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Is poaching worth it? The saga continues…

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We recently hit this topic and covered a case that was quite thoroughly prosecuted and the results were a tougher than “normal” sentence being served. For more information you can read up on their article here. Part two of this story covers a higher profile case. In which a father and son duo shot and killed a sow grizzly in east Idaho not far from Yellowstone. Jared Baum of Ashton, Idaho plead guilty to shooting the sow near the Little Warm River in Fremont County, Idaho. 

Jared’s so-called story made a weak attempt to make light of the incident. He stated that he thought he was shooting a black bear and mistakenly killed the grizzly. However, there was no open season for black bear at the time and whether he mis-identified it or not is meaningless to his case. IDFG recovered the bear’s carcass half submerged in the river and found a bullet right away. After further investigation there were 12 bullets removed and some partial fragments as well. To top it off the sow had a known den site nearby at which IDFG officials discovered a deceased male cub. The cub died from starvation as his mother never returned to the den. 

We have previously asked the question, does the crime fit the punishment? The answer in many cases has been no. However, in this case we can yet again see the tables are turning. Jared Baum was sentenced to 30 consecutive days in jail, 3 years of probation, $2,500 in fines (PLUS court fees) 10k in civil penalties and the icing on the cake… a lifetime hunting ban in 48 states! BOOM! Now, that stacks up to a pretty stiff punishment. 

Does the punishment finally fit the crime? Well, what do you think? It definitely fits well in my opinion. As for the father, Rex Baum, he also plead guilty and will spend 3 days in jail, pay $1,000 in fines (plus court fees) $400 in civil penalties and a 10 year hunting ban in 48 states! Rex played a much smaller part and therefore was given a lighter punishment. 

Share your thoughts! Be safe, shoot straight and God bless! -J.B.

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