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Rifle Review: Full Curl Rifle By In Rut Rifles

“The sheep rifle should above all be portable, handy, and relatively light, as the sheep hunter carries a rifle a lot more than he shoots it.” Jack O’Connor


The IN-RUT Full Curl rifle has all three of these and more. Each Full Curl tips the scales naked between 6 and 6.5 lbs. Ours came topped with a Vortex Viper lashed down with one-piece Talley rings which made the rifle tip the scales right around 8lbs. This is about perfect in my eyes as it’s light enough to carry in the mountains but heavy enough to shoot accurately which this rifle did incredibly well.

Every Full Curl that leaves the facility is promised to shoot ½ MOA in sub-.30 caliber rifles and 1 MOA in .30 caliber or larger rifles with select factory or custom-loaded ammunition, they’ll even send you a copy of the target your rifle shot as proof. IN-RUT prides themselves so much on accuracy that they will not ship your rifle unless it prints the guaranteed groups. A cut-rifled Match Grade stainless barrel, Defiance action, recessed target crown, custom pillar glass-bedded sporter stock and a superb Jewell trigger promised great accuracy.

The rifle is purpose-built to perform under these extreme conditions and was Minute of Ram with every single trigger squeeze. Very impressive results given the ridiculous conditions I was shooting in.

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