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Fly Fishing Casting Practice

Fly fishing casting is an essential skill for any fly fisherman. Here are some steps to practice fly fishing casting: Choose a suitable location: Find a suitable place with enough room for you to cast without any obstructions. An open field, a park, or a pond are great places to practice.Set up your gear: Set up your fly rod, reel, and line. Make s...

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Why to Use a Bobber

Bobbers, also known as floats, are commonly used in fishing for several reasons: Depth control: Bobbers are used to suspend bait or a lure at a specific depth in the water, which allows anglers to fish at a precise depth where they believe the fish are located. By adjusting the depth of the bobber, anglers can keep their bait or lure at the desired...

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Famous Fishing Spots in Japan

Japan is known for its excellent fishing opportunities, both in the sea and in freshwater bodies. Here are some famous fishing spots in Japan: Lake Biwa: Located in Shiga Prefecture, Lake Biwa is the largest freshwater lake in Japan and is known for its diverse fish population, including black bass, catfish, and Japanese eel.Tsuri River: Located in...

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Sought After Fish

Here are some rare fish species that are highly sought after by anglers: Wels Catfish: This freshwater fish is native to Europe and is one of the largest freshwater fish in the world. It can grow up to 13 feet in length and weigh over 600 pounds.Alligator Gar: This freshwater fish is found in the southern United States and is known for its long, sh...

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How to Fish Tuna

Fishing for tuna can be an exciting and challenging experience, but it requires specialized knowledge and equipment. Here are the general steps on how to fish tuna: Choose the right location: Tuna can be found in deep waters, often far offshore. It's essential to research the best locations and times to fish for tuna, which can vary based on the sp...

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Fishing Spots in Alaska

Alaska is known for its world-class fishing opportunities, with its vast wilderness areas and abundant marine life. Here are some popular fishing spots in Alaska: Kenai River: The Kenai River is famous for its salmon fishing, particularly its king salmon runs. The river is also home to other species of salmon, as well as rainbow trout and Dolly Var...

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Deep Sea Fishing Fish

There are many types of fish that can be caught with deep sea fishing, depending on the location, time of year, and fishing method used. Some of the most common fish species caught with deep sea fishing include: Tuna: There are several species of tuna that can be caught with deep sea fishing, including bluefin, yellowfin, and albacore tuna. These f...

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Choosing the Right Fishing Line

Choosing the right fishing line is an important factor in successful fishing. The fishing line should be strong enough to withstand the weight and strength of the fish you are targeting, yet flexible and sensitive enough to feel even the slightest bite on your bait. Here are some factors to consider when picking a fishing line: Line strength: The s...

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Fly Fishing in Colorado

Fly fishing in Colorado is a popular activity among anglers due to the abundance of trout streams and rivers in the state. Colorado offers a variety of fishing locations ranging from small mountain streams to large rivers that wind through valleys and canyons. Some of the top fly fishing destinations in Colorado include: South Platte River - This r...

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The Joy of Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is a sport that brings a lot of joy to many people, and for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the reasons why fly fishing can be so rewarding and enjoyable: Connection with Nature: Fly fishing often takes place in beautiful and serene natural settings, such as rivers, lakes, and mountains. This allows anglers to disconnect from the...

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Types of Fishing Reels

Fishing reels are an important component of fishing equipment, and they come in a variety of types and styles. Fishing reels are used to hold and retrieve fishing line, and they can also help to provide drag and control over the fish when reeling it in. Here are the five most common types of fishing reels: Spincast Reel: A spincast reel is a simple...

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Common Types of North American Trout

There are several species of trout that are native to North America, including: Rainbow Trout: This is one of the most common types of trout found in North America. They are typically found in rivers, lakes, and streams across the continent. Rainbow trout are known for their vibrant coloration and can range in size from small to large.Brown Trout: ...

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Great Fishing Spots around the World

There are many great fishing places around the world, and the best location for fishing will depend on the type of fish you want to catch and the time of year you plan to go fishing. Here are some popular fishing destinations: Alaska, USA - Known for its abundant salmon, halibut, and trout, Alaska is a popular fishing destination for anglers. Some ...

