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What’s Been Happening?

Ever since opening weekend of this year’s Wild Turkey Season the weather has not been turkey hunter friendly, and even more-so if they are a bowhunter only type, like yours truly. To explain, right now the wind speed is 12-mph out of the NNE. Today’s predicted wind gusts are 18 mph. Actually both of those numbers are less than usual so far this month, with the “gusts” being noticeably less. Gusts have regularly ascended into the 20’s while the stronger wind surges have been in the high 30’s and even low 40’s.

That’s problematic wild turkey hunting weather; when it’s windy enough to be so noisy you can’t hear their gobbles and they can’t hear you calling. Plus, shooting arrows when it’s extra windy can get your arrow off course, which is never a good thing. Anyway, I’ve gone out at varying times during the day; early morning, late afternoon, and mid day to see if I can find anything going on.

On the windiest days I do not see any wild turkeys, regardless of time of day. And on the least windy days  I occasionally see a few.

Over the weekend, on Saturday, I finally got into some action (and got the above picture) after I saw movement to my right. Two hens were coming my way. Then 3 gobblers appeared in front of me and strutted closer. Quickly, I took a picture and then got ready.

To get the fastest arrow speed and avoid any wind deflection I brought my high-speed crossbow. When the three gobblers were within 15 yards I took aim at the one on the left and pulled the trigger. My crossbow bolt went at least a foot to the right of the gobbler. The wind did me in.




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