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Fooled by a Toddler

Fooled By a Toddler

Okay - Travis wasn't a toddler but pretty close to it; he was 4 yrs old.

Our oldest son, Travis, has loved the sport of hunting since he was old enough to admire a rifle.
At 4 yrs old, he felt like Mr. Special himself if he got the opportunity to sit in a deer blind with someone.

One fine opening day morning Travis was sitting in the deer blind with Uncle Fred. After a few long restless hours of not seeing a thing, Travis decided to 'see' a giant buck.

"Look! A biiigggg buck, Uncle Fred!"

"Where?! Where?!"

"Over there..... see em'?"

"No, where?"

"Right there, Uncle Fred. Right there!" says Travis pointing excitedly his anxious whispering mounting upwards towards a small shout.

This went on for quite some time before Travis announced that Uncle Fred had missed out. The buck was now gone. Travis was obviously disgusted with his Uncle Fred.

The pair headed back to the house where they met up with Travis's Grandpa. Uncle Fred started telling about the big buck Travis saw and he didn't. Travis didn't say a word. "Tell Grandpa about the buck you saw, Travis." says Uncle Fred.
"What buck?"
"The big buck you told me you saw!"
"I didn't see a big buck, Uncle Fred. But you were funny looking for him."

Travis is now 20 and in the US Army.

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