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No Handguns, No Shotguns, Conversion Kits Are the Best Options for Home Defense


There are multiple options available for home defense weapons. However, it mostly comes down to handguns and shotguns. According to a recent survey, around 65.9% of people used handguns, and 21% used shotguns for home defense. But people worldwide are still debating which of the two is perfect for home defense.

Both shotguns and handguns have pros and cons, and in the end, it is all about your preference. Some prefer shotguns for their stability, accuracy, and power. The others prefer handguns as they allow for better mobility.

As you can see, both have some limitations, which a handgun conversion kit can fulfill. These kits can give your handgun a shotgun’s body and capabilities to perfectly blend the best of both defense weapons.

What Is a Handgun Conversion Kit?

A handgun conversion kit is a carbine body shell where you can insert your handgun and use it as a shotgun or rifle. With handgun conversion kits, you get a stock to shoulder with handgun conversion kits similar to a long-range gun.

You can convert numerous handguns like 9mm, .45 ACP, or .40 ACP using a conversion kit. Even the conversion is not very complicated. You need to find the hatch, put the firearm into the shell’s compensator, lock it to fit well, and it’s all done. Moreover, it also has a rail on the top where you can mount all the accessories you want for better accuracy.

Accessories You Can Use With Handgun Conversion Kits

The reliability and accuracy of a shotgun are primarily because of all its accessories. These accessories are what enhance the power and capabilities of a firearm. Hence, the shooting and gun accessories market, valued at $5 billion in 2020, is expected to reach $10 billion by 2030 with a growth rate of 7.7%. Conversion kits enable you to mount these extra accessories on a handgun. Here’s a list of some accessories that you can use.

Thumb Rests and Handle Grips

You won’t get many chances to defend yourself and your family members. And if you miss the shot, it might lead to life-threatening situations. Hence, you must have a good grip on your firearm for better accuracy.

When we fire a round, the slide moves quickly towards the rear side and causes the muzzle to go upwards. Next, when we release the trigger, the springs of the gun cause the slide to come back to its original position and the muzzle to move downwards. If you need to shoot multiple rounds accurately, you must minimize the muzzle movement with a firm grip.

Thumb-rests and handle-grips help increase the comfort of the shooter. They allow precise control, helping improve the accuracy, recoil management, and rate of fire.

Red Dot Sights

You don’t even have to fire a handgun for home or self-defense most times. According to statistics, a person has to fire a gun only around 18.1% of the time. Around 50.9% of the time, showing the gun is enough, and 31% of the time, neither is required. That means that if you are not practicing shooting, you might not have the practice to fire a gun. Without ample preparation, you might not feel confident about your shots.

Red dot sights make target acquisition easier as the user won’t need to line up the views with the target. Thus, it will increase the accuracy of initial and follow-up shots and boost your confidence.

Integral Green Laser

While red dot sights are excellent for long-range target acquisition, a green laser can be more effective at close ranges, usually in home defense. Handgun conversion kits have a socket right beneath the muzzle where we can insert a green laser. Using this accessory enables quick, reflexive shooting.

Besides the accessories and equipment mentioned in the list, you can also use a flashlight. However, using a flashlight solely depends on your location and your preference. The thing is that, surprisingly, most burglaries happen during the daytime, which eliminates the need for flashlights. According to data from the FBI, two-thirds of burglaries occur in the daylight. Hence, it is best to use some other accessories instead of a flashlight.


Both handguns and shotguns are a great fit for home defense. But they have limitations. For instance, handguns are not great with accuracy and long ranges, while shotguns are not easy to maneuver with and can go past the target to hit someone else. Handgun conversion kits can eliminate these limitations and blend the benefits of both firearms into one to become the perfect home defense weapon.

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