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TSS Tungsten Putty Debuts in ICAST New Product Showcase

Innovative, Eco-Friendly Weighting System Makes a Splash at ICAST 2022

Versatility is the key to success. Why jig for largemouth along the bottom if they are chasing baitfish near the surface, or swing unweighted streamers to rainbows that are sampling nymphs in deep runs? To capture fish with consistency, anglers must present the right lure at the right depth – which generally means, assisted by exactly the right amount of weight. 

TSS Fish Tungsten Putty is the perfect solution for anglers that demand maximum versatility to optimize their catch rate. A unique, moldable weighting option that excels across the entire spectrum of fishing situations, TSS Fish Tungsten Putty is a forward-looking, eco-friendly system that enables anglers to master the conditions and bring fish to hand. Mold a noodle of TSS Fish Tungsten Putty along a segment of tippet to add weight without adding water resistance. Wrap a thin ribbon around a Wooly Bugger to instantly swing it deeper into dark, trout-laden holes. TSS Fish Tungsten Putty belongs in every fly angler’s vest – and you can see it for the first time in the Fly Fishing Accessory category of the ICAST 2022 New Product Showcase. 

“The future of fishing weights – whether for conventional or fly fishing applications – is Tungsten,” notes Dr. Jason Halfen, a Ph.D. chemist and owner of The Technological Angler. “Tungsten, of course, is a nontoxic metal, and using Tungsten as a lead alternative makes perfect sense from a biological and environmental standpoint. A number of States have already implemented laws to regulate – and in some cases ban –certain types of lead-based tackle, and similar regulatory efforts are ongoing in other States. The sooner that anglers embrace Tungsten as the future of fishing weights, the better.” 

“Tungsten Putty from TSS Fish is an incredibly versatile product that harnesses the positive attributes of Tungsten – especially its high density relative to lead – and places them into a unique material that can be molded into any size or shape an angler desires,” continues Dr. Halfen. “Keeping a tin of TSS Tungsten Putty in your pocket warms the material and makes it quite pliable, so you can remove a portion and mold it using your fingers into the desired size and shape. The putty remains workable as long as it is warm – but as soon as it contacts cool water, the putty stiffens and hardens into a custom Tungsten weight, perfectly suited to your needs. TSS Fish Tungsten Putty replaces every lead split shot and lead wire that fly anglers use to pull their presentations into deeper water.”

Need to fish deeper? Pinch off a small portion of TSS Fish Tungsten Putty, roll it between your fingers into the shape of a long noodle, and press into your leader or tippet several feet above the lure or fly. Dip the material in the stream to harden it, and begin casting – and catching those larger, deep-water fish. Are you bouncing along the bottom too hard, losing flies rather than catching fish, and need to remove a little weight? No problem – roll the hardened putty on the leader or tippet between your fingers to warm it, and then remove just the right amount to achieve the perfect drift.  WIth TSS Tungsten Putty, you can dial in the exact amount of weight you need, placing that weight where you need it, when you need it. 

“As part of bringing our full lineup of custom Tungsten tackle to the market,” remarks Blake Rice – CEO of TSS Fish, “we identified a critical need among both conventional and fly anglers for a moldable, Tungsten-based putty weight system. Delivering this unique product to anglers became a top priority for us, and we are excited to release it at ICAST 2022.”

Perfect for every fly angler, TSS Fish Tungsten Putty won’t damage the leader or tippet, like a crimp-on lead split shot can. Unlike lead, non-toxic Tungsten allows anglers to minimize their environmental footprint. Because of its high density, small amounts of Tungsten Putty can be used to achieve the desired depth, providing a more natural presentation. TSS Fish Tungsten Putty never dries out, even when exposed to air or sunlight. This is the weighting system of the future – here today!

TSS Fish Tungsten Putty is available in five colors – red, grey, green, brown, and black – and has an MSRP of $11.99 for 1 oz of moldable putty in a custom storage tin. We would appreciate your support – and your vote – for TSS Fish Tungsten Putty in the Fly Fishing Accessory category in the ICAST New Product Showcase. We invite you to learn more about TSS Fish and all of our Tungsten tackle products by visiting us at Booth 5617 at ICAST 2022!

About TSS Fish:
TSS Fish is an American outdoor company founded by four outdoor adventurers who wanted to make the highest quality Tungsten tackle available to all – at the lowest possible prices. Our products are made by hunters and anglers, for hunters and anglers.

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