel trailers and recreational vehicles (RVs) that gained popularity for its high-quality construction and distinctive design. Here's some information about Avion RVs:


The Avion brand was established in the mid-20th century and was known for producing aluminum travel trailers and motorhomes.Avion was originally a division of the aircraft manufacturer "The American Aviation Industries." The company applied its expertise in aircraft construction to create lightweight, durable, and aerodynamic RVs.

Key Features:

Aluminum Construction: Avion RVs were constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum, making them lightweight, durable, and resistant to rust and corrosion.Aerodynamic Design: Avion's aerodynamic design contributed to improved fuel efficiency and stability on the road.High-Quality Interiors: Inside Avion RVs, you could find well-crafted interiors with attention to detail and high-quality materials.Classic Aesthetics: Avion RVs had a distinctive and timeless look, often characterized by their polished aluminum exteriors and rounded corners.


Avion produced a variety of travel trailers and motorhomes over the years, including models like the Avion H-24, Avion T-20, Avion C-11, Avion La Grande, and more.Some Avion trailers featured slide-out sections to provide additional interior space when parked.


Avion RVs have a dedicated following among vintage RV enthusiasts and collectors who appreciate their classic design and craftsmanship.While the original Avion company is no longer in operation, many of these vintage RVs have been lovingly restored and are still in use today.In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in vintage Avion trailers, and some owners have undertaken restoration projects to bring these classic RVs back to their former glory.

Restoring and owning a vintage Avion RV can be a labor of love for enthusiasts who value the history and craftsmanship of these iconic vehicles. It's a way to enjoy the nostalgia of a bygone era while experiencing the joys of RV travel. 

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