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Trophy Wyoming Elk Poached

Photo taken by Mike Eastman

On January 10th, 2019 Christian J. Cosby of Rock Springs, Wyoming was convicted of the illegal taking of a bull elk from Wyoming elk hunt area 30. Cosby’s elk license for the year of the violation, 2017, was valid for area 93. Cosby claimed to have taken the bull in area 93 with archery equipment, he also entered the elk in a local contest where it was recognized by several photographs as a bull that had lived in area 30 far to the South of area 93. This is where the situation began to unravel for Cosby as Wyoming Game & Fish Warden Andy Roosa and Wildlife Investigator Jim Gregory began an investigation into the details surrounding Cosby’s claims.

Cosby initially claimed that he took the bull in area 93 on September 27th but the investigation revealed that his whereabouts put him in area 30 on that date. As the evidence mounted it was discovered that Cosby had also taken a mountain lion with an illegal caliber rifle as well. Ultimately, he plead guilty to all charges and was sentenced to upward of $5000 in fines and  suspension of hunting license privileges for two years. The elk antlers and the bow and arrows used to take the animal were also confiscated.

But now for the real question… does the punishment fit the crime? Let us know what you think.

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