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How To Stay Busy During COVID-19

With business closing through out the country, employers asking employees to work from home and social distancing being encouraged. You can be stuck at home not knowing what to do. Being around the house all day can get boring, eventually and you will run out of shows to rewatch and things to do. Try some of these tips out that can keep you active and also get you ready for fishing or hunting season.

1.Practice your cast

Get your fishing pole out and set up targets at different distances and angles. If you have buckets use those. Try to hit the target with your cast. Make it a game, make each target worth points and see how many points you can get in 10 casts.

2 Practice your game calling

Pull out your calls and start practicing and tuning up your calls. It might drive your family and neighbors a little crazy but have some fun with it!

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Costa Rica is the Best Fishing Destination in Central America

Fishing is much more fun and versatile when done in Costa Rica. This is a nation which is generally famous for its extremely cool Fishing spots. Costa Rica has a long seaside shoreline which is honoured with rain forests and marvellous landscapes.

In Costa Rica, you will be able to enjoy different types of fishing like lake fishing, pond fishing, and also ocean fishing. Doesn't make a difference whether you are an expert fisher man or might be a learner, yet here not just you would have the capacity to appreciate the Fishing in Quepos, yet in addition, get the hang of Fishing.

You may look for the assistance of the private Fishing charters in Quepos, Costa Rica that draws out the best Fishing enterprise trips where you could get probably the most troublesome fishes like the marlin, fish, cruise angle and some more.

Be that as it may, at whatever point you are doing proficient Fishing like prevailing fashion Fishing in Costa Rica, dealing with all the vital authorizations required for the Fishing. You may need to take the assistance of a nearby guide or fishermen to help you in taking in the nuts and bolts of Fishing.

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Get Ready for an Eventful Costa Rica Fishing Vacation

Quepos Fishing

If you are bored of your routine life then look for the Fishing Vacations for sorting out your fishing outing to Costa Rica, and getting guidance from professional anglers on what is the best time to fish in Costa Rica.


For some, Costa Rica is the fantasy goal for world-class sport fishing for many reasons. Throughout the years, this small nation has ascended in the positions as a top goal for angling and is apparently perhaps the best destination on the planet to catch billfish.


Before heading towards Costa Rica you have to only think about sport fishing in Costa Rica. While in Costa Rica you have the opportunity to discover more quick and dirty subtleties on every destination.

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Author Charlie Meck

Charles Meck was the author of 15 books on fly fishing, and a regular contributor to Fly Fisherman magazine for more than two decades. John Randolph photo

Author Charlie Meck passed away Sept. 19, 2018, surrounded by his family. He was the prolific author of more than a dozen books, and was a frequent contributor Fly Fisherman magazine over the course of more  than two decades.  He’s a member of the Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Hall of Fame. He helped our sport better understand hatches and how to match them, and through his groundbreaking books such as Patterns, Hatches, Tactics, and Trout he helped popularize tandem rigs and dry-dropper rigs which are considered standard today.

His longtime friend Paul Weamer wrote this of Meck: “For all that Charlie gave to the fly-fishing world during his life, he gave much more to humanity. Charlie was one of the finest human beings I’ve known. He was kind, humble, unpretentious, and he loved people. His caring acts affected hundreds and most will never be known beyond the people he helped. I dedicated my first book to him because I may have never had a fly fishing career without his guidance. But I’m also a better man because I knew him.”

When Weamer was a fly shop manager in State College way back in 2011, he wrote this profile piece on Charlie Meck, a man he described as a father figure.


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Train Spills Fuel Into the Delaware River

Photo courtesy of NY State Police

A train derailment spilled some 4,000 gallons of diesel into the West Branch of the Delaware River, New York State environmental officials say, and high water may have helped disperse the fuel, averting a larger tragedy for the nationally renowned trout stream.

“There doesn’t appear to be anything more floating downstream than a sheen and some odors,” said Matt Franklin, Director of Emergency Management, N.Y. Dept. of Environmental Conservation. “That eventually will float on the surface and evaporate just from the natural wave action, from the sun and from the heat.”

