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Essential for alerting others of your location at night. The Basic element of RESCUE.

  • Showers of sparks can be seen for over 3 miles at night.

  • Allows you to be located when boating, walking, hiking, hunting, or when your vehicle breaks down.

  • Smoke signal fire can be seen from several miles away. 


Vital in preventing hypothermia. Provides security in distressed circumstances. It is the primary ingredient for SURVIVAL.

  • Magnesium burns at 5400 degrees F. making it possible to ignite green or damp tinder.

  • Hot flint sparks of 1200 degrees F. easily ignite fine, dry tinder.

  • Sparks light gas stoves, propane heaters, barbecues, etc.


Imperative when surveying surroundings for security and comfort. Your source of NIGHT VISION.

  • When you scrape flint lightly back and forth sparks illuminate area around you, allowing you to walk safely or to easily locate items in the dark.

  • No battery to go dead, your Strike Master tool is ready when needed. 

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