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March Scouting For Wild Turkeys

Each Winter and Spring of the year is special. I always look forward to it. Alot is going on in terms of deer and wild turkey,. Deer wise the bucks don’t shed their velvet until late March and in April. Our deer season ends on the first Sunday in January. Since I live adjacent to the 1,ooo acre property that myself and 7 friends lease to bowhunt on, and it has good populations of whitetail deer, Rio Grande wild turkeys and wild hogs, it’s perfect for my purposes.

I always look forward to watching and taking pictures of bucks, does and fawns. Plus, since I’m regularly in the woods anyway I scout for Wild Turkeys.

Fencelines are good areas to see wild turkeys, both hens as well as Jakes and Gobblers, particularly during the day when they are on the move foraging for food.

The 2 pictures below are from a nearby 40 acre field. That fenceline I mentioned is that fenceline in the picture and it runs 2 miles straight to the river that borders the lease on portions of the north and west sides of our property. There are several places along the river with mature, tall trees where turkeys frequently roost, so the wild turkeys that want to go east or north just fly down from their roost and follow the fence.

These pictures were taken on two different days.

The gobbler in the picture below was one of several Toms and Jakes I saw and heard gobbling in the wooded areas around the fields.



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