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6 Reasons to Bow Hunt Turkeys This Spring

Turkey hunting with a bow is a love/hate relationship.  Archers love being in the spring woods yet hate getting busted by a gobbler whenever they draw their bow or raise a crossbow.  Turkeys have the eyesight of an eagle and will detect motion in its slightest form.  And they can see color so camouflage is absolutely a must.


Watch Spring Explode

If you have never hunted turkeys in the spring, you are missing some of the most enjoyable hunting conditions of the year.  I remember the first time I hunted in the Low Country of South Carolina.  I left the snow-covered barren woods of the Mid-Atlantic and awoke to dogwoods in full bloom, birds constantly giving their mating calls and lush, pre-summer foliage.  It was as if I had entered another world.

No Off Season

As a bowhunter, you are an athlete and just like today’s professional sports figures, you can’t let your bow hang on a rack nine months of the year.  Spring turkeys provide the motivation to keep you muscles and your shooting eye in tune year round.  Heavy draw weights and blinding arrow speed aren’t necessary for turkey hunting, but accuracy is critical.

Family Fun

Scouting for turkeys is great family fun.  It’s best done at mid-day or early afternoon when temperatures are moderate and little ones and first timers don’t need an early rise.  Watching gobblers strut and do their best to impress hens if fun to watch and can be downright comical.  Walking the woods is exploring and you may find a shed antler, a special “trophy” a youngster will cherish.

Alternate Hunting Methods

If you are a tree stand or saddle deer hunter, turkey hunting will give you a new perspective.  Personally, I deer hunt using the same technique as turkey hunting, using ground cover and sitting at the base of a tree.  Turkey hunting will teach you the real definition of “still” and your woodsmanship will increase.  If you choose to use a blind, that method is also very effective for deer and your repertoire of hunting tactics will increase.

Make Turkeys Hunt You

Waiting silently in a spot frequented by turkeys can be effective, yet it’s much more fun to fool a gobbler and make it think you are a hen looking for company.  Box and mechanical turkey callers are easy to use and with a little practice you can become proficient.  Once you call in a gobbler that struts and gobbles, you’ll be hooked and motivated to try other types of calling devices.

Like “Elk” Hunting

Western hunters often remark, “This is a lot like elk hunting” as they experience their first turkey hunt.  Instead of cow calling and bugling to locate animals, turkey hunters use hen calls and owl hoots.  Once located, hunters close the distance using the bugle (gobble) to guide them.  Once in position, the trick is to lure the animal into bow range.  Thankfully, wild turkeys don’t have a good sense of smell and hunters need not worry about the wind.

Great Table Fare

Game retrieval is another major difference between turkey hunting and big game hunting.  Once successful, you needn’t worry about 100-pound packs of meat and grueling pack-outs.  Wild turkeys are excellent eating and a low-fat protein source.  They can be baked like a food market bird or filleted and fried, Southern style.


Much of March will be devoted to turkey hunting.  Check us each weekday for tips and tactics. (We’re hunting on the weekends) Good Luck!



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