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Learn How To Yelp Right

The wild turkey mouth call is perfect for helping every turkey hunter sound like a wild turkey making its most basic call. This video moves you through the important steps that will lead you through putting it together to make your number one, most effective,  turkey call sound.

Learn how to quickly yelp on a mouth call using the best method for building a solid foundation of mechanics. Starting with a single reed mouth call, will allow you to learn how to yelp well enough to call in gobblers quickly while also building solid fundamentals. Then moving to the double Reed no cut and focusing on how to present air to the mouth call using your diaphragm, allows you to learn the proper air control to produce realistic yelps.

Finally going to a three Reed call with rasp and focusing on finding the sweet spot in the call to get that clean top end note of the Yelp and bringing in the rasp naturally by accelerating the air and reducing tongue pressure will have you making the most realistic yelps possible. Following this simple 3 step process eliminates all the bad habits that cause people to struggle with mouth calls.

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