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Emily: Cameron: 2022 Bowhunt #2

At about 3:30 in the afternoon I got settled into my deer stand at the area called the Rock Ledge. I threw out some corn and protein in front of my stand and waited for action. it was 5:00 before I saw my first deer.

A doe came in and ate acorns in my area. A few minutes later an 8 pt buck came out of the brush and chased her out of sight. I am a guest hunter on this deer lease and bucks can only be taken by lease members. However, I can shoot Does, wild hogs and wild turkey.

Later, two more does come down a nearby deer trail  and the 8 point buck came back and chased one of the does off.

But this time the buck did not leave the area and he stayed around for about 10 minutes before he wandered off. Soon one doe came up just on the other side of some nearby trees. I waited and soon the doe turned broadside. I was ready and pulled my bow back and shot her! She dropped only 20 yards from my stand!

I got my vehicle and loaded the doe on my tail gate ramp and when I returned to camp Robert Hoague took my picture with the doe.


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