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Tagging Out in Iowa on some Public Long Spurs | Spring Thunder

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Cabela's Stand-Hunter 1,600-Gram Rubber Boots

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Cabela's Breathable Hunting Waders with 4MOST DRY-PLUS™

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Cabela's Men's Ultimate II Hunting Waders

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Cabela's Women's Ultimate Cazadora II Hunting Waders with Thinsulate™

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Preparing a Turkey for Mounting | Cabela's Turkey Roost

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Cabela's Ultimate Mesh Half Mask | Cabela's Turkey Roost

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Cabela's Men's Microtex Hunting Shirt & Pants

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Difference Between Poison Oak & Poison Ivy | Cabela's Turkey Roost

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Woodhaven Cherry Oak Classic Call | Cabela's Turkey Roost

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Exciting Kansas Double & Iowa Public Land Turkeys | Spring Thunder

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Hunting Accident Recap & Classic Missouri and Iowa Turkey Hunts | Spring Thunder

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The Hunt is Over

Last week, a friend and I put together a wedding shower for another friend at my house. The couple both love to go fishing and hunting, and spend most of their time outdoors, so we called it “The Hunt is Over” and used pink camo decorations and supplies. She looooves Pink Camo.

The Setting

We first went to dollar stores and thrift shops and purchased woodsy service ware such as tree bark and bear claw plates, wooden bowls, plates with animal drawing – anything that looked outdoorsy. Plus, a couple of tall glass vases and pink wildflowers. Everything fit into our budget and looked great.

We filled the vases with the pink wild flowers. Soooo pretty!

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Cabela's Organizer Bow Case

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Cabela's Twilight Single-Jaw Release

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Shot Placement for Turkeys | Cabela's Turkey Roost

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Different Turkey Sights For Your Shotgun | Cabela's Turkey Roost

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WoodHaven Ninja Turkey Diaphragm Calls 3-Pack | Cabela's Turkey Roost

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Cabela’s Space Rain Jacket & Pants | Cabela's Turkey Roost

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Realistic Turkey Decoy Setup Tips | Cabela's Turkey Roost

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