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Zerofit – The World’s Warmest Baselayer™

Heatrub Ultimate – Five Times Warmer Than a Standard Product

Pioneering baselayer brand Zerofit has now arrived in North America for Fall/Holiday 2021 with an extensive collection of products for everyone who loves being active in the great American outdoors, regardless of how cold it gets. With a storied heritage and a relentless commitment to offering technological apparel solutions that ensure outdoor enthusiasts experience a performance benefit from clothing closest to the skin, the award-winning Zerofit Heatrub Ultimate ($90) and Heatrub Move ($76) baselayers are ideal companions in colder, harsher conditions.

Zerofit Key Products

The Ultimate Baselayer has been independently tested and proven to be five times warmer than leading competitors. The Boken Institute in Osaka, Japan, tested the heat retention of the Zerofit Ultimate and gave it a rating of 0.78: a standard baselayer would have a rating of 0.1-0.14, while a sweater would have a rating of 0.3, and the Ultimate has been designed to work best in a temperature range of between 14° Fahrenheit thru 50° Fahrenheit (-10° Celsius thru 10° Celsius).

Technologically enhanced heat threads inside the garment are activated through movement, gently brushing against the skin to generate heat instantly. Unlike most other baselayers, the Ultimate does not work based on ‘compression for heat’ – so not only does it provide greater warmth, but users also don’t feel restricted by an inability to move freely, whether they’re hunting, hiking, fishing or sailing.

One consistent criticism of some baselayers is that they are often too tight – this simply is not an issue with the Ultimate. The Heatrub Ultimate Leggings ($90) perform in the same way as the top and are popular addition for many consumers who want to be warm on both the upper and lower body.

In addition to those game-changing products, Zerofit has engineered the Heatrub Move Baselayer ($76) which has also been independently tested and proven to be twice as warm as a standard baselayer.

The Move features a 45% polypropylene construction on the inside of the baselayer and a hollow polyester shell that combine to regulate body temperature so that as you work harder for longer, you don’t overheat in the conditions.

The construction removes sweat from the skin and the hollow polyester design and ‘LABO’ fabric ensures it evaporates off the surface of the garment quickly, so the unpleasant experience of cold sweat on the body never materialises.

The Move is built for a temperature range of between 23° Fahrenheit and 54° Fahrenheit (-5° Celsius thru 12° Celsius) and has been engineered to perform at its best with athletes training and competing in sports and activities including running, soccer, cycling, boxing, rugby, football, ice hockey and horse racing. To complement this baselayer, Zerofit also manufacture a Heatrub Performance Move Hoodie ($80), using the same fabric – the perfect outer layer to wear over the base.

INFORMATION: If you would like to experience Zerofit – The World’s Warmest Baselayer™– please contact Zerofit North America Distributor Douglas Zirbel at [email protected] or visit to see the entire collection.

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