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Wyoming Preference Point Transfer Bill

Thank you for taking time to listen to me about my son Tyler and his Wyoming Preference Points. Tyler and I have hunted Wyoming since he was 14 and have been buying mule deer points together for 9 years and were looking forward to drawing in 2021. Tyler died January 19, 2021. I have made several requests to Wyoming to transfer Tyler’s points to his wife, back to me or another family member and they are very clear that this is not allowed under current regulations.  

Pursuing this further with Senator Lummis’ office they referred me to Representative Cyrus Western from Sheridan that had sponsored a Bill to make these very changes in 2021 ( but the legislative session ended before it could get traction.  

I have spoken to Cyrus and he is willing to re-submit the Bill in the 2023 Session that begins in January and welcomed me to work on public opinion in support of the Bill. Unfortunately, under current regulations Tyler’s points will be wiped out as he did not buy a point for 2020 or 2021.  This Bill will fix that and make preference points transferable to family members which supports more hunting in Wyoming by hunters that have taken time and spent money to invest in the opportunity of drawing a tag.

I realize it’s most likely too late for Tyler’s points but am hoping this change can and will benefit others in the future. ” – N. Jones via email

Preference points are a hot topic right now, from 90/10 tag allocations to the possible dismantling of Wyoming’s current system, everyone is waiting for the other boot to fall. While we are possibly restructuring the system here in the Cowboy State why not take a hard look at transferable preference points? Mr. Jones makes a compelling case for change and I think that in cases such as his, preference point transfer is a good idea. 

Of course there are inevitabilities that must be planned for and abuses of the system, both current and revised will still occur, that’s the world we live in. However, personally, I do not see an issue with changing to transferable preference points given certain provable criteria are adhered to. 

Mr. Jones requested our assistance with public opinion on this topic and we are happy to oblige, the only question that remains is, what’s your take? 

If you’d like to express your opinion to Wyoming lawmakers we would urge you to contact Rep. Cyrus Western’s office and or other Wyoming legislators and weigh in. 

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