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Barnett Hyper Raptor- Great Bow at a Modest Price

Here’s the skinny: Hyperflite arrows penetrate greater than any standard arrow.  “You better shoot the corner of the target,” said Tim Gordon, owner of Keystone Sports archery shop in Hagerstown, Maryland.  “Even then, you’ll probably need an arrow gripper to remove it.”  Sure enough, barely three inches of shaft protruded from a commercial grade target designed for heavy crossbows and compounds.

Big Bull Down

In preparation for a crossbow elk hunt in Idaho, I chose the Barnett Hyper Ghost specifically because it shot .204-inch diameter Hyperflite arrows.  Since shots on elk can be longer than for whitetail deer, I wanted as much penetration and as flat of a trajectory as possible.  The Hyperflite passed completely through the mature bull at 50 yards and downed the animal in seconds.

Hyper Raptor, The Next Generation

I explained many of the features of the Hyper Raptor in a previous post yet wanted to cover a few more.  The Hyper Raptor has a step-through footrest which shortens the bow and makes for a much surer cocking procedure.  Most crossbows have a metal cocking stirrup that extends beyond the riser and attaches with screws or bolts.  These can come lose or make noise due to vibration, a problem eliminated with this bow.

Easy Rope Cocking

Due to the narrow silhouette of the Hyper Raptor, it cocks with a rope and a sled, a common device for contemporary crossbows.  Despite its speed, it cocks with a single pull and since the step-through foot stirrup shortens the bow, it allows you to use more of your leg muscles.  Additionally, the rope snaps under a red ball behind the trigger mechanism for a perfect cock on the first try.  By containing the cocking rope, it can’t slide up or slip off as with a small notch.  You will quickly like it.

Crank Cocking Device

The Hyper Raptor is available with a Crank Cocking Device (CCD) that operates with a silent crank.  Personally, I struggled with this application, so I’ve attached the video explaining it.


Sighting In was a Dream.

My first test shot was perfect horizontally and two inches high at 10 yards, the recommended distance to begin.  Moving the target to 20 yards, the arrow dropped to 1.5 inches high.  Adjusting the scope was easy with distinct clicks.  At one inch high, I changed from 100-grain target points to 150-grain heads, the weight I’ll use for turkeys next month.  That heavier arrow struck 1/2 inch high at 20 yards and no shot deviated more than the width of the arrow- impressive accuracy and the additional weight only changed the vertical strike with no effect on horizontal impact.  I’ll pair these slender arrows with a massive Grim Reaper broadhead and down the biggest longbeard that comes within range.  For a closer look at the Hyper Raptor, visit the Barnett website by clicking here.




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