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Idaho Spring Bearhunt

Bowhunting in the Backcountry can be challenge. Right off the bat, many factors come to  mind. The particular animal I’ll hunt always determines the level of intensity necessary for success. I’ve found it helpful to always answer these 3 questions.

Have I prepared physically for this hunt? Have I prepared mentally for this hunt? What have I adequately placed in my favor?

These are just three key components I weigh in when I put together my game plan for a successful hunt. A well thought out plan frequently ends in a well deserved harvest! Think about it for just a moment…. was any battle ever won without a well minded plan? That has always been my strategy when its Maniac Time!

Bear hunting is always a mad rush for me, the endurance to locate, the patience to locate and the wits to move in for the kill. Hunting Black Bear is very challenging here in Idaho, because there are two levels here.. that is ‘straight up’ or ‘straight down.’

Physically, the mountainous, unforgiving terrain and the grueling pack out is always a real challenge. And when fresh meat is packed on your back it can put a cold chill up and down your spine while you’re packing meat out during the night hours.

Most of my bear hunts seem to end with very little light left to make the trek out, let alone gather a moment of rest. If anyone has ever packed out meat in Idaho you certainly know the density of their wolf population.

This Spring I put together a game plan that I felt would be flawless in my Idaho Black Bear bowhunt; specifically, I added the QuietKat Warrior 1000 electric bike for this hunt. Let me explain all the advantages I expected to have that I’ve never had before. I could haul bear bait into my hunt stations in a quarter of the time, which  allowed me more time to hunt. I would leave less scent than a normal sweaty hike through the bear woods would. And since a bear’s noise is 8-times the intensity of a blood hound, being scent free is imperative. Then there is …. the pack out!! My QuietKat would save me hours of packing bear meat out. My plan was set!

Bear Camp was a success, and just like other well thought-out plans everything came together for my bear hunt. The QuietKat is a game-changer, providing easy packs to my sets, as well as saving my body on the pack out for another bear hunt in Idaho’s Wilderness.

By Shane Mowery
Bone Maniacs TV


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