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Hello fellow sportsmen and women!  This site is about everything outdoors, and me sharing my knowledge with you.  I love the outdoors, and I have a wealth of experience in outdoor activities which includes hunting, fishing, survival skills, camping, canoeing, and primitive living.  I have a passion for enjoying the outdoors around us, as well as the family aspects of the sporting life; my blog is all about this topic.  

My goal is to pass along my knowledge and thoughts to you, as well as our future generations.  My passion is to get young people interested and involved in outdoor activities, and to preserve the wild places that remain in our world.  I want our future generations  to have the opportunity to experience true wilderness experiences; the pristine Rocky Mountains untouched by man, the northern woods and lakes where a person can explore the wilderness for days by canoe, the preserved watersheds where a young hunter can shoot her first duck, the small trout stream where a boy catches his first fish.  

On a larger scale, we have to preserve the places where a hunt presents the life-and-death challenges that only true wilderness will provide, that is what adventure is all about.    This site is about developing you into the total outdoors man or woman, to be able to survive any situation, to know how to hunt and fish, to be aware of environmental issues that impact us all, and most importantly, to encourage you and everyone around you to get our next generations into the outdoors.  Check out my about page to learn more about me and why my opinion matters to you.  You can see some pictures of me experiencing the outdoors at the bottom of that page. 

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