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Got The Pic. Now, Can I Get The Watering Doe Close Up?

Five Posts earlier I set out my new Moultrie Mobile EDGE game Camera and placed it on my porch aimed at my cats’ watering container. I got lucky and at 3:30pm a doe came over to drink some water and the Moultrie EDGE took it’s picture and sent it to my iPhone.

Now I wanted a better picture of that doe, or and other deer, drinking the water. But, lets digress and explain about the water. I used a 14″ square buffet serving tray to hold the water, which was a water source for my Mouser Cats.

An aside about Mouser Cats; if, like me, you live out in the country where the deer woods is you need a few cats — or you’re gonna have more mice and rats in the house than you could believe. Plus, Cats scare off, or kill rattlesnakes too.


At 2:00pm the next afternoon I dressed all in black and wore a black mask and put fresh water in the container. Shortly after 3:00pm I was sitting in a rocking chair on my front porch, Only two arms lengths from the water.

I noticed a Doe at the woods edge 70 yards away. She observed the area for several minutes. Then she advanced to my driveway and watched some more. And then walked over to the Water Container.

And as you can see above, I was ready to do some iPhone picture taking.





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