Torrential rains apparently washed out a culvert under the train tracks at Deposit, N.Y., causing the Aug. 10 derailment, Franklin said. The rains, which had triggered a state of emergency in the region, pushed the West Branch of the Delaware to the highest flows all year, making the diesel difficult to contain.

“The problem we’re finding is the river is moving so fast and so quickly we don’t have a good mechanism to control or stop” the diesel spill, Franklin said. “We’re addressing it as best we can from the source.”

Train Spills Fuel Into the Delaware River

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Southern Colorado in Hot Water

Anglers, guides and trout in Southern Colorado are all toughing it out this season in an exceptional drought.  A combination of low snowpack at higher elevations and unseasonably warm weather has created conditions that are now putting fish at risk.

The San Luis Valley chapter of Trout Unlimited issued a statement last week requesting anglers comply with voluntary limits on fishing in the afternoons, owing to high water temperatures stressing cold water species of fish.  Both personal thermometers and Division of Water Resources gauging stations are all telling the same story — that river temperatures are now hitting a cutoff point of 67 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the event horizon where dissolved oxygen and a trout’s metabolism cross a threshold and become unsustainable.

Photo courtesy of South Fork Anglers

Temperature is a primary factor in the ability of water to bind and carry oxygen, with colder, denser water near the freezing point of 32F degrees having the highest capacity.  Water at the boiling point of 212F begins to shed all its bound constituents, and begins to revert to a gaseous state.  In between, most trout have a happy zone for activity, with species like Rainbows becoming active at about 45F, and then getting cranky when things creep up above 60F.  Brown Trout seem to like things a little warmer by five degrees overall, with Brook Trout and full-blooded Cutthroats seeming to prefer things on the cooler side.  But with the exception of outlier warm water adaptations like the Gila Trout of southern New Mexico, it’s probably accurate to say that Trout in general are a delicate organism with very specific temperature requirements needed to thrive.

Guides on the Upper Rio Grande are acutely aware of the issue, and while their livelihoods are dependent on squeezing the most out of seasonal business, they also recognize that thrashing the resource isn’t in anybody’s best interest.  Local guides typically float hard sided boats like Dories in the larger volume water of the main river below the major tributaries, and inflatables upriver in a season that for most years runs June through the end of August. Joel Condren, lead guide and owner of 8200 Sports in South Fork, supports the effort and plans to take the high road should conditions become even more difficult.

Southern Colorado

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Presidential Piscatorial Pursuits

Q: What do Barack Obama and Donald Trump Jr. have in common?
A: They each like to go fly fishing!

You thought there was a joke coming, right?  Well, no joke, both the former president and the son of the current POTUS were reported being guided on the water last week fishing for trout.  Obama chose the Adirondack region in New York for his excursion, and the younger Trump took a river float trip in Montana. Both were apparently successful in catching fish, which you know had to be a stress test for the guides.

According to the New York Times, Mr. Obama flew into Adirondack Regional Airport near the former winter Olympic site of Lake Placid, and engaged local guide Vince Willcox of Wiley’s flies in the town of Ray Brook.  Willcox reports that the former president, who had only fly fished one other time, did great, “catching a couple of fish”, one of which (a brook trout), was kept  for dinner.  The two spent the day at an undisclosed location with secret service staff at the ready, and after the session, shared some of Willcox’s home brewed beer. It is not known if the two were fishing on a river or lake, but Willcox said the trip had been in the planning stages for over nine months.

Over halfway across the country, another player on the current political stage — Donald Trump Jr. — took time to spend a session floating the Stillwater River in Montana after making an appearance at the Republican National Convention in Billings. reported that the younger Trump took his new girlfriend, media personality Kimberly Guilfoyle, along for the trip and commemorated the occasion making posts on Instagram.

“Great time floating the Stillwater River yesterday in MT with @kimberlyguilfoyle. It doesn’t get prettier than this,” he captioned a series of photos of them fly fishing. “What a way to spend a weekend. #fishing #flyfishing #montana #mt #outdoors.”

© kimberly guilfoyle

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