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How To Stay Busy During COVID-19

With business closing through out the country, employers asking employees to work from home and social distancing being encouraged. You can be stuck at home not knowing what to do. Being around the house all day can get boring, eventually and you will run out of shows to rewatch and things to do. Try some of these tips out that can keep you active and also get you ready for fishing or hunting season.

1.Practice your cast

Get your fishing pole out and set up targets at different distances and angles. If you have buckets use those. Try to hit the target with your cast. Make it a game, make each target worth points and see how many points you can get in 10 casts.

2 Practice your game calling

Pull out your calls and start practicing and tuning up your calls. It might drive your family and neighbors a little crazy but have some fun with it!

3 Start training your eyes to judging distance

Guess how far an object is from you. Use a range finder to confirm the distance.

5 Clean and organize

Go through your hunting bag's and tackle box's clean them out and organize them. Make of list of everything you have and what you need to get. Clean and oil your guns.

6.Go for a hike or walk

After being cooped up all day in the house some fresh air will do you good!

7. Go fishing

You can still go fishing right now unless you are in total lock down.

8 Scout

It is never to early but go out and learn a new area. There might be some places you have always wanted to scout but never had the time too now is your chance. You never know you might find a new honey hole!

9 Do some E-scouting

Get on OnX if you have it or Google earth and go through the areas you hunt and try to find a new water hole or a new ridge you can explore.

10 Learn A New Skill

Now that you have time on your hands it is the perfect time to watch some videos or research a new hunting or fishing skill you have been wanting to learn.


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